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    Not sure if this was answered in an older post already. Although I think I read something about it somewhere..
    But does the AI also have to compete with scripted armies?
    Like for example:
    - The gladiator uprising in Italy when I'm not playing as Rome? (The one with Oenimaeus, Spartacus and Crixus spawning next to Capua)
    - The garrison @ Rhodes when I'm not playing as GCS and the Ptolemeics want to take Rhodes?
    - Etc etc.

    Because so far it seems that the AI has these scripted armies not appearing (I used the console command "toggle_fow" to keep track of this).

    Also: I turned off AI-bonusses when I installed XGM this time, just to see if they would struggle as much as I do with military upkeep.. But it seems the AI is just fine with fielding stack after stack when only having 4-5 poor regions..

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    As far as I know, the AI doesn't seem to get the scripted armies when besieging the special settlements. I saw AI besieging Rhodes, Antioch, Pergamon(?), Seleucia(?), etc and the defender, also an AI, doesn't get any armies. I think it's because you are required to click "show me" to actually trigger the scripted army. I don't quite remember for the rebellion, but I think its trigger also requires you to click show me button.

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    well that explains why my conquests seem so much harder than when the AI plays overly overpowered factions.. :p

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    Really like this feature of XGM. I last saw this in Numantia, playing as Iberia. And it was a serious stack, may not be in terms of unit types, but it was so in terms of unit experience. After creating my own brand of game difficulty, it won't be so simple to take this city or to deal with the resulting army that comes out of it.

    No disrespect to the mod, but I was experimenting with a way to deal with the "stack after stack" that the AI sends. I ended up doubling the costs of the upkeep for all units in the game, all AI and user playable factions. The resulting number of full stacks per given faction suited my eye, although this is subjective. This may seem like a unplayable game, but it has not turned out to be so (but again subjective). What to build and what to recruit (and how to use it) became crucial, if it wasnt already. There would also be periods where the treasury is negative, which usually meant I needed to take whatever forces I have and strategically attack something. In losing whatver units I have, and/or potentially gaining a city, the money would come back to positive (sometimes gradually). And with funds available, it's another round of strategic planning on what to do next. But the other key reward was to reduce the AI's ability to spam with their stacks.

    I find it to be a fair approach, without turning down the global game difficulty. For this, the AI bonuses was kept on. I did enable fatigue however. Population growth also wasn't an issue overall I found. I also avoid exterminating towns - I may need to 25% of the time.

    This is just my craziness

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