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    Phalangitis :
    Db editing , gameplay design , campaign mechanics , battle mechanics , balancing , scripting , animations , Ai modding, research , testing

    [email protected]
    Greek Variant meshes , Greek units design , research , startpos , texturing , db editing , 2d edit , testing , balancing, Music (Wwise) editing

    : Texturing , Ui’s , unit icons , testing , research

    Decoco : 3d modelling and texturing

    Buio666 : 3d modelling and texturing

    Linke : Persian units, Persian Ui , db editing , startpos (early editions) , research , Persian texts .

    Tenerife boy
    : Lead Beta tester and ferocius bug hunter , research , Always on othismos mode (the man who pushed us hard, to make the new hoplon grip)

    JJPower : Texturing

    Mausolos of Caria : Head researcher ,covered the main Historic part of previews , texts (only the correct ones. For the mistakes I am to balme)

    Johnoagrios : Heavy game testing and balancing

    Hoplite of Ilis : Beta testing , great help in initial battle balancing phase, director of orchestra , cat whisperer

    ROMAL : Loading screens , help on unit icons

    Linus Linothorax : Extensive and detailed research on Thrace. Currently we have not unlock Thrace as a playable faction but hopefully we will use all his magnificent research in a future update.

    Causeless : Scripting Advisor

    Toon Total War : Help on inserting textures on rigid models through Hex Editor.

    Ambraciotis : Beta Tester

    Former or not active members

    ANTIKES : Beta Tester

    Herne the Hunter : Beta Tester

    Hero of Sparta : Beta Tester

    Clearchus of Sparta : Research
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