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Thread: IMPERIA ET BARBARI - a major overhaul modification of Attila Total War. Updated to v1.1.1, 2017-04-27

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    Icon11 IMPERIA ET BARBARI - a major overhaul modification of Attila Total War. Updated to v1.1.1, 2017-04-27


    Welcome to the world of IMPERIA ET BARBARI (IEB), which is a major overhaul of Attila Total War with the aim to improve gameplay and add diversity to the vanilla game. The mod is focused on history and Realism (but it doesn’t mean that it is 100% historical correct), within the limits the CA source data and game engine provides. Most aspects of the game and all factions have undergone changes as part of this mod.

    The work behind IMPERIA ET BARBARI is highly influenced by Peter Heather’s EMPIRES AND BARBARIANS – The fall of Rome and the birth of Europe, which explains the name of the mod.
    IEB is at its completed state with the Main Campaign, The Last Roman DLC Campaign and Age of Charlemagne for Attila Total War extensively modified and feature complete. What you see is the result of fifteen months of modding Attila Total War.

    Remember, if you have any wishes or changes to the vanilla game that you would like to see in IEB (within the Historical and Realistic scope of course), then feel free to post it. The posts will surely be read and your requests will be evaluated and maybe also included.

    Changes included in IEB with reference to vanilla Attila Total War:

    General Changes
    • All Faction Unit Rosters are completely reworked.
    • Battle AI and settings are reworked
    • Campaign AI and settings are reworked
    • Battle and campaign diversity is much improved compared to vanilla
    • Graphical improvements are added to units etc.
    • Custom load images are included with a theme showing Late Antiquity/Early Medieval artifacts and architecture in high resolution
    • Land combat is reworked
    • Naval combat is reworked
    • Garrison units are completely reworked
    • Mercenaries are completely reworked
    • Building effects are modified
    • Most unit upgrades via technology research are omitted
    • Most units are available from Tier#2 buildings
    • Faction names are changed to more historical correct ones
    • Settlement names are changed to more historical correct ones
    • Unit names are changed to more historical correct ones, where relevant
    • Faction colours changed, where needed
    • Faction Leader uniforms reworked, where needed
    • Regional effects added to all regions (comparable to the changes in CAC for Rome2)
    • Many other minor changes to the game

    Main Campaign, 395 A.D.
    • Completely reworked campaign starting position.
    • There are significant changes in the easternmost part of the map: Sassanid vassals are made emergent and Sassanid Empire now owns the regions. Hara Huna (Red Huns) occupies the regions between Kushanshas, Sassanid Empire and Afrighids. Hara Huna is represented as a settled faction (in contrast to Sveta Huna - White Huns), which has absorbed the culture and religion of the local population. This is done in order to differentiate it from Sveta Huna. At the same time the Avar hordes are on the East of the Caspian Sea and can either move South or North around the Caspian Sea on their journey westward. Abasgia is made emergent and Egrisi (Lazica) holds both regions.
    • In the North and West, the Suebians are back on the Germanic side of the Rhine, as they didn’t migrate in force before 406 A.D, where they crossed the Rhine. Alans and Vandals have already joined forces, where the latter is represented by the Hasdingi (playable) and Silingi (non-playable). Bastarnae is replaced by the Heruli that are positioned in Olbia
    • The following factions are made playable: Avars, Magyars, Hara Huna, Gepides, Iazyges, Gaetuli, Makouria, Armenia, Arran, Kushanshas
    • Area of Recruitment System for specific units (example: Palatini units are recruitable in Italy and in the area near Constantinople)
    • Faction, region and settlement names are edited

    The Last Roman DLC Campaign

    • Reworked campaign starting positions
    • Area of Recruitment System for specific units
    • Faction, region and settlement names are edited

    Age of Charlemagne DLC Campaign

    • Reworked campaign starting positions: Duchy of Provence is made emergent and Carloman has taken over the regions. Region ownership changes between Bavaria, Avars, Lombard, Sicily, Papal States and Croatia
    • Area of Recruitment System for specific units
    • Faction, region and settlement names are edited

    Best regards

    Download and Installation:

    IMPERIA ET BARBARI (IEB), updated version 1.1.1 is available at these sites: Mediafire and Depositfiles. IEB 1.1.1 is fully compatible with Attila Total War patch6 (version 1.6…), which is the latest release as of April 2017. Change notes for current version are available here.

    Download and unpack the mod and place the ieb_v1.x.pack file in your data folder; example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ Total War Attila\data. Overwrite existing version. Use Mod Manager in Steam to activate the mod.

    The IEB specific UPC type language files (Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish) are available for download here:
    Download the file that corresponds with your Attila installation and extract to you data folder. Ensure you do not have other mod language packs (UPCs) in your data folder, including IEB ones. If you discover any missing text, then please provide feedback. All UPC files are updated to version 1.1.1 of IEB! Credit goes to the UPC team for their work on the basis for these UPC files.

    Known issues: None!

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