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Thread: RC 2.0 Update

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    Default Re: RC 2.0 Update

    Maybe next year...
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    Hi Guys,

    It has all been a bit problematic. About 8 months ago I contracted gangrene through a minor cut. Ended up staying in hospital for six months, almost died from blood poisoning. 15 major operations. My laptop with all the latest files had a motherboard failure prior to this and I have not yet been able to retrieve it...I hope they remember me! It was all pretty much done, just one of the campaigns was not working for some reason. Gonna go try and get it next week

    Then it can be posted.

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    The king of historically correct fight has returned I hope you will never have year so full of health troubles.

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    Welcome back and I hope you are feeling better . Can't wait for the update

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    Welcome again Point Blank!Glad that you are well! see the new stainless steel for me and many players and if you want to improve it talk with sship developers(LIfthrasir and MWY), try this submod friend!

    Sign the petition to remove hardcoded limits for M2TW

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    On the tactical side, some changes to previously posted files will be:
    -some swung and all 2H weapons will have a larger radius, ie they will take more room to employ and be slightly less effective in close-order fighting
    -most 2H weapons +15 attack delay
    -some 2H weapons may be +1 attack -1 defense. This will apply to 'assault' type weapons, with an awareness that reduction in defense also increases vulnerability to cav charges. Such weapons may also suffer an additional heat penalty to reflect the manner in which they were used and their disadvantages in sustained melee combat
    -all axes will be non-AP

    Aside from increased technical realism on as many levels as possible, the main factor driving RC2.0 is greater delineation between unit types, classes and tiers.
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    Default Re: RC 2.0 Update

    How could I miss that
    Welcome back Point Blank. I guess that this is the right time to wish you all the best for 2017, be 2017 much better for you than 2016

    I look forward for your new changes. Keep it up.
    Under the patronage of Flinn, proud patron of Jadli, of the Imperial House of Hader

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    So I retrieved my laptop with all the latest files. The motherboard is fried but if it remains a problem will just image the drive and work on it elsewhere. Shouldn't be long.

    RC is about ten years old now, began work on it shortly after bought M2TW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blank View Post
    Shouldn't be long.

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    Default Re: RC 2.0 Update

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    Will this be only for Stainless Steel ?
    I'm compiling a basic mod for vanilla M2TW - its for those who don't want a mega mod, just something that's easy to download and install, doesn't CTD, and is fun to play.
    Realism is welcome but it would have to work with the vanilla units. At least in the first iteration. And no AoR. that makes editing the EDB too painful.

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    Yes only for SS.

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    Thx for this :
    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blank View Post
    Yes only for SS.

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    Hey +Point Blank,
    It's awesome that you are completing RC 2.0. I am very grateful for all the work you have done. I just want to make sure your research for a weapon is correct. I want to make sure we have an accurate rapier in the game. I know the sword and buckler uses it. The earlier rapier from around 1500 was called the Espada Ropera, what we call the side-sword. It was a cut and thrust weapon that was heftier than the one we see from the 17th and 18th century in museums and movies. It was a transition between the arming sword and the rapier of the 3 Musketeers. My argument is that it shouldn't be weaker than
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    Just passed by and noticed the messages from you +Point Blank. Glad to hear you are doing better with your health.
    I guess like everyone else I'm looking forward to an update to RC. I was wondering if the units will have any changes, you know, for my site.

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