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    @CountMRVHS : I don't think the AI in RTW has to worry about diplomatic reputation, and will exploit opportunities as they arise in a way that would not make sense for the player. I suspect that if RK had had military access in your territories it would not have attacked your settlements, but as it had landed troops in your territory, and encountered lightly defended settlements the AI figures "in for a penny, in for a pound" and goes for it. I would try reloading to before they break the peace and use money or forced diplomacy to give them military access and see if they still try to attack your settlements.

    Would you do me the favor of reading @06 in the guide and comparing that to my response to your question about trading settlements above and give some suggestions on how that section could be improved to be more clear, or what is missing. Thank you for your continued help with the guide.

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    I re-read section 6 in the guide, and it seems perfectly clear - no need to change it, I think.

    I found this thread while looking for something else (how to mod RTW so one faction begins as the protectorate of another):

    It's for M2, but there is some interesting stuff in there about how the AI makes calculations about whether to submit to vassal status: it seems to involve a lot of the features we have already heard about (mostly relative strength), but interestingly I don't see any mention in the code about cash payments. Instead there are references to 'global standing.'

    I have read some theorizing that 'global standing' is simply the average of your standing among all the other factions.

    Now, we have talked about how RTW and M2 seem to use a similar diplomatic system, with the big difference that M2's system is made more obvious to the player via indications on the diplomacy screen.

    If the conditions referenced in the code for M2 are in fact relevant to RTW's system, why is there no mention of the biggest factor involved in getting protectorates in RTW, namely huge cash payments?

    My theory is that cash payments are simply a means of increasing that 'global standing' value. It's not so much that the AI wants the cash, but that it takes that much cash to increase your global standing.

    The idea that global standing is relevant to acquiring protectorates in RTW is, I think, borne out by the reports of early versions of RTW in which it was very easy to acquire protectorates very early in the game by declaring war on, say, Dacia, and then immediately asking them to submit. No money was needed in these cases, presumably because the 'global standing' of the player's faction had not yet been damaged by years of warfare, trespassing, breaking alliances, etc. My guess is that later patches of RTW addressed that aspect of diplomacy, in turn setting us up for the situation we have today, where you can usually only get a protectorate by shelling out a lot of money.

    I wonder if it would be possible to increase your 'global standing' value by giving out lots of smaller payments over the course of a campaign, rather than the one-time huge offer of tens of thousands of mirian that we often use to get protectorates in DoM. That of course assumes that big one-time payments are valued as much as frequent smaller payments.
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