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    Great Encyclopedia of Roma Surrectum

    Roma Surrectum is truly a great modification for Rome I - Total War. Its features are uncountable. Its gameplay is
    depthless. Its fame unfathomably great. We all still devotedly play campaign after campaign for years already. The size
    of the modification though also means there is a lot of knowledge required. Knowledge that isn't always quickly accessible
    and gathered at one place. Therefore I have taken it upon me to create one great, complete, structured and comprehensive
    Encyclopaedia of Roma Surrectum where everything - whatever type information - can be found.

    - Quintillius

    Useful Links


    1. RS features / where to download?
    2. Install with other mods.
    3. Expansions (BI / Alex)
    4. Steam
    5. 0-turn and 1-turn
    6. Difficulty
    7. Adjust game options before campaign
    8. Launcher / preferences not saved
    9. Edit preferences
    10. Mac
    11. Necessary info for newbies
    12. Submods

    1. How do I find a list of RS features? And where can I download it?
    • Wiki with features *
    • Original thread *
    • Patch 3.0 open beta *
    • Patch 2.5 full *
    • Instruction videos *

    2. Can I install Roma Surrectum with other mods?
    No. Roma Surrectum is "mod-foldered" and does not work with other mods.
    Mod-foldered means that RS has mods 'for itself' in the form of playable campaigns.

    3. What expansion of the game should I use (Barbarian Expansion or Alexander, BI/Alex)?
    Every expansion has its pros and cons. It is up to you to decide whether you prefer. It is generally
    accepted though that BI is better than the original game and Alex is better than BI.

    BI offers:
    - Better AI
    - Better camera manoeuvrability *
    - Shield wall ability (only very few, see * for list)

    Alex offers:
    - Better AI
    - Naval invasions (quite rare still)
    - AI replenishes units
    - Better phalanx co-ordination

    Swimming units, as BI feature, is not supported by RS.

    4. Does the mod work with Steam?
    Yes, the mod works with Steam. See the video guide * or a
    step-by-step instruction *.

    [!] RSIII on Steam does NOT work with RTW or BI, only with Alex! *

    5. What are the differences between 0-turn and 1-turn?
    These options represent a different type campaign. There's a highly controversial discussion about the favoured type.
    Both type campaigns have their pros and cons. It's all about recruitment of troops. 0-turns makes recruitment easier
    and adds numerous army stacks to the game. Fighting dozens of battles isn't uncommon in 0-turn campaigns. Both
    you and AI can recruit up to 9 units per settlement per turn
    1-turn campaigns however limits recruitment of units.
    You'll have much less stacks and battles and can only recruit 1 unit per settlement per turn. Here's a good quote from ur-Lord Tedric:

    Quote Originally Posted by ur-Lord-Tedric
    - 0turn is all about Tactics. If you like fighting battles with the troops on the field, and lots of them, linked together by a minimally strategic campaign to give some context - then that's the choice for you

    - 1turn is Strategically lead. If you are more of an Empire Builder and like the detailed management of logistic requirements, where the battles are an equal part of the game, but more meaningful individually and the AI develops their settlements and units more - then 1turn is your friend
    Even the team itself is divided at what campaign type is favoured just like what expansion (BI or Alex) to play. 1-turn campaign players can take enemy cities easier, while 0-turn campaign players will see the cities surroundered by numerous stacks. To see more 1-turn factions: select 'One-turn campaigns' as faction and follow the guide. *

    6. Which difficulty is recommended?
    This is up to you as well. There are two difficulties that can be choosed (campaign and battle). For Roma Surrectum's campaign it is mostly the choice between Medium (M) or Hard (H) difficulty. Easy campaign doesn't provide any challenge and very hard campaign is bugged. It is a core game bug which CA never has fixed. This makes the campaign actually easier than Hard. The latter fact does not apply to battle difficulty though.

    These effects are generated by higher difficulty level:
    *Money is harder to come by
    *Higher chance of being assinated/bribed
    *More offensive AI
    *Auto-resolve in AI's favour
    *AI gets extra money per turn (Xavier Dragenesi)

    * Difficulty level is represented as e.g. H/H or H/VH at this forum which means Hard campaign/hard battles.

    7. What do I need to know before starting a campaign?
    Well you might want to adjust the game options before beginning a campaign.
    Some settings cannot be altered during a game.

    [!] Auto save
    Always turn it off. Always save your game manually. Autosave corrupts campaigns! *.
    And don't forget to save often and to multiple slots.

    [!] Advisor portrait
    At beginning of campaign or loading a savegame you'll see your advisor avatar. ALWAYS click it firstly at start to make the
    (save)game load up correctly. If you don't, your savegame will become CORRUPT. One denarius will be added upon activating the background script.
    Again: Always press the avatar when loading a (save)game, check if denarius is added, only then play your game.
    This background script handles second rebellion, AI cash balance and more.

    Unit size *
    Default unit size is 'large'. But if your computer can handle it and
    if you want large-scale total war, you may want to set this at 'huge'.
    This makes battles more interesting, but also larger and it will derive
    more population from recruitment centers.

    8. How do I use the mod launcher? It doesn't save my preferences!
    Firstly you need to click the first button at top left. Mine is called 'Rome One Turn'. Choose either the 0-turn or 1-turn campaign. For now there is only one playable 1-turn campaign: Rome. Select a faction from the list afterwards and press Ok. Now select the favoured expansion (TW, BI or AlX). Click the button 'Steam : no' if you want to play via Steam. Click Play now! When opening the game and actually starting a campaign you'll be faced with a speech. You need to click the middle button below first then click the right button to start the campaign.

    *Add -ne after -show_err to make the game start in windowed mode. This is not required, but makes Alt+tab easier. Add screen resolution via preferences to get fullscreen borderless mod (No loading time during alt-tab). Keep in mind to save before alt+tab, it can be buggy in RTW. Add -novid to skip movie at game launch (E.g.: "-show_err -ne -novid").

    [!] Never ever touch 'Vegetation settings'. It's bugged and makes you need to reinstall everything *.

    If your preferences are not saved, then you have probably installed the game in a different directory. Solve this by right click mod launcher .exe -> properties -> Start in. The problem is that the start in box contains the path to the launcher folder and not e.g. "...<RS>\UI\Wonders". My path is the following: "...\Rome - Total War\launcher". Pressing the Save button will now really save your changes.

    9. How do I set preferences for the mod?
    There are several ways to edit preferences:

    1. Ingame via main menu (all options).
    2. Ingame during a campaign via esc (limited options).
    3. Preferences button via launcher.
    4. Preferences .txt file in "...\<RS>\data\_IMPORTANT_STUFF\Preferences\".
    5. Campaign specific preferences .txt file in "...<RS>\Play_Rome_One_Turn\preferences\".

    10. Can I play this mod on a Mac?
    Most mods for PC can be ported to a mac fairly easily, you'll just need to extract the contents of any exe
    on a PC first and then copy it over. Any mod thats in zip/rar/7zip/etc format can be used directly on a mac.

    Video instructions
    Step-by-step instructions *

    11. What should a newby absolutely know about Roma Surrectum?
    There are a couple of aspects every player should really know:

    I. Battles are though and take a really long time before end. Killing happens very slowly. Use hammer-anvil tactics
    with cavalry/slingers to end battles soon. Slow battles is a choice of the team and represents historical accuracy.
    Morale is everything, break it and the enemy will flee... or you'll flee.
    II. The mod is designed in such way that faction troops can only be recruited in its home provinces. Use mercenaries/allied
    to fill your armies further. Though you can build better barracks, but this takes abnormally long (Charts -> 9. Home Provinces).
    III. The Roman way of building barracks/oppidums in order to recruit units is very complicated (Campaign Gameplay -> 6. Roman recruitment). If you build outside a home province, you'll also need to build the Campus Martius before you can train Roman troops such as non-client skirmisher and triarii.
    IV. Diplomacy is utterly broken. It has never been correctly designed and the RS team cannot fix this. Use the feature of Forced Diplomacy (more info: Campaign Gameplay -> 19. Deal with Diplomacy).
    V. The game uses AUC as date system. It stands for Ab Urbe Condita which means: 'From the founding of the City (Rome)', which is the year 753 BC. 421 AUC represents 332 BC e.g. The team is forced to use this because the game crashes if it hits date 66 BC. Note that AUC wasn't historically used by the Romans. The dominant method of identifying Roman years in Roman times was to name the two consuls who held office that year.
    VI. At beginning of campaign or loading a savegame you'll see your advisor avatar. ALWAYS click it firstly at start to make the game load up correctly.
    If you don't, your savegame will become CORRUPT. One denarius will be added upon activating the background script. It handles second rebellion and AI cash management.
    VII. Save often! And to multiple slots! Save before battles! Save after battles!

    12. What are submods?
    Submods are smaller mods for modifications which tend to change several aspects of the mod itself. Either small changes
    to personal likings or complete overhauls to extend the fun. They have their own subboard *. Here's a selection of popular mods:

    Demise of a Republic *
    Based on HBO series Rome and set during last days of the republic.
    Play as Ceasar and overthrow the republic.

    Five Good Emperors *
    This mod is set during the imperial timeframe at the time of the five
    (finally) good Emperors: Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius.

    Faster Battles *
    Unbelieveable very popular mod: it makes battles end much sooner.

    There are many more mods available. Make sure you'll check them out at a time.

    Technical & Issues

    1. White unit/building cards.
    2. Launcher not starting
    3. Error messages
    4. Load/save button greyed out
    5. Launcher stuck "please select an item from the list"
    6. Window with red cross and 12
    7. CTD on other faction's turn end
    8. AutoIt error at start of program
    9. "Failed to find Steam" error
    10. Launcher options not saved
    11. Game does not load
    12. CTD solutions -> new pc | Windows 10
    13. Launcher message "log in as admin" | Win10, 8, 7
    14. No contrast selected/unselected unit cards
    15. Battle lagg/low FPS | very high unit details

    1. Why are there white unit and building images?
    This is a known bug which the team hasn't been able to fix yet. It happens sometimes and every player
    suffers from it. You can resolve it most of the time by closing the ingame window and going to another army/settlement
    and then opening the erroneous one again. Now the images will appear correctly (hopefully).

    2. My launcher is not starting!
    You have probably installed the mod in a wrong manner. You need a fresh and clean install of the original game in order
    to get everything working. Be sure the game and the expansions are updated to the correct versions!
    Try a fresh reinstall of RS and if this doesn't work a fresh reinstall of the original game too.

    3. I get an error message.
    If you get the following error messages:

    Error: Filename doesn't exist : data/animations/SG 01 idle 01.cas

    Script Error in data/descr_skeleton.txt, at line 56, colum 133.
    AnimDB: Could not load - 'data/animations/SG 01 idle 01.cas'

    unable to find skelton fs_s1_forest_elephant_javelinrider

    Fix this by following these instructions:

    Quote Originally Posted by Quintus Sertorius
    To fix this problem, do the following:

    1. You need a clean and patched up version of RTW.
    2. Download all the RS2 files, as shown in the release thread.

    3. Now, install the RS2 mod to a new folder, created on the desktop. Mine is named Roma Surrectum 2.
    4. When the mod has been completly installed, copy and paste the entire contents of the Roma Surrectum 2 folder, located on your desktop, to your freshly installed RTW game. folder.

    5. Install the 2.5 patch to a new folder, just like step 3., and follow step 4. too.

    6. The new launcher that has been created on the desktop doesn't work. This is because it is a shortcut that the installer has directed towards the Roma Surrectum 2 folder located on your desktop, which isn't a game folder. To fix this, right-click the shortcut and change the Target and Start In lines so that both point to your correct RTW folder.

    So in my case, "C:\Users\Al Simmons\Desktop\Roma Surrectum 2\Roma Surrectum II.exe"

    becomes "D:\Activision\Rome - Total War\launcher\Roma Surrectum II.exe"


    7. If you did everything correct, the launcher on the desktop works. If it doesn't delete it and create a new shortcut from the "Roma Surrectum II.exe" file located in Activision\Rome - Total War\launcher.

    If not, please post a thread in the appropriate forum *.

    4. My save/load button is greyed out.
    The problem with Save/Load options staying grayed out seems to occur when you start a new campaign,
    then exit back to the main menu and start another new campaign. Restart the program as a work-around.
    There's also an alternative, suggested by ajtboy:

    Quote Originally Posted by Ajtboy
    This is what I posted a few hours ago...

    1) When you see your Menu page that shows you can't save or load...simply click the "?" button on the top right.
    2) Exit out of the campaign and game...sad to say whatever u did is lost!!!.
    3) Re-launch the launcher...delete the campaign.

    This should kick start worked for me.

    5. Launcher stuck in loop: "please select an item from the list".
    1) You've not patched your RTW to the correct level. I've usually seen this error with RTW BI but I guess it would also be possible with RTW. There is only one version of RTW Alexander and that's 1.9.
    2) In order to avoid this make sure that on the 'Faction' Campaign menu you select the 'Click here to start (faction) Campaign....' (1) before clicking on the arrow (2) in the right hand corner.
    If you do that then you will see the next screen that allows some campaign options to be set up before actually starting the campaign.
    4) If you've done the second one you don't get any error messages when you exit the program.

    6. You are able to play the game, but a window with a red cross and 12 appears.
    Solution : You don't have admin rights. Right click on the shortcut and then click Run as Admin, a permanent fix is to go into properties and have the launcher autimatically ask for adminastation right.

    Thanks to AotxLoGiX for this one.

    7. CTD on end of turn, usually during another faction's turn
    Cause: Most likely cause is the script not being activated each time you play, resulting in a cloned character for another faction popping up and causing errors.

    To watch what causes the CTD you can do the following;

    1) Edit Preferences.txt
    change FOG_OF_WAR:TRUE to FOG_OF_WAR:FALSE (so you see the whole map)

    2) Launch the game and load your save. Press end turn - you should see in detail all the characters and units moving - it can take a long time and you need to stay awake to see what was last moving when the CTD happens.

    Quote Originally Posted by [B
    -FrOzeN-[/B]]Use the move_character "name" x,y command (get the xy by holding the cursor over the desired position and writing show_cursorstat in the console) and finally using auto_win will defeat him (and the CTD)

    If the game crashes when you attack him your sole choice is to move him to a place where he can not interact with other characters (the African desert or a lone island in Greece for example)

    8. AutoIt error at start of program
    If you start the program a window was shown up ''AutoIt Error'' telling me:

    Line 3689 (File ''C:\SKN Program files\The Creative Assembly\RSII_Public\launcher\Roma Surrectum II.exe''):

    Error:Variable used without being declared

    Solution: What causes the error is a corruption of your sound card drivers or sound card. Since the launcher uses music every time you click on it it launches a sound clip and if there is a corruption in the sound drivers or sound card you will get that error. So I fixed my sound card and used the launcher and it worked.

    Solution provided by CenturyX.

    9. "Failed to find Steam" error. I found this on the stream forums and it worked for me when I had the same problem. Good luck

    1: Right-click on "Computer" (in XP it was called "My Computer") and click on Properties.
    2: in Vista / 7, on the left click on "Advanced System Settings". On XP, Google search for how to change your system path, because I can't quite remember where things were in XP.
    3: In the Advanced tab, you'll see a button for "Environment Variables". Click it.
    4: In the upper section of that new window, you should see something like "User Variables for [your username]". Scroll through to find the one called "PATH".
    5: Highlight the entry for "PATH" and click "Edit...".
    6: You'll get a too-small text box that has a field on the top for "Variable Name" and a field under it for "Variable Value". Put your cursor into the "Variable Value" field and hit the [End] key so you know you're not inserting text in the middle of another entry. If you push the right arrow key it should not scroll.
    7: Add a semicolon [;] to separate your new entry from the others. This is the key to the right of the 'L' key, without pressing Shift. Correct -> ; Incorrect -> :
    8: Paste in the path to Steam, which for me on a default-install Windows 7 64 system is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam
    9: Press OK, and re-launch Steam so that it gets the new environment variables. (It might work without re-launching, but hey why not.)
    10: Run the game normally!

    10. Launcher Options not saved.
    Check the properties of your Launcher short-cut on your desktop. Look at the 'Start in' command line.

    It should say something like: 'C:\Games\RTW\RSII\Launcher' and not 'C:\Games\RTW\RSII\UI\Wonders'

    11. Game does not load for atleast 2 minutes after playing the launcher.
    Try this solution: *

    Quote Originally Posted by ArsacesV
    I did manage to get it to work after a fairly complex process.

    So what I did was install rome total war and rome total war alexander for steam. Then, I created a folder called "Games" in my drive, so it would be E:\Games

    1) Inside the games folder, I created another folder called "Roma Surrectum II". So the path is E:\Games\Roma Surrectum II

    2) I copied all the contents of the rome total war folder in the steam folders, and pasted it into the roma surrectum 2 folder. Then I copied and pasted the contents of the rome total war alexander folder into the roma surrectum 2 folder, saying yes when it asked me if I wanted to override the contents.

    3) Next, I installed Roma Surrectum 2.5 directly into the rome surrectum II folder. Then I copied and pasted the 2.6 update patch into the roma surrectum 2 folder, saying yes when it asked if I wanted to override the contents.

    4) Then I downloaded the Alexander.exe file provided in this forum:

    5) Next, I copied and pasted the Alexander.exe file into the Roma Surrectum II folder, overriding the current Alexander.exe in there.

    6) Then I loaded up the launcher, selected my faction, selected my Alexander.exe, said I was NOT using steam, and loaded up the game.

    Finally, the campaign successfully loaded!

    Sorry if my instructions are not clear, I (ArsacesV) can me more specific if needed.

    12. CTD's solutions for new pc / Windows 10
    Quote Originally Posted by dvk901
    ....and how to correct some these problems, as well as a guide to being able to play this mod without CTD's.

    It has become apparent to me that in the last year or so, people have started having problems with RTW\BI\ALEX running on newer Operating Systems, in particular Windows8. But Windows7 offers some of its own bugs as well, so I'm going to try and address some of these problems. But first, a very general guide that should apply for all PC's.

    1. Disable anti-virus programs while playing RTW, or at the very least, configure your AV program to ignore the RTW folders.

    2. Do not ever use Autosave or Quicksave in RTW. They are bugged and result in CTD's. Instead, save often, and especially before and after big battles. Just name saves 'save1, save2, save3, etc' only takes a few seconds, and it will save you a lot of grief if a save file gets corrupted, because you can go back to a previous save and restore your campaign.

    3. Make sure your PC is clean and dust free, and that all fans are working. One of the most common causes of CTD's is overheating. So a clean PC helps a lot.

    4. RTW was not made to see more than 2GB of memory. However, this can be corrected. I cannot, however, explain how.

    5. Don't max out settings if your PC can't handle it. RS2 uses high definition models for trees, bushes, and all units. It can really tax your PC to try and ramp up settings to a point where you start having issues. RTW doesn't know how to use more modern video cards...all it cares about is processor speed and memory (both video and PC Ram). The faster the better. I would recommend at least a 2GHZ processor (dual or quad), and a GB of video memory.
    RTW doesn't see more than one processor, so you could have 8 of them and it would make no difference.

    6. There is an option in the Launcher to set 'Affinity'...which is PC talk for telling RTW to use only one processor and not allow Windows to 'distribute' parts of it to more than one. It 'can' help some people, but it doesn't always result in better performance. So it's something you should test.

    7. In preferrences.txt you will find a setting that says:


    Set this setting to 'TRUE'. RTW has a built in capability to do this, and it can add a good 10% to your performance..or more. What it does is allow the Video refresh routines to store three copies of pixels instead of two, resulting in faster refresh...especially on newer and bigger monitors. It does use more memory, so if your PC is memory starved, you may not want to do this.

    8. RTW and all RTW related exe's have what's called 'memory leaks'.....which is a fancy way of sying that the program chews up more memory than should really be using, and loses track of it eventually. The longer you play (as in hours), the more memory RTW will chew up. At some point, it will get unstable and crash. So it's just a good practice to quit after an hour or so, and then resume playing. This clears memory and gives RTW a fresh start.

    9. Windows8 is causing some issues for players due to a suspected incompatibility of RTW with DirectX11. It is apparently 'subtle', but the problem seems to get exponentially worse as campaigns progress. If you are having random or frequent crashes in Windows8, the solution 'appears' to be to extract the DirectX9.0c files from the RTW\BI CD's (do not try to install them!), and then copy them all into the RTW folder. This way, RTW seems to find what it wants first in its own folder. This is just a 'suspicion' right now, and appears to be the answer, but people are testing this, and it has solved their issues. Here is a download link for the files:

    10. There is growing evidence that RTW has issues with paths that are longer than 128 characters, and the result is random CTD's. So make your paths to RTW and RS2 as short as possible.

    11. Never talk about Rome2 in front of RS2.6. Crashes are very likely to occur often as a result. (Just kidding.)

    13. Starting the launcher gives message: "log in as admin and try again".
    Quote Originally Posted by Dvk901
    Following the introduction of Windows 10 many players of Rome Total War have been unable to start their favorite game. When clicking on the launcher they get a message saying "log in as admin and try again", but doing so didn't start the game neither. With the recent update of 08/09/2015 the same problem is reported also for Windows 7 and Windows 8, and as a result the original installation of many old games is not working, including Rome Total War and our mod Rome Total History.

    The reason for this inconvenience is described in detail in the following page (dating from early august):

    Microsoft has adressed the concern only after a month offering the following solution:

    From this it appears clear that they have no intention to take further steps in order to make our old games compatible again, and thus every player ís left to find a solution of his own.

    Since the problem affects first of all the disc version of the game, as far as I know, there are currently three viable solutions:

    1. Redeem your non-CD-version of the game on Steam

    Quote Originally Posted by Gigantus View Post
    Here is a guide line how to redeem the CD key on Steam, never mind its for M2TW.

    2. Reactivate the disabled driver following the Microsoft instructions

    This appears to be working only in Windows 7 and 8, and Microsoft warns that there may be security issues.

    In short, you need to open a command prompt with administrator rights. To do so click on start and write "cmd" in the search field. Then a window with the programme will pop up. Right click on cmd and select "Run as administrator". Allow the programme to alter your computer. When the black screen pops up type the following lines:

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimwred View Post
    To get RTW working, open a command prompt as administrator and then type two following commands :

    sc config secdrv start= auto
    sc start secdrv
    You should press Enter after you type each command.

    3. Replace your RTW.exe file with a NOCD version

    According to Gamescopyworld this is legal, as long as you possess the original game.
    The same site has the files and you should have no difficulty finding them.
    For Alexander you may google something like RomeTW-ALX_noCD.rar.
    For RTW and BI it will be similar.

    Dowload and unzip. Then go to your RTW installation.
    Rename RomeTW.exe and RomeTW-ALX.exe to RomeTW-ori.exe and RomeTW-ALX-ori.exe.
    Copy the cracked files into the same folder and rename them to RomeTW.exe and RomeTW-ALX.exe.
    Ignore eventual other instructions.
    That's all and it can be done in two minutes or so.

    When you start your first battle with the new version, you may find that the performance is quite underwhelming, but after a minute or two it will catch up and be as good as the original.

    These solutions work fine with Windows 7 and Windows 8, but under Windows 10 there may be more problems, as discussed here:

    I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you encounter difficulties or have other solutions.

    This solution offered by Philidelphos in the RTH forum.

    Solution #3 should also fix the problem with Steam versions of RTW\BI\Alex.
    But be sure to back up the originals...or better yet (as I have, both the RTW and Alex directories elsewhere).

    Also, see here:

    or here:

    14. There is no contrast between selected and unselected unit cards in battle!
    Yes you can barely see your selected units. This can give you a headache in the heat of battle. But Quintillius has fixed this already in his submod *. And it will be fixed too in v3.1 probably.

    15. My battles are SO laggy!
    Perhaps you've turned unit details to the highest settings. Try to put this to high only. Very high won't show extra details, it
    only will not work with sprites anymore. Sprites are one-face images facing your direction that are rendered at long camera distance. These are used
    by the game to reduce the amount of polygons/model faces used by the engine in order to increase performance greatly.
    Only tick very high unit details if you have a pro pc. It doesn't vary much with the previous setting though.

    Campaign Gameplay

    1. Tax level
    2. Economy explained
    3. Corruption
    4. Squalor
    5. Few governors/generals | train new
    6. Roman recruitment building tree
    7. Command, management, influence & loyalty skills
    8. Treasury buildings
    9. AUC date system, why not BC
    10. How execute characters?
    11. Offices | Classes | Careers | Cursus Honorum | Praetor, Quaestor, Consul, ...
    12. Imperium trait
    13. General vs. governor | Tribunus Militi | Legatus Legionis
    14. Large & huge wall types removed
    15. Garrison script settings | siege extra units
    16. Launcher parameters | modesty & affinity
    17. AOR | Area Of Recruitment
    18. Campaign tweaks | delete background scripts
    19. Diplomacy
    20. Change name settlements

    1. Where should I set taxes to?
    It depends. There is no one size fits all, we do recommend you to review the tax settings in all your settlements frequently. As ever, aim to keep green or yellow faces, but by maximising your revenue. Tax leads to income, but tax also causes a decline in population sometimes. This decline however is not always undesirable as the large cities of the empire are actually eating your income. Don't forget to keep an eye on corruption too.

    2. Economy explained
    Dvk901 has completely revised the economy of Roma Surrectum. The original game is designed in such way that whatever settlement you capture, you'll be granted all income bonusses - though not historical accurate. In RS no longer are the large trade bonusses granted when capturing a settlement outside your home provinces (more info: Charts -> 9. Home Provinces). You can still tax the folks though and keep a bit trade. This system also applies for the AI. This leads to the following situation: a faction pushed back into the homeland will be granted tons of gold and thus recruit large armies, factions who extend to the ends of the world will suffer greatly from small incomes. If you do not build and maintain your empire via construction, you'll suffer greatly during the late campaign! Another crucial factor is the economy trait of your faction leader. This trait represents the state of the economy. Governors will take over this leader trait as time passes.

    There are several ways for your faction to gain money:

    Taxes are gained through taxing the population. The larger your population, the more tax you your wife earns.
    So increasing population is a nice way to earn more taxes, but upgrading the settlement to a next phase as demanded by the folks
    leads to a massive decline in gold income. This is because large settlements require more money for public services. If you don't
    upgrade however you'll face the infamous effect of squalor. Squalor will slow down growth and give massive public order penalties.
    You can make your taxes earnings bigger by constructing tax buildings, but this won't give effect if tax base is low.
    Don't forget to always assign a governor to settlements as well! Otherwise you'll face a massive penalty.
    Train new governors/generals by recruiting the Tribunus Militi.

    Farm & mine incomes
    These are stable sources of income which don't vary with population size.

    Trade Income
    Trade is a great way to earn money. As stated above, trade in settlements outside the home provinces do not provide
    great income flows. Keep up your trade income by proposing trade agreements with other civilizations and by building roads, ports, markets and forums.

    Another way to earn money is through war. Upon conquering the enemy settlement you
    have full control over its fate. Some of the buildings can be destructed -- for money. Use
    this for enemy barracks. Yes, the AI need those barracks for recruitment. Some
    propose to destroy cultural buildings too in increase population order. But you aren't
    a barbarian, are you?

    You can demand a sum of gold in order for diplomatic treaties.

    There are also several ways to lose money. Upgrading settlements to a higher level can sometimes give a 50% tax penalty.
    So keep your population under control through Population Control buildings. But you also need those higher levels to recruit
    better barracks, walls and more. Armies are very expensive to maintain. Think of disbanding units in times of peace.
    Mercenaries apply stress on the flow of money at the moment you pay for them.

    More information about RS economy: * and * and *

    3. I have so much corruption! What to do?
    Corruption? Errr your advisor says it's only unforeseen expenses. Well he's gonna take a lonely tour on sea.
    No joke -- corruption is a really undesirable aspect. You'll have to deal with it especially in foreign (conquered)
    settlements. Analyse the effects by clicking the settlement -> detailed information -> tax box. The 'hand' icons
    represent corruption. You can counter it by building the Minerva temple-line.
    I wish I could see your face if you find out that the lvl 2 Minerva temple actually requires lots of other
    buildings to be built :evilface:.

    4. How to deal with squalor?
    Squalor is a very unpleasant effect of large cities. This is the reason why cities do not grow till the heavens. Squalor is the result of
    large populations in small settlements. The best remedy is upgrading the settlement -- or building wells, aqueducts, medical health care
    buildings or other stuff that's involved with the health of the folks.

    5. I have so few governors!
    Train new governors or generals by recruiting the Tribunus Militi in your settlements.

    6. How's the Roman army recruitment building tree designed?
    That's a truly rightful question. Building barracks for troops in Roma Surrectum takes a very, very long time. Firstly you have to
    admit that barracks for non-client troops do not exist. There's a building-line called oppidums. These provide non-client troops.
    The recruitment building tree is very complex for Romans. Or better described: madness. But don't be afraid. It's actually pretty immersive and fun.
    You'll find your way to recruit units. First decide whether it is a home province or foreign province.
    Check this by viewing the chart (more info: Charts -> 9. Home Provinces). Build the following buildings to recruit troops:
    (blue marked buildings make recruitment possible)

    Home province
    (Roman Polybian units) Oppidum lvl 1 -> Oppidum lvl 2 -> Regional Focus -> Metal Import/Metal source -> Oppidum lvl 3
    (Allied Polybian units) Government Determination -> Client -> Client Barracks lvl 1 ->Client Barracks lvl 2
    (Roman Marian units) Oppidum lvl 3 -> Supply of Army Rations -> Fortified Region -> Tribal Justice -> Citizenship -> Campus Martius
    (Roman Hamata units) Campus Martius -> Roman Fortress
    (Roman Segmentata units) Roman Fortress -> Curia Hostilia

    Foreign province
    Tribal Justice -> Government Determination ->

    (Allied Polybian units) Client -> Client Barracks lvl 1 -> Client Barracks lvl 2
    Roman Polybian units)
    Oppidum lvl 1 -> Oppidum lvl 2 -> Regional Focus -> Metal Import/Metal source -> Oppidum lvl 3 ->
    Supply of Army Rations -> Fortified Region -> Tribal Justice -> Citizenship -> Campus Martius
    (Roman Marian units) Citizenship -> [Client Barracks removed] -> Oppidum lvl 1 -> Oppidum lvl 2 -> Regional Focus -> Metal Import/Metal source -> Oppidum lvl 3 -> Supply of Army Rations -> Fortified Region -> Campus Martius
    (Roman Hamata units) Campus Martius -> Roman Fortress
    (Roman Segmentata units) Roman Fortress -> Curia Hostilia

    City of Rome
    (Early Praetorians) Roman Fortress -> Merged Rhegion -> Praetorian Guard Training Ground
    (Late Praetorians) Praetorian Guard Training Ground -> Circus Maximus -> [Imperial Reforms] -> Castra Praetoria

    [!] - Polybian units can no longer be replenished/recruited after the reforms.
    [!] - Marian Reforms can be enacted by building the Imperial Palace in Akragas (24,000 population required)
    [!] - Imperial Reforms can be enacted by building the Circus Maximus in Rome (Roman Fortress required).

    7. What does command, management, loyalty and influence do?
    Command is the skill of your general to fight battles well. Generals with 10 stars can win battles easily in autoresolved battles.
    This skill is not gained automatically! The general is required to fight in battles personally. Send your generals to fight enemy units.

    Management is used to increase overall town income and influence makes the folks happy. If you have a rebelling town, send a
    governor with high influence to keep peace. Loyalty is highly important. Keep an eye on your generals!! Disloyal generals think of
    and will certainly rebel against you! Remember as well that Academies and the Ludus Magnus make governors gain good traits.

    8. What are the Treasury buildings?
    Treasury buildings make the settlement a center of great importance, both for the player and AI. A captured settlement with
    treasury drastically hurts the economy in a bad way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dvk901
    The whole idea of the Treasury is that you are 'looting', capturing and existing amount of 'treasure' that your foe has built up. For instance, the Temple of Artemis had a HUGE treasury that the Barbarians stole, and then burned done this beautiful Wonder of the World. Jackasses!
    Note that capturing a treasury does not boost your economy, nor you can destroy it for gold (removed feature to prevent exploiting).
    You only hurt the opponents economy, which's actually a great deal itself.

    9. What is AUC and why is it used instead of BC?
    The game uses AUC as date system. It stands for Ab Urbe Condita which means: 'From thefounding of the City (Rome)', which is the year 753 BC. 421 AUC represents 332 BC e.g. The team is forced to use this because the game crashes if it hits date 66 BC. Note that AUC wasn't historically used by the Romans. The dominant method of identifying Roman years in Roman times was to name the two consuls who held office that year. A inscription on the Pantheon reads: "M · AGRIPPA · L · F · COS · TERTIUM · FECIT", meaning Marcus Agrippa, son (Filius) of Lucius (L), during the third year (27 BC) of his consulate (COS), built this.

    10. I have a disgusting family member. How to get rid of him?
    If you dislike one of your family members, you can send him on the so-called infamous 'lonely tour'. Embark him on a ship and disband
    the ship in a port to make both the ship and family member disappear. Then feel guilty about the deadly sin you've commited.

    11. What are all these offices? What is the Cursus Honorum?
    Roma Surrectum is a very complicated mod which actually has succeeded in bringing the Cursus Honorum into the game.
    the Cursus Honorum is the sequential order of public offices held by aspiring politicians in both the Roman Republic and
    the early Roman Empire. One held a low office and climbs up to the highest office of the state. For more info please go to
    Charts -> 1. Cursus Honorum. Note that every culture has its own specific leadership system with unique traits *.

    In the Empire there are three classes:

    • Plebeians
    • Equites
    • Patricians

    Equites were those who where rich enough to buy a horse. People of the patricians class were descendants of the old gentes - or newly created families. A gens is a family for example the Julii, Cornelii or Scipii. Gaius Julius Caesar was of the gens Julia. Note that 'Gaius' is his praenomen (personal name) and 'Caesar' is a nickname chosen at birth, meaning 'hairy' (cognomen). Sometimes a agnomen was given during life for example 'Cunctator' or 'Africanus', meaning respectively 'lingerer' and 'Conqueror of Africa'. So these names were given to Roman noblemen:

    • Praenomen (personal name)
    • Nomen gentile (family name)
    • Cognomen (nickname by birth / family branch of gens)
    • Agnomen (nickname by life)
    • Number (maior [the elder], minor [the younger])

    Anyway each class has its own unique career in RS. The person can hold a civil office or a military office. Generals can be awarded with
    a lot of military awards (more info: Charts -> 6. Military Awards). There's also a unique set of senatorial offices for patricians.
    These offices togethers are called the Cursus Honorum. If you wanted to succeed in Rome, you'd want to climb up in rank/office and
    reach the highest of highest. The Cursus Honorum is as follows:

    • Quaestor (supervisor of financial affairs)
    • Former Quaestor
    • (Curule) Aedile (responsible for maintenance of public buildings/regulation of festivals)
    • Former (Curule) Aedile
    • Praetor (deputy, military commander, judge)
    • Propraetor (governor of province, not part of CH officially)
    • Consul (most important office, chairman of Senate, supreme commander, highest judge, veto power)
    • Proconsul (same as propraetor but this person became a consul before)
    • Censor (final step in CH, enrolls members to voting class, appoints/fires senators, protector of mores)
    • Former Censor
    • Princeps Senatus (most prestigious office, eldest of Senate, primus inter pares, decides agenda/session, imposes order during session of Senate)

    Note that Romans didn't call Augustus Emperor after the fall of the Republic. He simply was granted multiple titels
    including the one of Princeps Senatus. This is the period of the Principate. Later emperors would call themselves
    Dominus et Deus, lord and god, starting the Dominate - the other half of the imperial timeframe.

    More info about the Cursus Honorum can be found on wikipedia * and mod-specific via Charts -> 1. Cursus Honorum.
    Other factions have their own unique traits and fancy titels too. Make sure to check them out *.

    12. What is the so-called Imperium trait?
    The Empire of Rome has a long and famous history of hatred or fear against omnipotent rulers. It all started
    with the ancient kings of Rome. The last king, Tarquinius Superbus, was so unpopular and hated by the people
    of Rome that the people of Rome ovethrowed the kingdom and started the time of the Republic (509 BC). The
    people of Rome instituted the abstract idea of res publica, meaning public affairs. One of the most valuable
    phrases that was lost after the fall of Rome... They called the state SPQR now, meaning Senatus PopulusQue Romanus,
    the Senate and People of Rome. It was decided that the republic should be led by two consules, including
    Brutus, member of the Junii of whom the founding of the republic is ascribed. Still a sort of democracy/republic
    is weak in times of crisis. Therefore a dictator could be appointed with unlimited power for a period of
    several months (6 mostly).

    The hatred and fear for rulers with omnipotent rulers was always present, especially at the very end
    of the republic. It couldn't prevent the civil wars of the 1st century BC though. Sulla and Caesar were
    given lifetime dictatorship. The former resigned, the latter was murdered. Killed by a member of the Junii,
    named Brutus ironically, in defense of the values of the republic. Octavian, Ceasar's nephew and heir,
    cleared the Senate of unwanted elements and made it so that people thought of him as the restorer of the
    Republic. Senatorial titles were granted such as Princeps Senatus and the time of the almighty Emperors began.

    This is a history lesson to teach the background of the Imperium trait. Generals in field will get a
    Imperium level. The higher it is, the more troubled the Senate becomes and the less loyal the general
    is. Make sure to call back a general from the field and place him in a settlement a few turns. Note
    that unloyal generals WILL rebel at a time.

    13. What's the distinction between generals, governors and legatus legionis?
    There's certainly a difference. In RS a character can follow a general career or a governor career. To become governor a person has
    to stay 2 turns in a particular settlement to take the office. Build academies/Ludus Magnus to further develop traits in the good way.

    A character can also become a general. This way he leads an army. The general is called a Military Tribune. After the reforms,
    with the arrival of the legions, he will be called legatus legionis and he can receive a legion ancillary. There is one unique
    ancillary per legion and note that it is no longer received in a particular city as of v2.6 *.
    All ancillaries are given to governors/generals who reside in the very city of Rome itself. Swap ancillaries between characters - yes that
    is possible - to assign command of a legion to a particular character. Make sure both characters are in Rome and move the ancillary
    from one character to another.

    14. Where are the large and huge wall buildings?
    These types have been removed in v3.0 *.
    The walls didn't look correct with the new settlements. They were unproportionally large and the huge wall got pathfinding issues.
    There's a possibilty though that these types might return in later versions -- the model won't change, but the walls will become stronger *.

    15. Why does the AI cheat and put units in besieged settlements?
    This is the garrison script. This is a script that puts extra units in a settlement if you besiege
    it. It does not fire in AI vs. AI or AI vs. player sieges *.
    The reasons of putting a garrison script in RS are as follows:

    Quote Originally Posted by Dvk901
    Well.....Vanilla or any mod without a garrison script come about as close to being historical as Superman and the Easter Bunny.
    The siege of cities in this era meant the loser either went away dragging his tail (the attacker) or lost everything ang either
    got killed or was enslaved (the city dwellers). You'd be amazed how 'elite' one becomes when he is fighting for his life, family and
    everything he owns. Our garrison script simply tries to 'emulate' that situation and make it more difficult for the player to just
    snowball a faction. Afterall, the AI does an absolute horrid, disgusting job of protecting its cities. It is one of the worst
    flaws in RTW. I have seen numerous cases where a player could take a city without opposition, leave a unit in the city, and go
    take another city the next turn...and on and on. That is completely unrealistic.
    The script won't be activated if you bring siege units and capture the settlement immediately.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dvk901
    That said, I do realize that some people don't like it anyway, and to appease them we will have three options in
    Patch2.6 for each script used in campaigns. The 'default' script, an optional script with all around less scripted AI
    armies (with lesser stats), and a third option with lesser spawned AI levy armies and no garrison armies. So people can
    pick and choose to play as they wish in that area.
    Do this by bringing up the launcher. Choose Edit RSIII preferences -> Other RSII parameters (button) -> Garrison scripts.
    Choose a setting you like. Don't choose 'Five Emperors' setting as it is bugged *.

    16. What 'Modesty' and 'Affinity' parameters of the launcher?
    These settings can be obtained through the launcher. Choose Edit RSIII preferences -> Other RSII parameters (button).
    Clicking 'Modesty' will cover up naked units's private areas *.
    'Affinity' will make your game use only one computer processor. This can sometimes improve performance.

    17. What is area of recruitment (AOR)?
    AOR is a special feature of RS that involves home provinces. It shows how the map is divided up into various 'areas'.
    These are used for both economic and unit recruitment purposes. If a faction starts in a certain 'area'
    that is their 'area of influence'. Outside that area, economic bonuses drop off. This is why factions will tend
    to make a lot of money in their starting territories, but less and less as they expand.

    * See '2. Economy explained' for more info about influence on economy.
    * See '6. How's the Roman army recruitment building tree designed?' for more info about influence on recruitment.
    * See 'Charts -> 9. Home provinces' for AOR maps.

    18. Campaign tweaks
    Every player has its own preferences and playing style. Therefore RS offers
    opportunities to adjust the game to your likings. Here's an overview of few tweaks:

    Disable peace with one-city faction
    There's a special script that automatically negotiates peace with enemies
    who are reduced to one settlement. This script fires for both the AI and the
    player which in the latter is strange. You can disable this script by deleting the
    entire script in "<RSIII>\Play_Rome_One_Turn\data\scripts\show_me\background_script.txt".
    The very long script starts and ends with the following piece:
    ;;;;peace with factions when they are no threat anymore
    declare_counter Player_romans_scipii
    declare_counter Player_romans_julii
    declare_counter Player_romans_brutii
    declare_counter Player_greek_cities
    declare_counter Player_macedon
    declare_counter Player_seleucid
    declare_counter Player_britons
    if I_CompareCounter Player_dacia = 0
        console_command diplomatic_stance dacia boii neutral
    if I_CompareCounter Player_numidia = 0
        console_command diplomatic_stance numidia boii neutral
    if I_CompareCounter Player_slave = 0
        console_command diplomatic_stance slave boii neutral
    Disable survival script
    Have you ever encountered sudden stacks popping out nearby a settlement
    which's the last of a faction. This is the survival script. It makes factions
    survive better and maintain the status quo better. It also negotiates peace with
    other factions for AI. This also should keep city states such as Sparta and Athens alive.
    It always negotiates peace if the faction has only 1 settlement left. The downside of
    this script is that it also fires for the player fighting an almost annihilated faction.

    You can remove it though:
    1) Open the background script file. Specifically, look for: "<RSII>/play_.../data/scripts/show_me/background_script.txt/"
    2) Look for the following and delete the lines:

        monitor_event FactionTurnStart TrueCondition
            and I_CompareCounter Player_greek_cities = 0
            and I_NumberOfSettlements greek_cities < 2
            if I_CompareCounter Player_romans_scipii = 0
                console_command diplomatic_stance romans_scipii greek_cities neutral
            if I_CompareCounter Player_romans_julii = 0
                console_command diplomatic_stance romans_julii greek_cities neutral
            if I_CompareCounter Player_romans_brutii = 0
                console_command diplomatic_stance romans_brutii greek_cities neutral
            if I_CompareCounter Player_macedon = 0
                console_command diplomatic_stance macedon greek_cities neutral
            if I_CompareCounter Player_seleucid = 0
                console_command diplomatic_stance seleucid greek_cities neutral
            if I_CompareCounter Player_britons = 0
                console_command diplomatic_stance britons greek_cities neutral
            if I_CompareCounter Player_egypt = 0
                console_command diplomatic_stance egypt greek_cities neutral
            if I_CompareCounter Player_carthage = 0
                console_command diplomatic_stance carthage greek_cities neutral
            if I_CompareCounter Player_gauls = 0
                console_command diplomatic_stance gauls greek_cities neutral
            if I_CompareCounter Player_germans = 0
                console_command diplomatic_stance germans greek_cities neutral
            if I_CompareCounter Player_spain = 0
                console_command diplomatic_stance spain greek_cities neutral
            if I_CompareCounter Player_thrace = 0
                console_command diplomatic_stance thrace greek_cities neutral
            if I_CompareCounter Player_scythia = 0
                console_command diplomatic_stance scythia greek_cities neutral
            if I_CompareCounter Player_parthia = 0
                console_command diplomatic_stance parthia greek_cities neutral
            if I_CompareCounter Player_armenia = 0
                console_command diplomatic_stance armenia greek_cities neutral
            if I_CompareCounter Player_pontus = 0
                console_command diplomatic_stance pontus greek_cities neutral
            if I_CompareCounter Player_dacia = 0
                console_command diplomatic_stance dacia greek_cities neutral
            if I_CompareCounter Player_numidia = 0
                console_command diplomatic_stance numidia greek_cities neutral
            if I_CompareCounter Player_slave = 0
                console_command diplomatic_stance slave greek_cities neutral
            if I_CompareCounter Player_boii = 0
                console_command diplomatic_stance boii greek_cities neutral
    Quote Originally Posted by Alavaria
    Whoever does scripting, it seems the problem is the counter (Player_greek_cities)
    is only set at the start of the player's turn. So perhaps if you are loading in the middle of
    a turn and end turn, the counter is unset (or has a default value of 0) so even the player
    faction will get survival scipt-ed sometimes.
    This is the reason that the player faction may negotiate peace with another faction without the
    involvement of the player himself.

    Garrison script
    The garrison script fills a besieged settlement with fresh (elite) troops. This represents
    rallying men from the countryside to defend the city. You can either bring siege weapons to
    avoid such rallying or tweak the script (savegame compatible).

    1) Do this by bringing up the launcher.
    2) Choose Edit RSIII preferences -> Other RSII parameters (button) -> Garrison scripts.
    3) Choose a setting you like. Don't choose 'Five Emperors' setting as it is bugged *.

    Second rebellion
    The first rebellion is the betrayal of Capua and Rhegium during the Punic Wars
    with Hannibal. If you cannot hold off the Carthaginem invasion in Italy these cities will
    have a chance to rebel. The second rebellion will have a 100% chance per turn to initate if the player reaches 85 settlements.
    This is only for Romans though. It represents the though time of bloody Civil Wars. Sulla, Caesar and
    Octavian were declared dictators and held autocratic power. Sulla retained, Caesar was murdered and
    Octavian showed himself as restorer of the Republic and was given the title of Augustus.

    In order to run this background script you have to click the advisor's avatar at the start of a game/savegame load.
    [!] - IF YOU DON'T, YOUR GAME MIGHT BE CORRUPTED due to not proper loading of saved games. Check if one denarius
    is added to your treasury. You really must pay attention to this.

    You can disable this script (savegame compatible):
    1) Open the background script file. Specifically, look for: "<RSII>/play_.../data/export_descr_character_traits/".
    2) Look for the following lines:

    Trigger Caesar_Rebellion1
    WhenToTest CharacterTurnEnd
    Condition FactionType romans_brutii 
    and IsFactionLeader
    and not Trait HouseCaesar = 1
    and not Trait Dictator > 0
    and I_NumberOfSettlements romans_brutii >= 85
    and I_TurnNumber > 2
    Affects Caesar_Rebellion 1 Chance 5
    3) Change 85 to 198. You have now changed how many settlements
    are required by the player to initiate the great rebellion. Note that there are 199 settlements ingame, but
    you're not supposed to capture Gotland (rebels home) and a settlement soutwest (free people's home). Capturing
    these settlements before rebellion will result in a CTD by the way.

    Fast battles
    See submod: faster battles for more info.

    Put own music in RS
    MOST IMPORTANT: Make a copy of descr_sounds_music.txt, before you start the following procedure.

    Step One: Open Data/Sounds
    Step Two: Create a new folder called "Music"
    Step Three: Place all of the .mp3 files you wish to use in this new folder
    Step Four: Open Data, then open descr_sounds_music.txt
    Step Five: Under campaign or battle map events, type the name of the Mp3 that you want to play, when
    said event occurs. Make sure that you include the ".mp3" extension.

    For example, under the "Roma Music" section, and in the state MUSIC_FRONTEND section, I added "AveCaesar.mp3"
    (music from the movie Quo Vadis, whose soundtrack I own). You must use the exact name of the Mp3 in the Music
    folder you created. Also, if the name has a space in it, I would suggest renaming the file (for example, "AveCaesar.mp3
    was originally "Ave Caesar.mp3" ... it wouldn't play until I renamed it). Continue with each battle- or campaign- event
    that you wish to put a new Mp3 into. If you don't want the vanilla music, just delete it from the battle event.
    That has no effect whatever.

    Important: Do not forget to delete or rename the file "events.DAT" in your data/sounds/music folder. If you don't the game
    will ignore the changes you made and just play vanilla music.

    That's it. Boot up the game and enjoy the music that you like!
    (Original thread)

    19. How to deal with diplomacy?
    Diplomacy is utterly broken in RTW. It has never functioned correctly and is never fixed by CA.
    It becomes a problem if you defeated the faction till the last settlements and it doesn't want to
    accept peace. Therefore the feature of Forced Diplomacy is included in RS. You can use it as follows:

    1) Initiate a proposal for the AI.
    2) Press the ? button at right top.
    3) The advisor avatar pops-up. Click Show me how (icon with chalkbord and pointer).
    4) Now propose the offer to the AI and they'll always accept.

    20. Can I change name of settlements?
    Yes you can technically and no it's no recommended at all. Various triggers
    use the settlement name to run scripts and give ancillaries or traits to governors.

    (Encyclopaedia continues in next post due to 100,000 characters post limit)

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    Battle Gameplay

    1. Maintain formation during army movement
    2. No contrast selected/unselected unit cards
    3. Cannot drag units in a line | arrange depth formation
    4. Hotkeys
    5. Formations | Acies Triplex | charts
    6. Strategies & tactics | Sun Tzu | charts | historical battles maps
    7. Gold weapon/armour stat upgrade | experience lvl
    8. Unit stat explanation | armour/shield effects | study parameters
    9. Combat engine calculations
    10. Morale engine calculations
    11. No hastati/principes
    12. AI control box unticked, reinforcement still controlled by AI
    13. How to control reinforcements
    14. AI reinforcements not entering battle
    15. Reforms | Marians & imperial
    16. Units not entering siege tower
    17. Enemy has more than 20 units in a stack

    1. Moving my army breaks the formation, how can I maintain it?
    Do you dislike the fact that you're spending 5 minutes at setting up your army's formation at the
    beginning of the battle only to have them clustered when you advance to the enemy?
    Do you hate it? Do you want to keep order? It's possible!

    Let me explain how this old game works. The game wants you to use preset formations templates.
    You can find these when pressing the eagle button left down in the corner. If you pick one of these,
    your units will automatically be locked into the formation. BUT we don't want preset formations, we
    want our own fancy ordered stuff!

    That's still possible. If you want to lock the positions of your arranged cohorts in a formation try the following steps:
    It's a bit tricky for newbies, but you can do it pretty fast when you're more experienced.

    1. First setup your army in the correct way. The most common formation is putting missile units before,
    infantry behind and cavalry backwards or at the flanks.

    2. Press CTRL+A, then G (group) to save the current formation of all cohorts.

    3. Then move your
    troops to the enemy lines by selecting all of them (CTRL+A). Click RMB at some point on the battlefield.
    Now they'll march, keep the formation and you can change direction of complete army. Note that during the march, the cohorts may
    march in a messy way. Press Space to see destination of selected troops. You see that they'll arrive correctly. So don't march if
    the enemy is near.

    4. When the units arrive right before the enemy lines, holding perfect lines, you can issue an attack order
    or wait for the enemy to charge. But the problem of grouping your whole army is that you cannot click grouped
    missile, infantry or cavalry units easily. Solve this quickly by making groups for infantry, missile and cavalry:

    CTRL+I, then G = group infantry
    CTRL+M, then G = group missile
    CTRL+C, then G = group cavalry

    Now you can easily select your troops in heat of battle.

    5. A new problem arises now. Grouping units locks them in a group and a... particular formation as
    shown when pressing the eagle button. This formation blocks arranging the depth of the formation.
    You have to put them into the first formation group (grey line). Do this quickly by pressing CTRL+A and then
    Shift+1 (each time you group units).

    2. There is no contrast between selected and unselected unit cards in battle!
    Yes you can barely see your selected units. This can give you a headache in the heat of battle.
    But Quintillius has fixed this already in his submod *. And it will be fixed too in v3.1 probably.

    3. I cannot drag a line with my units. I can't arrange depth of formation.
    This is probably the result of grouping the units. The game will assign
    a particular preset formation template as shown when clicking the eagle button (corner below right).
    You need to set the units to the first type formation (grey line). Do this quickly
    by selecting the units and pressing Shift+1. Now you can drag a line. Do this every time
    after grouping units.

    4. What are handy hotkeys?
    Here's a list of handy hotkeys to be used during battles *:

    R = Toggle unit run
    G = Group selected units
    D = Toggle guard mode
    A = Toggle fire at will

    Backspace = Stop current order
    Alt+RMB = Alternative attack (melee instead of ranged)
    Shift+RMB = Set waypoints (make unit walk custom path)
    Space = Show unit destination
    Enter = Deselect all units
    CTRL+B = Select all artillery units

    5. Which formations were historically used in battles?
    Each faction had its own formation in battle. A list of formations used is listed below.

    Roman Republic
    Chart I

    Chart II

    Chart III

    Chart IV

    Chart V

    Roman Empire

    Chart I

    Chart II

    Macedon Kingdom

    Chart I

    Chart II

    6. Which tactics & strategies can be used?
    Roma Surrectum offers enough opportunities to use both historical and custom tactics for field battles.
    Here's a list of images showing a particular tactic:

    List of map strategies

    The writer of the immensely influential ancient Chinese book Art of War on military strategy,
    Sun Tzu (544 - 496 BC) delivered us some of the greatest quotes in history *.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sun Tzu
    All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable;
    when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy
    believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.
    Translating this to the game is easily. Rome - Total War has a mechanism that makes the AI check whether the borders of
    your empire are either protected or unprotected. They have a certain short range of sight *.
    You can take advantage of this by when you have multiple borders with the enemy. Try to keep one border weak and hide
    your main forces inland. When the enemy invades, you can simply surround their stacks and destroy the best ones.
    Note that the enemy will bring equal numbers to siege battles. So a weak border isn't the same as 'no units'.
    If you bring siege stacks, try to penetrate deeply in enemy territory and conquer treasury/barracks towns.
    Destroying barracks makes the enemy unable to recruit fresh troops. Capturing a treasury will - as long you hold
    it - smack their economy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sun Tzu
    If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him.
    If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow
    arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. Attack
    him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.
    Roma Surrectum offers though gameplay. There're factions ingame that can be very though to fight. It is even worse if
    they can count on numerous settlements such as the Seleucids. The strategy here is to defend your borders against such
    great enemies. Try to destroy reinforcements armies. Try to launch more invasions for example if you're fighting in Iberia
    against Carthage, launch an invasion nearby Zama.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sun Tzu
    Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.
    Try to create opportunities to make one of their stacks detach from the main group of armies and give it a quick
    deathblow. The AI will especially engage an army with only a few units and mostly try to have equal numbers if not
    more. This strategy can sometimes detach armies from cities so you won't need to fight a whole stack during a siege
    (if you bring siege units).

    Quote Originally Posted by Sun Tzu
    The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road
    either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected.

    The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought.
    The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand.
    Yes, yes. It is entirely possible to be defeated till the last city *. Prepare, create strategies and strike!
    Especially players who expand too fast will face a though campaign.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sun Tzu
    Where the army is, prices are high; when prices rise the wealth of the people is exhausted.
    It is surely possible to depopulate great cities through recruitment. Keep an eye on your recruitment centers
    to check if the population can still bear all enrollments.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sun Tzu
    It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles;
    if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know
    your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.
    Always check how many units of which type you and your enemies have during the battle prephase. I myself
    (as Rome) tend to count infantry units to check whether they're more or atleast equal numbered with the enemy.
    Such calculations drive me to choose whether strategy is important: aggresive, defensive, use of cavalry/missile
    and more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sun Tzu
    What the ancients called a clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease.

    He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious.
    Battles in Roma Surrectum deplete your units fastly. You'll have to bring depleted units back to your homeland
    to replenish and keep experience lvl. Your freshly recruited troops will need to be transported/march to enemy territory.
    Rome I - Total War does not offer the replenishment system of later Total War games. This makes a unique
    aspect possible; supply lines. You'll need a continuous supply of fresh units. These supply lines can be long
    for example if you attack the Gallaeci or Carthage far to the west. Carthage can destroy your transport ships with ease.
    Therefore it is necessary that you reduce casualties in battles to a minimum. Especially cavalry units deplete fast as
    charges are so deadly in RS. This has led to the fact that some of the community don't use cavalry anymore for charges.

    It's no shame -- wait it still is, but I mean it's not the end of the world if one of your cities is lost or even two or even three.
    As long as your recruitment centers in your homeland are safe, you should be able to continue the fight. Sometimes you
    should sacrifice a city to the enemy for the greater good.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sun Tzu
    故用兵之法,十則圍之,五則攻之,倍則分之, 敵則能戰之,少則能守之,不若則能避之。
    It is the rule in war, if ten times the enemy's strength, surround them; if five times, attack them;
    if double, be able to divide them; if equal, engage them; if fewer, defend against them; if weaker,
    be able to avoid them.
    Note that this applies to the campaign map. Well... that's the brilliant mind of Sun Tzu: I don't need to explain further.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sun Tzu
    In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy's country whole and intact; to shatter and destroy it is not so good. So, too, it is better to recapture an army entire than to destroy it, to capture a regiment, a detachment or a company entire than to destroy them.

    Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness.

    All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.

    Too frequent rewards indicate that the general is at the end of his resources; too frequent punishments that he is in acute distress.


    The general who advances without coveting fame and retreats without fearing disgrace, whose
    only thought is to protect his country and do good service for his sovereign, is the jewel of the kingdom.

    Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley

    A leader leads by example not by force.
    I couldn't let these quotes be unnoticed. These are jewels that do
    not apply to a game, but still do to real warfare.

    List of field tactics

    Chart I

    Chart II: Natural protection

    Chart III: Hammer & anvil tactic

    Chart IV: Various tactics

    Chart V: Flying Wedge tactic

    Chart VI: Attack & replace with reserves

    Chart VII: [Unusual] Boar's Head tactic

    VIII: [Unusual] Jagged Line tactic

    List of historical battles

    Map I: Battle of Marathon (490 BC)

    (Athens under Miltiades defeats the Persian expedition of Darius I of Persia and Artaphernes.)

    Map II: Battle of Thermopylae (480 BC)

    (Persians under Xerxes defeat a coalition of Greek forces led by the Spartans commanded by King Leonidas.)

    Map III: Battle of Plataea (479 BC)

    (Ends the Persian invasion of Greece; Pausanias, the Spartan commander of the Greek army, routs the armies of Mardonius.)

    Map IV: Battle of Lake Trasimene (217 BC)

    (In an ambush, Hannibal destroys the Roman army of Gaius Flaminius, who is killed.)

    Map V: Battle of Cannae (216 BC - August 2)

    (Hannibal destroys the Roman army of Lucius Aemilius Paulus and Publius Terentius Varro
    in what is considered one of the great masterpieces of the tactical art.)

    Map VI: Siege of Cartagena (207 BC)

    (Scipio Africanus Major destroys the Catharginian city of Cartagena in Iberia.)

    Map VII: Battle of Zama (202 BC)

    (Scipio Africanus Major decisively defeats Hannibal in North Africa, ending the Second Punic War.)

    Map VIII: Siege of Alesia (52 BC)

    (Caesar defeats Vercingetorix, completing the Roman conquest of Transalpine Gaul.)

    Map IX: Battle of Pharsalus (48 BC)

    (Julius Caesar decisively defeats Pompey, who flees to Egypt)

    Map X: Battle of Philippi (42 BC - October 3)

    (The Triumvirs Mark Antony and Octavian fight an indecisive battle with Caesar's assassins Marcus Brutus and Cassius.
    Although Brutus defeats Octavian, Antony defeats Cassius, who commits suicide.)

    Map XI: Battle of Teutoburg Forest (9 AD)

    (The German leader Arminius defeats the Roman
    legions of Publius Quinctilius Varus)

    7. How do I get gold weapon/armour stats?
    In RS you can train your units with preset gold weapon/armour stats or even experience level.
    This is done by construction various buildings. Therefore it is better if I give an
    explanation of all buildings which provides better stats for units. Note that the Vulcan
    Pantheon adds 1 armour. This will only result in gold armour if the large foundry is built
    as well -- leading to +3 armour total = gold armour. The Colosseum gives +1 experience,
    but the Merged City building is a requirement to construct this. So it always lead to +3 xp.

    Blacksmith (Romans excluded)
    Upgrades weapons +1 (melee attack skill all units)
    Upgrades armour +1

    Small Foundry (not cumulative +2 for non-Romans)
    Upgrades weapons +1 (melee attack skill for all units)
    Upgrades armour +1

    Large Foundry
    Upgrades weapons +2 (melee attack skill for all units)
    Upgrades armour +2

    Vulcan Pantheon
    Upgrades armour +1

    Fortified City
    Experience +1

    Merged City
    Experience +2

    Experience +1

    Barracks (Romans excluded)
    Experience +1, 2, 3 or 4

    8. What are all these unit stats?
    Units have various stats which pop up as you click on one of them. Most
    of the stats are clear. I'll give a further explanation of the mysterious ones *.
    A great study of combat parameters revealed interesting info and helped me greatly compiling
    this piece of information *. One of the conclusions is that the left side (shield) of
    the unit is weaker than right. Initially and logically this should be the right side (no shield).

    This stat shows protection from... armour. Especially good against
    incoming ranged attack such as javelins and arrows. If this stat is
    low, try to kill the unit with ranged units. Another advantage of
    this stat is that it always works -- in whatever condition the unit fights,
    either tired or exhausted.

    Defence Skill
    This is how well a unit fights in defence.
    Defense skill applies FULLY to FRONT ONLY and gets a -- 33% penalty to LEFT side defense, ~20% penalty to
    RIGHT side defense and ~50% penaty to BACK side defense (where penalty is a percent of attack-def_skill value).

    This gives real-time protection. The defence stat fully applies when the shield is
    facing incoming attacks from either ranged sources or charges from FRONT or RIGHT.
    Not left as it should be *. It gives a 50% penalty for attacks from BACK and LEFT sides.
    Note that there's cumulated effects as the attacker gains increased attack when striking the opponent's back (see 9. How
    is the calculation behind combat?).

    9. How is the calculation behind combat?
    Another detailed study reveals how the chance to kill an opponent is being calculated *.
    This study has gained its data from the Medieval II engine, but it seems the same combat calculation
    applies for RTW.

    Each man has an attack value and defend value used in calculating the chance to kill his
    opponent on each "strike" in a combat cycle. Each man who is fighting gets one "strike"
    within a combat cycle, but can parry many times.

    Chance = weapon_rating * (base ^ df) = chance of one attacker to kill a target in one combat cycle
    Weapon_rating = 1.9% for MTW, base is 1.2 for MTW and is rumored to be about 1.1 for RTW
    Difference factor = df = attack - defend + bonus (df is capped at +/-20 for MTW, df is rumored to be capped at +/-64 for RTW)
    Attack is the melee sttack stat of the striker
    Defend is the total defend stat of the opponent
    Bonus is any combat modifier that applies (e.g. charge, flanking and morale bonuses)

    So, a starting form for RTW melee combat, that might get close if terrain,
    weather and other effects are not counted, is:

    chance = weapon_rating * (1.1 ^ (attack + bonus - defense) )

    Hopefully, the core equation for missile attacks is similar; except that I would not expect
    the length of a combat cycle to be the same (a swordsman should be able to get in several blows,
    for each shot by an archer).

    MTW Charge (from the Strategy Guide)
    Clicking on an enemy unit causes your unit to go to charge speed once it gets
    close to the enemy unit. It takes 2 or 3 seconds to reach maximum charge speed
    (presumably from walking speed). A charging soldier makes immediate strikes against
    all opponents he contacts. Each time he fights a little momentum is lost. When sufficient
    momentum is lost, the charge ends and the soldier looses the charge bonus. (Note:
    we know now that running speed is above the momentum threshold for charge bonus.
    So, men moving at full running speed get the charge bonus if they contact enemy men.)

    In an attack, the striker has a chance of pushing back his opponent which gives
    him a strong combat bonus on the next strike. Factors affecting the chance of pushback
    are: kill chance, advantage in supporting ranks, mounted vs foot. Charging cavalry
    always pushes back any foot soldier who is not facing him with a spear, pike or polearm.
    (Note: v1.1 patch altered spear, pike and polearm pushback so that charging cavalry
    has a chance to pushback these men even when they are facing the charging cavalryman.)

    Combat modifiers
    +3 atk, -3 def for wedge formation
    -2 atk, +2 def for hold formation

    +1 def per rank (up to 2 for spear, 4 for pike)
    +1 atk per 2 ranks when not charging
    +1 atk per rank when charging
    No rank bonuses in trees

    +1 atk for camels in sandy desert
    -1 atk for camels in lush or temperate
    -2 atk, -2 def for cavalry or camel in trees
    Bonus to atk for being uphill (amount depends on height difference)
    Penalty to atk for being downhill (amount depends on height difference)

    Fear of camels
    +4 def for camels against horses
    +2 atk for camels against horses

    +5 atk for flank attack
    +7 atk for rear attack
    +2 atk for charging into flank/rear
    +6 atk on the following combat cycle after 'pushing back' the enemy
    +5 atk when target squeezed too tight (example: bridge or castle gate)

    -2 atk when quite tired
    -3 atk, -1 def very tired
    -4 atk, -2 def exhausted
    -6 atk, -3 def totally exhausted

    +4 atk against routing enemies
    -8 def if routing

    Armor Piercing
    atk bonus = (target armor - 1)/2
    (remove the contribution of the shield and horse to target's armor before making this calculation)

    If striker hits target from the rear:
    +2 atk if target is footman with large shield
    +1 atk if target is mounted or footman with small shield

    10. How is morale calculated?
    These data is derived from a detailed study about combat calculations *.
    Again these numbers are from the MTW engine. But since the engines of RTW and MTW are similar,
    we can assume that these mostly apply to RTW as well.

    Impetuous: 10 and above
    Steady: 2 to 14
    Uncertain: -5 to 5
    Wavering: -14 to -5
    Routing: -16 and less

    Rout point is -16 in MTW v1.1, and probably moved to -18 in VI for MP. Routed
    units will keep routing until their morale rises to -6 or above. Hitting the
    rally key pumps +8 morale into the unit.

    Impetuous units will pursue enemies for longer, and may disregard orders
    to hold position. #Some troop types may charge without orders.

    Uncertain or wavering units which are not fighting are less likely
    to charge, and those who are fighting are more likely to fall back.

    Morale modifiers
    Loose or disordered formation: -2
    Outnumbered 2 to 1: up to -4 (range = about 75 meters)
    Outnumbered 10 to 1: up to -12 (range = about 75 meters)
    Outclassed in quality and speed: modifies the outnumbered penalty.
    One flank threatened: -2 (range = about 60 meters)
    Two flanks threatened: -6 (range = about 60 meters
    Charged in flank: -4
    Infantry charged by cavalry in flank or while disordered: -6
    Charged in flank by unit hidden in forest: -8
    General's death (for first few seconds): -8 to all his units except highly disciplined units
    General's death (after first few seconds): -2 to all his units except highly disciplined units
    Routing Friends: up to -12 for seeing 2 equal or higher level friendly units routing. #Elite and disciplined units consider lesser types as 1/2 a unit for this calculation.
    10% of unit is dead: -2
    50% of unit is dead: -8
    80% of unit is dead: -12 (I wish that this was -100 for RS...)
    Taking casualties from enemy missle fire: -2 for a duration less than the reload of the firing unit (additional -4 for gunpowder weapons)
    Unit is very tired: -2
    Unit is exhausted: -6
    Unit is totally exhausted: -8
    Losing: Up to -8 (up to -14 if losing to cavalry)
    Skirmishing without ammo: -6
    Skirmisher pursued for a long distance by equal speed unit: -6

    Two flanks protected: +4
    No retreat possible (usually castle sieges): +8
    No enemies around: +4
    Two enemies routing: up to +8
    Uphill Position: +2
    Winning: up to +6
    Unordered charge: +4 (such as when impetuous knights charge automatically)
    Outnumber Enemy 3 to 1: +4
    General's unit: +2
    Within 50 meters of general: +1 morale per command star
    Beyond 50 meters from general: +1 morale per 2 command stars

    Archer and xbow open fire range = 100 meters (2.5 tiles)
    Normal infantry marching speed is 1.68 m/s (speed 6)

    The v1.1 also gives sword infantry a +1 atk when fighting spears.

    11. Where are my beloved hastati and principes?
    There are no hastati and principes in the mod. This is a developer's choice.
    In order to know the reason behind this decision we have to look at the unit's

    Quote Originally Posted by Polybian Roman Cohort
    The pressures of invasion by Carthage and the need for a larger, more ominous
    looking front to the enemy led the Romans to gradually shift their tactics when
    it came to troop dispersment. Although records are sparse, some accounts report that
    the old 'Hastati' and 'Principe' manipules were merged nearly into one unit, called for the
    first time a 'cohort'. These men fight and look just like the Principes of the past, but
    their numbers are greater, and you cannot tell 'Hastati' from 'Principe'. It could well be
    that the younger men fought more bravely and better with the more experienced soldiers at
    their sides. Used mainly to counter Hannibal and his forces in Italy, it's evident that
    after the 2nd Punic War Roman military tactics were never the same. This unit fights with
    a thrown 'pilum' released at the enemy in a powerful volley, and then engages with the Roman
    'Gladius', a short sword that is very useful in the Legionary style of fighting.
    It is known that the battle of Cannae was still fought according to the Acies Triplex formation
    (hastati, principes and triarii). The game starts at 217 BC, right at the start of the battle of
    the Trasimene Lake. The disastrous battle of Cannae was fought 1 year later. It was this battle
    that made the Romans think the Acies Triplex is inflexible *.

    Quote Originally Posted by dvk901
    Well, let's just say it is a 'heavily interpreted conclusion' based on what Polybius said about
    the Battle of Cannae (the use of cohorts vs. maniples), and the known fact that the formation
    was used in Spain during the 2nd Punic War.

    The fact is that the Hastati and Principe ARE both present (if you click on them during battle,
    they will identify themselves as one or the other randomly). It's just the formation that is
    cohort based. Polybius mentions that this was done to present a more unified front to the enemy
    (I'm paraphrasing, not quoting) at Cannae...presumably to frighten or bother the Carthaginians
    more. Obviously, that didn't work out too well for Rome at that time. But Scipio used it in Spain
    to advantage. So I\we admit there is little evidence concerning this....then again, there is
    little against it as well. The 2nd Punic War was a time of military transition for the Romans,
    that much is known for sure.
    So there's really much room left for discussion about this controversial decision.

    12. I unticked the AI control box and the AI is still controlling my reinforcements!
    This is a known core game bug which CA has never fixed. It happens when you untick the box
    and then view the enemy's army composition. After doing that, you should untick and then
    retick the box *.

    13. How to control reinforcements?
    You cannot control your reinforcements in Rome nor in its expansions: BI and Alex.
    Medieval II was the first game to introduce this feature. Yes, the AI is very dumb.
    It's even more stupid with reinforcements. The AI will send your cavalry and generals to
    Hades. So it is strongly recommended to not include cavalry at all with reinforcements.
    Put them in your main army so you have full control over them.

    14. Why doesn't the AI reinforcements get into battle?
    The core game has a certain limit for the amount of units on the battlefield in order
    to maintain performance. However you can disable this by starting the launcher.
    Go to preferences and tick UNLIMITED_MEN_ON_BATTLEFIELD.

    15. What are the Reforms and how to start them?
    For Romans there are two major army reforms:

    Marian / Hamata / Republican Legions
    These reforms change the traditional hastati(, principes) and triarii
    into the classical legionary cohorts of the first century BC. Each RS-III
    Legion has it's name according to history, numbers and standards, can be
    recruited in the respective historical area they served. Each has an ordinary
    cohort and a first cohort. They wear the old Lorica Hamata (mail armour).
    These are the legions of the Civil Wars which Sulla, Cesar and Pompey
    used. You can recruit them with an Oppidum: colonisation (lvl 3) and Campus Martius.
    Non-named and non-numbered legions are recruited everywhere. Named and numbered
    legions in specific settlements (see Charts -> AOR for map) with Oppidum lvl 3 and
    Supply of Army Rations.

    Requirement: Imperial Palace in Akragas (24,000 population needed)
    Warning: Polybian troops can no longer be recruited!

    Augustan / Segmentata / Imperial Legions
    These are the shiny and cool legions of the Imperial era. Imperial Reforms can be
    enacted by building the Circus Maximus in Rome, which requires the Roman Fortress.
    Don't forget to recruit early Praetorian legions by building the Praetorian Guard Training Ground in Rome.
    To be able to recruit late Praetorian legions, you must build the Castra Praetoria in Rome.

    <More info & pics>

    16. My units won't enter the siege tower
    It's a known RTW bug that has never been fixed. You can try to resolve it by getting
    the units to go in and out until they fully climb but this might not work. There is
    nothing the mod can do to prevent this, just ensure you have tunnels, ladders and
    multiple siege towers.

    17. The enemy has more than 20 units in a stack!
    It doesn't. For the player, an army is shown as 2 rows of 10, for the AI it
    is shown as 2 rows of 9 and 1 of 2. Discuss with CA as to why this is.

    Charts & Maps

    1. Cursus Honorum

    2. Fortfied, Economic & Merged City

    3. Provincial Governorship Ancillaries - Republican

    4. Provincial Governorship Ancillaries - Imperial (I)

    5. Provincial Governorship Ancillaries - Imperial (II)

    6. Military Awards

    7. Roman Recruitment Building Tree (I)

    8. Roman Recruitment Building Tree (II)

    9. Home Provinces

    10. AOR - Area of Recruitment: Legions


    1. What is the future of Roma Surrectum III
    Currently the team is working on update 3.1 which will likely include:

    * Bug fixes
    * Better contrast between selected and unselected cards
    * New UI elements
    * Much more!

    2. Will RS be ported to Medieval II in future?
    No. The team will continue working on RS to make this an even
    more unique piece of art.

    3. Boys, Roma Surrectum is dog-Latin!
    It's a mistake but an honest one. It is not quite correct and should be Roma
    Surrecta but once it was realised, it was too late to actually change it -
    and frankly we like it.

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    Perfect - old and new will all welcome this.

    ** If you can find it/them - suggest a link to the threads for both 'disabling the second rebellion' and 'disabling the survival script'
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    Just great !

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    Thanks! I really want to include everything in this encyclopaedia. If you've got some idea, suggestions or corrections, please do
    not hesitate to provide me of feedback .

    I really recommend everyone (newby or experienced) to read the Battle Gameplay part. It includes Sun Tzu strategies,
    formations, battle tactics with pics and a list of historical battles with maps and how to deal with problems on the battlefield of course.

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    whoa thanks for creating this guide my friend, very helpful
    My name is John, Tribune of Legio Ripenses IX Tertiae Italica and loyal servant to the computer generated Emperor, Julianus Flavius Augustus "The Apostles". And I will have my vengeance again The Quadi tribes, barbarian scums who decimated half of my legio in Mediolanum City Siege almost a year ago and Gratianus Flavius "The Traitor", the former Caesar who convince a half of precious my legio to his petty scheme rebellion just 3 months ago in this save game or the next
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    Finally after 5 days of research and work I can say compiling the Great Encyclopaedia is done!
    I have almost included every type of information available. From installation info, issues, gameplay to battlefield tactics,
    maps of historical battles, Sun Tzu quotes, info about future releases and more!

    If you want to know something, go to the appropriate chapter and read the table of content first.
    I have included links to original threads/studies to make it possible to continue reading.

    Have fun reading all and don't hesitate to propose something to add.

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    Awesome! Great job mate

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    Very nice compilation. Well done!

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    Wow, great work. Now I finally understand why I haven't been able to recruit some units. Perhaps this Encyclopedia can be included as a separate file with RS 3.1.
    Two questions:
    1. Regarding gameplay, I notice that sometimes Triarii in guard mode push forward against the enemy when attacked. Is there a way to make sure they hold their position instead of advancing?
    2. Is there a legend for the home provinces (9) map?

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    Default Re: Encyclopaedia | Great Guide | Solutions & Tips | FAQ

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah recruitment is possibly the most complex feature in RS.

    1) How much do your units push forward? They should stand. Guard mode is the only way to hold position.
    2) I don't think the icons on the map serve a particular purpose.

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    Once attacked in guard mode they continuously push the enemy back and don't stop till they ultimately get flanked and overwhelmed. Only tested when in tight shield wall mode (Barbarian invasion).

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    Thought about this before - but been reminded again.....

    Perhaps even before the title - in big bold flashy letters - making sure it is a prominent as possible and there is never any mistake - something along the lines of:

    'This Mod requires that a script be run. It MUST be run each and every time the game, or any new game, is started; every single time - without fail!'
    "VH campaign difficulty is bugged out (CA bug that never got fixed) and thus easier than Hard so play on that instead" - apple

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    Default Re: Encyclopaedia | Great Guide | Solutions & Tips | FAQ

    Quote Originally Posted by ur-Lord Tedric View Post
    Thought about this before - but been reminded again.....

    Perhaps even before the title - in big bold flashy letters - making sure it is a prominent as possible and there is never any mistake - something along the lines of:

    'This Mod requires that a script be run. It MUST be run each and every time the game, or any new game, is started; every single time - without fail!'
    Yes it is imperative...IT MUST.... REPEAT 'MUST' happen before all else.

    I have a little post it note with SCRIPT written on it stuck to my monitor lol.

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    Default Re: Encyclopaedia | Great Guide | Solutions & Tips | FAQ

    Everyone should make a screenshot of that message and make it the main background of the desktop.

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    Default Re: Encyclopedia | Great Guide | Solutions & Tips | FAQ

    Well done, congratulations! But please help, because RSII_setup.exe (Original thread) file downloads are not available. The links below can not be downloaded...

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    Nice job!!

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