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Thread: More Roman commanders?

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    Default More Roman commanders?

    I think that there should be only like 5 commanders for the Romans.

    I mean, they're already gonna be pretty OP, and isn't 4 commanders already a good number? I think the following should be the commanders for Rome:

    Julius Caesar
    Gnaeus Pompeius

    What do you guys think?

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    Default Re: More Roman commanders?

    Sulla will come, don't know when thou
    Under the proud patronage of mighty Emperor M

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    Default Re: More Roman commanders?

    I don't see why they'd be particularly OP. And surely CA can just balance that if they turn out to be. But yeah, Sulla's already on the upcoming list. Also Spartacus will probably have some Roman influences, even if he's not listed as a Roman commander.

    I'm not sure why they'd particularly have Augustus. He was a great leader and politician for sure, but definitely not the battle commander type.

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    Default Re: More Roman commanders?

    Belisarius - Cavalry/Archer
    Marcus Aurelius maybe someday
    Flavius Aetius
    Maximus Claudius Marcellus (lesser known but very important general who fought Hannibal repeatedly)
    Horatius Cocles or Marcus Varelius Corvus - fills the semi mythological gap the developers hinted at. I think it would be a good addition.

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