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    Default History Live Laboratory (PikeStance) Text Editor


    My name is PikeStance. I am Project Manager and test editor for Imperial Splendour development team. Which mods Empire: Total War.
    I am primarily interested in modding Campaign and Battle AI behavior. In additional I also mod economic factors as well as making changes that are more historically accurate.
    My primary modding is in the DB tables with some minoir modification with the startpos. It is my personal goal to learn to mod scrupting Lua as well.

    Through my modding activities connected with the Imperial Splendour mod, I will occasionally develop aspects of the game for the community at large to use. This page is design to allow easy access to all of the mods have released.

    Member of the MODDB Community

    My Imperial Splendour Mods

    Tactical Commander
    CUPP-Campaign Unique Personality Project
    Battle Effects Enhancements Adjustments
    No Projectiles Trail Mod
    No Rain Mod

    Vanilla Mod
    Orange Crush
    Slave Trade
    Sea Power
    No Winters

    Modding Resources
    Modding Community
    Modding Registry
    The Historical Research Society
    The Modding Vault
    The H.E.L.P Project
    Text Editors Cooperative (TEC)

    Non- Modding Activities
    The Live Action Gallery
    PikeStance Experience [Blog] [Forum]
    Member of the MODDB Community
    TWC Genealogy Project

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