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    UPDATED 09/24/2018

    Allright. Here is Units Super Mod.
    It's comprehensive mod. It adds 285 new units here and there for all factions in grand campaign
    . Featuring various self-made texture reworks, as well as others by High on Tea.

    ----List of added units----

    Aet Mounted Warriors
    Aet Mounted Warriors Lighter
    Afr African Warriors
    Afr African Warriors Spears
    Afr African Warriors Bireme
    Afr Big Hunters
    Afr Guard of Kush
    Afr Kingdom Warriors
    Afr Kingdom Warriors Sixreme
    Afr Profesional Soldiery Spear
    Afr Mayor Numidian Cavalry
    Afr Num Elephants
    Afr Num War Elephants
    Afr Warrior-Hunters
    Arab Bow Soldiers
    Arab Bow Soldiers Fivereme
    Arab Bow Soldiers Fivereme Dbl Scorpio
    Arab Bow Soldiers Fivereme Lft Bow
    Arab Cuirass Sword Foot Noblemen (capped 24)
    Arab Desert Chief Infantry
    Arab Desert Chief Infantry Fourreme
    Arab Noble Cavalry
    Arab Noble Heavy Cavalry (capped 30)
    Arab Swift Cavalry
    Arab Tribal Warriors
    Arab Tribal Warriors Monoreme Halfer
    Arab Tribal Warriors Bireme Halfer
    Barbarian bashers
    Barbarian bashers 2
    Bri Britoniac Steel Heros on Horse
    Bri Britonic Nobles (capped 38)
    Bri Britonic Nobles Heavy Raider
    Bri Celtic Javelin Champions (only Ebdanians)
    Bri Druidic Nobles b
    Bri Heavy Woads
    Bri Mounted Britonic Nobles (capped 38)
    Bri Mounted Painted Ones
    Bri Naked Woads (capped 30)
    Bri Spear Band 2
    Bri Sword Band 2
    Bri Spear Painted Ones Heavy Raider
    Bri Wild Painted Savages In Armor
    Bri Woad Warriors
    Car Spear Libyan Infantry
    Cel Chosen Spear b
    Cel Chosen Sword b
    Cel Chosen Sword Heavy Raider
    Cel Galatian Swords b
    Cel Galatian Swords b Six
    Cel Gallic Heroic Light Spears (capped 12)
    Cel Gallic Light Spears
    Cel Naked Spears b
    Cel Naked Swords b
    Cel Naked Warriors b
    Cel Skirmishers b
    Cel Warriors b
    Cel Warriors b Medium Raider
    Dac Bow Horsemen b
    Dac Dacian Bowmen b
    Dac Dacian Swordsmen
    Dac Falxmen b
    Dac Falx Cavalry
    Dac Falx Noblemen
    Dac Noble Bowmen
    Dac Sword Band
    Eastern Madned Slayers (capped 10)
    Desert Armored Camel Riders
    Desert Camel Riders
    Desert Warriors
    Eas Armenian Heavy Pikemen
    Eas Heavy Sparabara
    Eas Hyrkanian Cavalry
    Eas Medium Sparabara
    Eas Medium Sparabara Fourreme
    Eas Outfit Persian Inmortals
    Eas Parthian Foot Archers b
    Eas Parthian Horse Archers b
    Eas Parthic Female Warriors Cav
    Eas Persian Bow Cavalry
    Eas Persian Hoplites 2
    Eas Persian Inmortals
    Eas Persian Peltasts
    Eas Persian Sparabara
    Eas Sling Spearmen
    Egy Egyptian Bowwomen
    Egy Egyptian Elite Infantry
    Egy Egyption Spearmen
    Egy Egyptian Spearmen Two
    Egy Egyptian Spearmen Two Fire Pots
    Egy Elite Eightreme
    Egy War Chariots
    Basic Indian Elephants (capped 4)
    Elephant Hindi Iron Clad Mount (capped 2)
    Hindi Armour War Elephants (capped 2)
    Ger Axemen
    Ger Axemen b
    Ger Axemen Medium Raider
    Ger Barbarian bashers (capped 4)
    Ger Chosen Axemen
    Ger Light Cavalry
    Ger Longbow Hunters b
    Ger Night Raiders
    Ger Spear Brothers b
    Ger Spear Brothers b Four

    Ger Squires Cav
    Ger Stara Spearmen
    Ger Sword Brothers
    Ger Sword Brothers b
    Ger Sword Brothers Four

    Ger Sword Warriors
    Ger Sword Warriors Medium Raider
    Ger Teuton Huskarlrs (capped 6)
    Ger Teutonic Dogs Warband
    Ger Teutonic Warriors
    Ger Teutonic Warriors Medium Raider
    Ger Teutonic Warriors Raider
    Ger Veteran Wodanaz Spears (capped 10)
    Ger Veteran Wodanaz Spears Heavy Raider
    Ger War Riders
    Ger Wild Painted Savages In Armor
    Ger Wild Painted Savages In Armor Heavy Raider
    Ger Wulfsskirs
    Ger Wulfsskirs Heavy Raider
    Gre Agranian Warriors
    Gre Agranian Warriors Six
    Gre Archers 2
    Gre Archers 2 Fivereme
    Gre Archers 2 Fivereme Dbl Scorpio
    Gre Archers 2 Fivereme Lft Bow
    Gre Artemis Maidens (capped 3)
    Gre Basilije-lle
    Gre Boeotian Levy Peltasts
    Gre Bosphoran Citizen Cav
    Gre Cimmerian Heavy Noble Infantry
    Gre Cimmerian Heavy Noble Infantry Sixreme
    Gre Cimmerian Spearmen
    Gre Citizen Cavalry c
    Gre Citizen Cavalry d
    Gre Citizens Militia
    Gre Corinthian Hoplites
    Gre Corinthian Hoplites Pikes
    Gre Cretan Archers b
    Gre Epirote Light Swordsmen
    Gre Epirote Noble Cavalry (capped 15)
    Gre Epirote Phalanx Pikemen
    Gre Epirote Skirmish Cavalry
    Gre Galatian Elite Mercenaries (just Pergamon, capped 8)
    Gre Greek Fire Throwers (capped 2)
    Gre Guard Sword Hoplites
    Gre Heavy Hoplites
    Gre Hellenic Amazons
    Gre Hellenistic Heavy Hoplites (just Epirus)
    Gre Hellenistic Hoplites (just Epirus)
    Gre Hellenistic Light Peltasts (just Epirus & Ptolemaics)
    Gre Hippeus Thorax Cavalry
    Gre Hoplite Swordsmen b Sixreme
    Gre Hoplites b
    Gre Hoplites c
    Gre Hoplites c Fourreme
    Gre Hoplites d
    Gre Hoplites d Fourreme
    Gre Hoplites e
    Gre Hoplites e Fourreme
    Gre Hoplites f
    Gre Hoplites f Fourreme
    Gre Hyspaspists
    Gre Minoan Hoplites (just Knossos)
    Gre Olympian Militias Hoplites (capped 6)
    Gre Pikemen b
    Gre Pikemen c
    Gre Pikemen d
    Gre Pikemen f
    Gre Prodromoi Scouts
    Gre Rodian Picked Slingers
    Gre Slingers 2
    Gre Slingers 2 Threereme
    Gre Slingers 2 Threereme with Scorpio
    Gre Slingers 3
    Gre Spartan Chase Hoplites
    Gre Sword Hoplites
    Gre Sword Hoplites b
    Gre Sword Hoplites c
    Gre Sword Hoplites e
    Gre Thessalian Cavalry, Heavier
    Gre Thracian Skirmishers
    Gre Thureos Hoplites c
    Gre Veteran Hoplites
    Mercenary Greekish Iberian Warriors
    Ibe Axe Mountainmen
    Ibe Armour Astur Cantabrian War Veterans
    Ibe Astur Cantabrian War Veterans
    Ibe Astur Cantabrian War Veterans Medium Raider
    Ibe Balearic Slingers b
    Ibe Cantabrian Braves
    Ibe Cantabrian Braves Medium Raider
    Ibe Cantabrian Braves Spears
    Ibe Cantabrian Foot Soldiers
    Ibe Cantabrian Shock Cavalry
    Ibe Cantabrian Shock Cavalry Lighter
    Ibe Celtiberian Heavy Cavalry
    Ibe Celtiberian Medium Cavalry
    Ibe Devotio Heavy Raider
    Ibe Devotio Medium Raider
    Ibe Iberian Devotio
    Ibe Iberian Devotio Fourreme
    Ibe Orgenomesk Raider
    Ibe Orgenomesk Spearmen (just Cantabri)
    Ibe Orgenomesk Warriors (just Cantabri)
    Ibe Painted Guerrillers
    Ibe Painted Nobles
    Ibe Painted Warriors b
    Ibe Power Painted Warriors (capped 18)
    Ibe Retators
    Ibe Slingers b
    Ibe Sling Astur Cantabrian War Veterans
    Ibe Spear b
    Ibe Spear Mountainmen
    Ibe Sword b
    Illyrian Armour Cavalry (capped 24)
    Ill Celt Illyrian Nobles
    Ill Elite Sword
    Ill Elite Sword Six
    Illyrian Royal Guard
    Illyrian Skirm
    Illyrian Spear Plus
    Illyrian Spear Plus Fourreme
    Ill Teuta Escort
    Illyrian Warriors
    Mer Cantabrian Foot Soldiers
    Mer Gre Cretan Archers b
    Mer Gre Hoplites 3
    Mer Ibe Retators
    Mer Ill Skirm
    Mer Nubian Spear Mercenaries
    Mer Phrygian Mercenaries
    Mer Thr Sica Men
    Num Bowmen
    Num Bowmen Five
    Num Bowmen Five Lft Bow
    Num Desert Warriors Bireme
    Num Numidian Legionaries
    Num Numidian Legionaries Four
    Num Numidian Legionaries Two
    Num Numidic sling spearmen
    Num Numidic sling spearmen Two
    Num Numidic sling spearmen Two Fire Pots
    Num Numidic sling spearmen Four
    Num Numidic warriors
    Num Numidic warriors Two
    Num Numidic warriors Two Fire Pots
    Num Numidic warriors Four
    Rom Auxiliary Archers
    Rom Auxiliary Archers Five
    Rom Iberian Legionaries Falcata
    Rom Iberian Legionaries Falcata Marian
    Rom Legion War Dogs
    Rom Segmentata First Cohort
    Rom Segmentata Legionaries
    Ste Amazonian Riders b
    Ste Armour Horse Archers b
    Ste Lance Bow Cavalry
    Ste Noble Lancers b
    Ste Noblewomen b
    Ste Royal Horse Archers b
    Ste Scythian Royal Horse b
    Ste Steppe Host Heavy Raider (capped 10)
    Ste Steppe Warriors
    Ste Steppe Warriors Fivereme
    Ste Steppe Warriors Medium Raider
    Thr Denthelete Warriors
    Thr Denthelete Warriors Four
    Thr Denthelete Warriors Medium Raider
    Thr Noble Bithinian Infantry
    Thr Noble Bithinian Infantry Six
    Thr Outfit Peltasts
    Thr Pike
    Thr Peltasts b
    Thr Sica Men
    Thr Sica Men Heavy Raider
    Thr Thorax Swordsmen (capped 10)
    Thr Thracian Medium Cavalry
    Thr Sapaean spearmen
    Thr Sapaean spearmen Four
    Thr Sapaean spearmen Medium Raider
    Thr Spearmen
    Thr Spearmen Raider

    Patch 20 or 19 (complete version):
    Download link Zippyshare:
    Note: the pack updates periodicaly so if you are using RII Units Supermod, check for the new version monthly (jumpshare link doesn't use to change though).

    Patch 18 and under compatible (older version(and less units -257)):

    Now proud part of UPC-Rome, with Spanish and German translations till the moment.

    (Also available Spanish patch)
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read:

    This one is NOT compatible with any other mods languaje packs (though game will work normaly, only one of them would take effect).

    **This mod was tested along with All-in-one mod, Lord Buio's Spartan Anthology, Pax Romana II units, Hoplites of Greek poleis, Factions unlock mod and Notitia dignatatum shield tex mod among others, which I absolutely recommend. Now including many of High on Tea
    Thanks to all of them for their fine mods.

    Also thanks to all who ever answered some of my questions on modding, like Hammered Always and Vastator and those who care for making useful modding tutorials, specially Elle and Quogie (though Shogun II ones I learned from them). And Swiss Halberdier for his commitment with mods translations in general and Super Mod contribution in particular.

    Special thanks to: Daniu for Pack File Manager. People in C.A. staff for Rome II Total War.

    Awarded 2nd prize Units Mod Categorie 2016!

    Last updated mod - 09/24/2018
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    looks great men! y lo siento por no saber ingles! XD

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    Ugly naked figures. Bueeeeeeeee

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    Bueno..., no te preocupes, sabes que conmigo no importa... : Y debe de hacerlo. Con lo que ha costao...

    Well...never mynd, you know it's the same with me (not speaking english) And it ought to do so, with the efford it took...

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    It's with great pleasure that the Modding Awards Committee informs you that this mod has been awarded in the recent 2016 Modding Awards, as seen here! Please feel free to stop by and check the list of all the winners.

    Also, don't forget to check
    here for more details about how to promote the victory of your mod.

    If any question about please feel free to use the
    Discussion thread

    On behalf of the Modding Awards Committee

    Under the patronage of Finlander, patron of Lugotorix & Lifthrasir & joerock22 & Socrates1984 of the Imperial House of Hader.

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    Yeah ! What can I say. It's really a surprise. People doesn't even give me any +rep for this, but now I got this prize ... something is something.

    So thanks for the announcement, Flinn, and people who voted Supermod, I'm very happy. I'll make sure to celebrate it with a good upgrade soon.
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    Congratulations Sir Althfons! +rep
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frunk View Post
    Congratulations Sir Althfons! +rep
    oh, Thanks. You're welcome. I thought it's the +rep button, which became too small, you know , haha !

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    Awesome work! Very nice units! Except those who go naked, hehehe! Would have to notify +18

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gladius Invictus View Post
    Awesome work! Very nice units! Except those who go naked, hehehe! Would have to notify +18

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swiss Halberdier View Post
    Congratulations for your great Units Mod!

    And thanks a lot for our collaboration to include your units texts into the Unit Pack Compatibility Languages Project - Rome (UPC-ROM).
    Thanks to you, my friend, and I've been glad to work with you.

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