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  • Submission 5

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Thread: MAARC LXI Vote!

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    Default MAARC LXI Vote!

    The Writers' Study Presents:

    To vote, you have TWO votes which MUST be used.
    The poll is multi-choice, so you can cast both your votes concurrently.

    If you do not use the total amount of required votes, your vote will be disqualified. If you have submitted less than the required amount of votes, please send any additional votes to the competition manager in a private message before the deadline and they will make the necessary amendments. Failure to do so will result in the annulment your preexisting vote(s).

    Advertising is allowed in the official advertising board and in AAR threads. Any other kind of direct advertising to advocate nominees is prohibited. Those who breach this rule shall be disqualified for 3 months.

    The competition manager will take whatever steps necessary to insure the integrity of the competition.


    Submission 2 A Long Way From Home

    Submission 3 For Honor or For Glory?

    Submission 4 For King and Country

    Submission 5 In the Light of Dusk

    Submission 6 The Touch of Fear

    Submission 7 The Eastern War

    Submission 8 Two Sides For a Coin

    Submission 9 Way of the Bow

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    Default Re: MAARC LXI Vote!

    Wow,9 submissions, that is the most I've ever seen. And go Shogun 2 AARtists, 5 Shogun 2 AARs! And yes, I did sneak Way of the Bow in cause I kinda forgot to submit in the actual thread

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    Default Re: MAARC LXI Vote!

    Voted. It's great to see so many participants. Good luck to you all!

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    Default Re: MAARC LXI Vote!

    Life is so unfair! I have so many great entries to choose from, and only two votes!

    (Will I be able to decide, or will I have to resort to rolling dice because the entries are all so good I can't choose between them? Well, I suppose the only way to find out is to go and make sure I'm up to date with my reading...)

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    Default Re: MAARC LXI Vote!

    The more, the merrier as they like to say! Good luck everyone

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    Default Re: MAARC LXI Vote!

    Oh my ! This is a feast of enjoyable writing. As Merchant said, the Shogun II AAR scene is flourishing and it's good to see so many quality AARs across the sub-forums.

    It's great to see new AAR writers entering the MAARC as well as more experienced AARtists. The first few times I entered the MAARC, I didn't win; I was happy to see more views and comments on my AAR - I hope that you find that entering leads to more readers for your stories. A great way to encourage people to comment on your story is to provide positive feedback on theirs.

    I like all of these AARs and could happily have voted for any of them - choosing two is especially difficult in this MAARC.

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    Default Re: MAARC LXI Vote!

    So very divided! I love it

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