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Thread: Multiplayer community meets Total War Center

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    Default Multiplayer community meets Total War Center

    Greetings to all TW-fans!

    We are glad to join the international network of TW communities through the main stronghold of Total War World - TWC. CLANCOMMUNITY platform was made by players and for players like competitive playground and mainly for Championship of Russia 2015, but the number of TW-multiplayer events has increased significantly. There are active ATTILA, Medieval II, Rome II, Rome and Shogun II tournaments for today. In cooperation with thematic Steam-groups we are organizing tournaments in most TW-disciplines.
    It'll be great to cooperate with TWC in international action of organising TW tournaments. This process started since the first Rome TW times and we hope it'll continue in the future!
    Who is participating? - Professional clan-players from all over the world, fighting for the glory of their teams; Professional non-clan-players, who oppose the military clan-knowledge their own tactics and skills; another TW-players who wants to test their strength in multiplayer confrontation and may be to find clan for themselves.

    This thread is kind of embassy, where we are going to inform TWC-audience about upcoming events, and prepare joint tournaments with Toal War Center.


    (Language switch is located in the bottom of the page)
    Information about clan-list is here;if you find that your clan is not listed, it's very simple to add it, because more information = more international cooperation!

    Clancommunity platform was made by Via Militera team and for cooperation you can contact with [V_M]_Jur_{Duke-VIII} (Administrator of CC, Head of diplomacy VM, land tournaments, organisation and technical questions, MTW2, TWA, RTW2) or [V_M]_MorS_{K-I} (Naval tournaments, STW2, NTW; PR questions).
    Welcome all banners!
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    Default Re: Multiplayer community meets Total War Center

    Thunder and Steel

    After fisrt BETA FLASH Tournament in WARHAMMER TW, which won AggonyPanda_Warrior (bracket: ), is preparing next experimental WTW tournament - Thunder and Steel.

    Registration here ->

    Registration will last for 10 days, during which rules will be determined. Discussion about rules is here ->

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    Default Re: Multiplayer community meets Total War Center

    New section of CLANCOMMUITY dedicated to the interview with TW players.

    First interview with [WOLF] Houseplant you can read here -> LINK

    3 years ago Era of “gunpowder games” (i.e. Empire, Napoleon, Shogun and FotS) came to its end. Rome2 was about to come out and change everything in TW multiplayer community. -IMP-Sherl took interviews from top TW player of that time and kinda closed that chapter of Total War history.

    Today with the release of Warhammer we are sitting on another important milestone for Total War games. This is the end of era of “Antique melee-games” (i.e. Rome2, Attila, AoC). I and my friend Help will pick up from where Sherl left off and cover this era with new set of interviews from players who dominated TW landscape last 2 years.
    Interviews with famous TW players from -IMP-Sherl are on Russian Total War Center - List of episodes.

    P.S. my favorite episode is #66 with <SEN>Yamato, he was one of the greatest world admirals in TW (link to #66).
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    Default Re: Multiplayer community meets Total War Center

    Rome 2 tournament 1x1
    The main idea of rules - each player get assigned 4 random factions (1 barbarian, 1 hellenic, 1 diadoch, 1 eastern or Carphage). If player wins battle he aсquires faction that he defeated so that he can use it next match. In contrary if player loses battle he loses his faction. More info about rules will be soon.

    Faction pool is limited to make them balanced against each other.

    Faction pool:
    Ardiaei, Epirus, Massilia, Egypt, Bactria, Macedonia, Armenia, Parphia, Colchis, Carphage, Odrysian, Iceni


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    Default Re: Multiplayer community meets Total War Center

    Land Tournament Rating of Total War in 1vs1

    This one of the variants of TW rating - from year 2010and Napoleon TW. Last update on 2 July [2016]. Added ATTILA TW rating.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The principle of the tournament scoring classifications:

    To adjust the Rating you should send a letter describing the changes and a reference to the reasons for their introduction.
    Included in the table tournaments of the international category, just passing on the latest release a series of TW.

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    Default Re: Multiplayer community meets Total War Center

    1vs1 Land tournament in Napoleon Total War organised by SUNTZU and Via Militea clans on CC platform.

    Registration and info -> HERE

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    I. General Information

    CE is a classic tournament with single elimination bracket.
    All matches last to THREE victories (BO5).
    In first battle attacker is player, who is top of the bracket, then players switch sides and defender becomes an attacker. In case of 5th battle attacker is that player, who won in previos 4th battle.

    Attacker choosing fraction first.
    Players can't used one fraction twice during match. Players can't take same fraction as opponent has(!)

    II. Attacker and Defender

    Player must be active in battle, if he is ATTACKER. It means that is obliged to do offensive actions: preparations, shooting and melee attack.
    But it DOESN'T mean that attacker must rush to his opponent, reasonable maneuvers are allowed (without delaying).
    DEFENDER can play passively. But of course he can counterattack.
    Player, who has only cavalry, automatically become ATTACKER.

    III. Map Selection

    - 1st and 2nd battles in match are playing on "Prussian Hills"
    - 3d and 4th battles in match are playing on "Syrian ridge"
    - in case of 2:2 score - last 5th battle on "Siberian plateau"

    IV. Battle Settings

    Funds: 14 000
    Unit size: large
    No time limits
    Not ranked
    Weather: light rain (to fix the bug)
    Daytime: midday

    V. Battle limitations

    - max 4 light inf
    - max 10 line inf (line, guard, levy, melee)
    - no art
    - max 4 shooting cav
    - max 4 ulan cav
    - max 8 all cav
    - if general as special unit - he is outside of limits, if general like inf or cav - he is in limits.

    VI. Other Limitations

    Red line rule: camping in the corner is forbidden. If both flanks of player's army are standing close to the two neighboring red lines (which forming one corner) - it's camping.

    Distance to the neighboring red lines must be more than 100m (distance of jaeger shooting).

    Placing stakes closer than 100m to red line is forbidden.

    Players can approaching to red line by inf (any!), if only they are doing active attacking actions.
    Cavalry can moving along the red line, without limitation, if it does not violate the rules of the camping in corner.
    If for some reason the infantry stops close to the red line, then the another flank of the player's army must be farther than 100m to opposite red line.
    Blocks all battlefield by standing close to lines is forbidden.

    VII. Violation of Rules

    If "red line" rule was broken by one of players, his opponent must notify him. If violator ignore the notification he assigned technical defeat (TD) in battle (decision by admin, evidence by replay or chat screenshot).

    If a violation of "battle limitations" was spotted when neither side has the decisive advantage, battle must be re-played. Both players can change their army builds.
    If a violation by winner was spotted after battle, it must be re-played.
    If a violation by loser was spotted after battle, result remains unchanged.
    Technical defeat is given after 3 fouls.

    Screenshots and replays need to be provided as proof.

    VIII. Disconnects

    - if the disconnect happened at the beginning of the battle and there is no decisive advantage, the battle is re-played with same army builds. If both players agree, they can change army builds.
    - if the disconnect happened when the decisive advantage is present and both players agree on it, there is no need to re-play the battle. Otherwise, players have to provide screenshots and replays to administrators
    - in case of 5 consecutive disconnects at the beginning of the battle, technical defeat will be issued to the person responsible for disconnects

    IX. Rules of Conduct

    In case of insults and misconduct, player will be disqualified from the tournament.

    X. Broadcasting

    If official streamer wants to broadcast a game, players cannot forbid him.
    Broadcaster can't show or talk about player's army builds until the battle started, otherwise he loses the right to broadcast the game.
    Broadcaster can have one additional partner to commentate the game with.

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    Default Re: Multiplayer community meets Total War Center

    Opening of spring season in multiplayer community by fresh tournament in WARHAMMER TW. Format of "Minions of Fortune" is similar to respected 'Cup of Nations', where participants using only one fraction during all tourney. But Warhammer was released last year and hasn't enough pool of fractions. In this reason all participants will be able to use TWO factions in this tournament (one from high tier and second from lower tier).

    Registration for 1vs1 -> HERE

    Registration for 2vs2 -> HERE

    ATTENTION! Before you'll sign up, pls read an excerpt from the rules:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    1) Player choose 2 faction:
    - 1 from high tier: ;
    - 1 from lower tier: .

    2) indicate priority faction (second faction is reserve) on format: Main/Reserve

    Depending on the number of participants: 8, 16, 24, 32 are set equal to the number of quota factions - 1, 2, 3, 4, respectively.

    If you exceed the quota, randomly will be selected by the player (s), of which the main fraction will be replaced by a reserve to comply with quotas.

    Example: 32 participants -> 4 same factions on bracket;

    the participant chooses a faction 1) Chaos (Basic) 2) Empire (Reserve);
    Let them, that 6 players Chaos as the main faction, then randomly selected two players from the six that chaos is replaced by the selected reserve faction.

    Full rules are HERE

    If you want to cast matches of this tournament or make video-reviews on youtube, pls reply in this thread.
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    Icon1 Re: Multiplayer community meets Total War Center

    Tournament results briefing for the February of 2017,
    provided by the international tournament platform

    ■ «BraZZers - Fast Cup»

    The series of fast cumps hosted by the clan Brothers in Arms, head moderator of the event gamilkara&Co; The series of fast cups BraZZers, presented players with the opportunity to compete in both parts of Rome Total War and the very new Total War Warhammer. The honor of opening the series was given to the old school Rome I.

    -- BraZZers Flash #1 Feb.27 (Rome TW 1vs.1) Xian Ni came out to be victorious.

    ■ -IDE- Tournaments

    Lengthy team tourney hosted by the -IDE- clan. The tournament begun in the November of 2016, 10 international teams clashed in the Segun II: Rise of the Samurai in order to determine the very best duo.

    -- 1ST -IDE- 2vs.2 VANILLA TOURNAMENT (avatar) First place: team "Hello It's Dimitri" (-IDE- Greyhound and -IDE- PR0AC3 ), Second place: team "HUSARIA"
    (=[*[H]]=Kostek and =[*[H]]=Radzio88), and final 3rd place was taken by the team "Probox" (-IDE- Aura of Death and
    -IDE- An Lei Tung).

    ■ ESL
    With the end of the massive first season of “1on1 league” for the TW: Warhammer, ESL kept the foot on the gas pedal and immediately begun the very new season 2 of the said competition, it is important to note that ESL not only provides players with the one day fast cups, but also hosts classic tournaments.

    - In the play-off of the first season of the "1on1 League" WARHAMMER TW player [WOLF] Ondjage was able to crush his competition and received Total War: Warhammer Collector's Edition as a prize from ESL.
    - TW: Shogun 2 1on1 Winter Challenge #3 gold medal was taken home by the player from Czech Republic- LosKarlos.
    - TW: Rome 2 1on1 Winter Challenge #2 [WOLF] Diplomatt took a DQ win due to the majority of his opponents not showing up to the battlefield.
    - TW: Shogun 2 1on1 Winter Challenge #4 Winner: -IDE- An Lei Tung.
    - TW: Rome 2 1on1 Winter Challenge #3 was won by the Korean player- SunsinDiary.

    ■ «Classic Era»
    Echoing sounds of the line infantry shots had come to the stop, with the ending of TW: Napoleon tournament hosted by the clans Via Militera (RU) and Polish SUNTZU. Tournament surprised everyone with the attendance of unusual amount of very strong players from around the world.

    --The first place was taken by the already legendary player [UNITY] Talcore, just behind him with the second place is a Chinese player- [LRK] freelancer. Lastly third place was taken by another UNITY member- [UNITY] Crucible.

    ■ «From land to sea»

    Fun-Cup for the TW: Napoleon hosted by the Italian clan -Leg Ita- had ended with the player [LMG] z79z35 (_=409th=_) taking the first place.

    ■ «New Era»

    The usual hosts of the “New Era” Deve и Help were very busy moderating the Winter Cup, therefore in February flash tournament “New Era” was hosted only once.

    - Flash#3 Rome 2 (4 February) Winner: [72nd] Freaki07.

    ■ Illuminated FLASH

    The steam based online community, said farewell to the long winter by making 2 tournaments in the “Fall of the Samurai”. Wonderful addition to this event was a Fall of the Samurai Naval fast cup.

    - The 14th Illuminated FLASH ( avatar, 1vs.1, LAND FOTS) Russian National Championship 2016 - Chao$ Blade defeated his opponent from the -IDE- clan.
    - The 15th Illuminated FLASH ( avatar, 1vs1, NAVAL FOTS) - Naval part of the tournament was dominated by the Ukrainian player [UW] Rudolf.

    ■ CZ/SK Tournaments

    New year's opened up with two big team tournaments, majority of the players were from the western Europe..

    - Winter´s 2v2 vanilla Tournament (all battles were fought on winter maps) - Winners: team "Burek" (-IDE- Aura of Death и -IDE- Greyhound), second place: team "κυνισμός παιδεία" (RTK Proteus и RTK Narag M.D.), third place team: "ninjas in pyjamas" (Scar и <VMS>Akturus).

    ■ For The Dark Gods

    Hot line up of fast cups and their winners, hosted by KhornesChampion.

    - For The Dark Gods #8 winner: [WOLF] Ondjage, second place: [WOLF] Diplomatt.
    - For The Dark Gods #9 winner: [WOLF] Ondjage, second place: [WOLF] Diplomatt, third place: Migsaa.
    - For The Dark Gods #10 winner: Migsaa, second place: ShetlandApache, third place: - Vikingcat91.
    - For The Dark Gods #11 winner: TlaxtlanSoothsayer, second place: - [Aggony] Duck, third place: Riggsen.

    ■ Ninjahund Tournaments
    Not far behind the hosts of “For The Dark Gods” is Ninjahund with his 4 fast cups only in February. All 4 cups contained 20 or more players!

    - Questing Cup #10 winner: Vikingcat91, second place: Migsaa.
    - Questing Cup #11 winner: TlaxtlanSoothsayer, second place: Vikingcat91.
    - Questing Cup #12 winner: Migsaa,second place was taken by the player from Armenia- salsicha.
    - Questing Cup #13 winner: Vikingcat91, second place: Deutchman- Allerius.

    ■ Tournaments hosted by the ShetlandApache

    The host renamed himself and continued his series of fast cups for the TW Warhammer, he is now known as lermotheclam.

    - Total Warhammer Cup #3 Winner: [WOLF] Ondjage, second place: BrentVerlin, third place: Nyrag.
    - Total Warhammer Cup #4 Winner: aman, second place: Mukip.

    Big thanks to all of the streamers and YouTube content creators who are helping us popularize the game, they are an extremely important part of any game community. Their contributions this month consisted of helping us track all the events across different games and platforms, here are some of the most notable contributors: Help for the Warhammer and TW: Attila (AoC) coverage; Deve for the Rome 2; El_Tomato for the TW: Attila; Italian streamer Sogek-у for the TW: Attila (AoC); British streamer LEGIO IX HISPANA for the Rome 2; Bobi BG for the Rome 2;
    Special thanks to a YouTuber named Orion for the coverage of the majority of the TW: Napoleon tournament hosted by Via Militera, and the coverage of the Warhammer tournament. February was filled with old school TW titles: Rome I, Segun 2, TW Napoleon, classic never gets old!
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