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Thread: Can't start a game (BI)

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    Default Can't start a game (BI)


    I'm getting a script error when I try and load this mod.

    Script error in xgm/data/descr_sm_factions.txt at line 77,column 1. "horde_min_units": This feature is not supported.

    I used BI in the installation options, and have tried this both with and without the Steam option ticked. The mod folder is in my Rome TW Gold folder.

    A loading screen does appear for about 30 seconds before i get a CTD with the above message.

    Any ideas as to how I can solve this??



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    Default Re: Can't start a game (BI)

    Ok so this is the txt file and I've highlighted line 77 in bold;

    faction slavs
    culture barbarian
    symbol ../xgm/data/models_strat/symbol_celts.CAS
    rebel_symbol models_strat/symbol_barb_rebel.CAS
    primary_colour red 123, green 148, blue 79
    secondary_colour red 165, green 20, blue 20 ; slavs
    loading_logo loading_screen/symbols/symbol128_slavs.tga
    standard_index 3
    logo_index 232
    small_logo_index 244
    triumph_value 5
    intro_movie fmv/intros/barbarian_intro_640x480_bars.wmv
    victory_movie fmv/victory/barbarian_outro_320x240.wmv
    defeat_movie fmv/lose/dacia_eliminated.wmv
    death_movie fmv/death/death_dacia_sand_320x240.wmv
    custom_battle_availability yes
    horde_min_units 60
    horde_max_units 120
    horde_max_units_reduction_every_horde 20
    horde_unit_per_settlement_population 200
    horde_min_named_characters 4
    horde_max_percent_army_stack 80
    horde_disband_percent_on_settlement_capture 33
    horde_disband_percent_on_settlement_capture 50
    horde_disband_percent_on_settlement_capture 100
    horde_unit barb infantry horde
    horde_unit warband sword gaul horde
    horde_unit barb archer horde
    horde_unit barb naked fanatics horde
    horde_unit barb cavalry horde
    horde_unit barb heavy cavalry horde
    can_sap no
    prefers_naval_invasions no

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