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Thread: Blindness has been cured, thanks to the Brits!

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    Default Blindness has been cured, thanks to the Brits!

    British doctors hail 'cure for blindness' with successful treatment of age-related macular degeneration

    I discussed something similar in another thread relating to deaf people, but this is a real breakthrough. So then, what are the implications? Now that older people no longer have to suffer blindness, will this contribute to the diminishing of the blind community around the world? People are still born blind, of course, so the culture might never disappear, but this is promising. If you went blind, would you go through with this procedure?

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    Default Re: Blindness has been cured, thanks to the Brits!

    I don't see why not except for insurance reasons (in the US). Good on you err former mother country. Nobody bats and eye at glaucoma surgery or lasic anymore. The human experience is so eye related any advance is good news that keeps them working.
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    Default Re: Blindness has been cured, thanks to the Brits!

    Great effort. For other forms of blindness they will have to wait for the bionic eye which I believe there's a race on to produce in Australia and the UK.
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    Default Re: Blindness has been cured, thanks to the Brits!

    Blindness has been cured, thanks to the Brits!
    The first europe´s human embryonic stem cell transplant was done in Moorfield's in 2012, in a patient with Stargardt's disease.
    Lets keep the things in proportion, (I work with antiangiogenics/AMD, since the very beggining):we need a cautious optimism.
    Clinical Trials For Dry AMD Treatment | Macular Degeneration
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