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    It has come to my attention that the links to two mods I really want are dead which are the RS2 environments and a 4-6 tpy script for XGM. It looks as though they've been gone for some time but I want to revive them somehow as in make my own. Is it complicated? I think so since no one else has made these mods for some time.

    I love XGM and would like to add these elements to the mod I love. Besides text modding I have no experience in modding RTW so I ask if someone can help me out by at least giving me links to instructions on how to do this. I am willing to put in work but I need some guidance since I can't find much directly related to what I'm looking for. Also I've noticed XGM and EB have similar maps except for settlements so can the file for EB be slightly modded to fit XGM?

    Thank you for any references and hope to get this done ASAP

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    There's this,

    But I don't really understand how to do it tho, orz

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