I was playing yesterday as Athens, and noticed a Hippias being the democrat. I thought maybe Cleisthenes would be better, he was born in 570BC making him 11 years old, but make him a definite democrat. Also, I saw your video of the review a long time ago wise coffin. Another idea could be adding Corfu to Greece since the map is a lot bigger. Although the game doesn't extend to the pelloponesian war, it was a place divided between oligarchy and democracy later on. Also, if possible, maybe diplomats and spies recruited can have an oligarchist or monachist or democrat trait, not only the ones on the start of the game. In the pelloponesian war, the Corfu diplomats were thrown into prison for supposedly spreading oligarchy. This way, the game will be a lot more fun, since moving family members in other areas will cause transgression penalties. Although Corfu should be rebels, as too many factions will cause havoc in Greece, and Corfu didn't really invade anyone. Corfu fought the first naval battle in Greek history. Also, as you said, Leonidas should not be there. If you are interested, I can post some information I know on this forum, I suck at modding, but not at knowledge.