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Thread: CTD help please im new

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    Default CTD help please im new

    I extracted the DOTS files to Crogramfiles(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/MedievalIItotalwar/mods

    I copied the med 2 file that launches med 2. Renamed the copy kingdoms and left it in the same folder as the med 2 launcher. I believe these files are exes?

    DOTS starts fine, but there is alot of CTDs in the campaign as England I haven't even been able to get through 2 turns.

    I am way out of the loop so pardon me for my ignorance when I was last playing mods DOTS was not playable at all.

    My questions are do I have this mod installed correctly?

    If I need to provide any more information please let me know. It will take me a bit to get used to my new computer plus getting this mod to operate.

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    Default Re: CTD help please im new

    The pre alpha is prone to crashes. Wait until the full release.

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    Default Re: CTD help please im new

    AH I see. Thank You

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