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Thread: More praises and a city glitch (would bet Vanilla related)

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    Default More praises and a city glitch (would bet Vanilla related)

    Another sincere praise of this mod. And I've played the more popular Roman timeframe mods. This would be #1 for me. The concepts are simple when you see it, but just brilliant in the execution. The colonies implementation here would surpass other similar (dare I say clunky) concepts in other mods. And it makes sense not to have near-immediate ability to recruit elite units 3000 miles from home. The scripted call to arms when attacking key cities, such a nice touch. My thanks to Dime and his team. I honestly would pay for this game.

    I did also want to see if anyone has come across this situation/bug. I am Roman and have control of most of Spain. For some reason, a TSE Family Member appeared/entered as the governor of a Independent Gallic town - Emporion, in the southeast corner of Spain. There are no TSE provinces nearby (but I suppose it is possible for a unit to have marched across from one end of the map to another). The game would essentially CTD when AI's turn reaches Seleucid (or Indy Gaul in many cases - they did have control of this province when this happened) - this kinda makes sense I suppose since these are the factions affected.

    I tried a number of things, all using force diplomacy. It's a combination of the following - via diplomacy ask for the surrender of that province from Indy Gaul, give province to TSE, then take it back. But to no avail. When clicking on the province, the TSE FM would show as the governor. (Side note - the province at some point would also stop showing the faction banner above the city).

    Finally, one thing that did the trick. I had the city but allowed it to revolt with high taxes etc. This seemed to have purged the TSE FM out of the province. Unfortunately, the game has not been stable since. Would CTD every few turns or so. In the end, I had to abandon it.

    Just curious if anyone has seen this.

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    Default Re: More praises and a city glitch (would bet Vanilla related)

    I have played this mod a lot and have created empires with each faction. This glitch has never happened to me but maybe I was playing a older version of XGM on my old pc. As of now I have the current version but I haven't played it because I want to find a file for RS2 environments and I want to add a script for more TPY. I love this mod as well and hope I can make/find the necessary modifications to further enhance the gameplay.

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    Default Re: More praises and a city glitch (would bet Vanilla related)

    This is 3 bugs, not 4 bugs.

    Playing the Syracuse provincial campaign with 4 provinces in Sicily and Sardinia, Olbia (on the Black Sea) rebelled in favour of Greek City States (Syracuse) although there was no GCS general. A Seleucid general could have come of age on that turn.

    The CTD, missing faction banner and CTD every few turns are bugs.

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