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    Credits list for Hellenika team.

    IMPORTANT NOTE. This mod is released after an over a year development..Through this course of time we may have accidentally missed some people in this credits list. If anyone feels mistreated or ignored please don’t take it personally we will correct our error immediately. Please state your objections or complaints either here (publicly) or via a private message to me. In case something unfortunate like this happen i apologize deeply before hand and i want to make it clear that it is not intentional

    We all thank you for your contribution in Hellenika!

    Campaign and Battle Mechanics


    Moonhoplite for his work on hoplites which was used as a basis to build our own hoplitic animation. As a tribute to his contribution we kept the tables named as he did to show that the original idea was his creation.
    The same goes for Boicote that although we ultimately did not use his work in the mod, we never the less kept an animation table of his in the mod as a tribute for his initial contribution to the whole animation modding of Rome 2

    Ai modding
    Ai tweaking has been done from scratch but we owe a big public thank you to Junaidi83 de Bodemloze and his work from which we used some values since they have been thoroughly tested by him

    Battle Mechanics

    Sertrus for giving us the manual charge idea that was transformed to the button that forces the hoplites take few steps forward


    Litharion for his tips on how to remove Spartan walls but also for his work in general and his answers in many scripting threads that gave birth to many ideas in Hellenika

    Campaign Effects

    Magnar because with his tutorial on creating entirely new effects opened a door for me and dozens entirely new effects were born for Hellenika (and I hope many more for VV soon)

    Units and 2d art

    Demokritos for his permission to import his ACR in GaW You can find his great mod here:

    TWHellas team and Koultouras for letting us use assets of theirs great mod(Koultouras thanks a lot my friend) Link of TWHmod:!!

    Aguirre for his Boeotian models and skins of his beautiful TABU mod. Link:

    The Germans are coming for tones of new textures free to all! Check this out:!

    To Meneros for his spartan cloak, some tunics and an awesome linothorax used on Athenians:

    Paeninsula Italica II team and KEA. You can find it here:

    Hadrien Ier, for the javelins behind the shield.

    VINC.XXIII For shield patterns! The link of his work.

    To Lupus Noctuam for helping Decoco in 3d modelling

    And of course to the glorious Hegemonia City States team and Jarlaxe:

    Zasκar70 for some nice facemasks! Here is his original mod:

    Big thanks goes also to William for leting us use some of his models from his awesome mod which can be found here:
    and Ahiga and also Avetis for some cuirasses, most headgear and the Spara's

    Grudge NL for the basis of the UI

    Juan Alvarez for a main screen Acropolis, although we currently use Leo's Von Klenze Acropolis painting. A big thanks!
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    Zascar70 for some nice facemasks! Here is his original mod:

    You just wrote the best retexturer I've ever seen wrong... It's "Zaskar70".

    But great List, I also could take some use of it Thank you!

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