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Thread: the evil Black Screen

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    ok, I know its been brought up before.

    I installed rome. A clean install.

    When I load up rome to play it, I get a black screen. While this black screen is showing I can hear the Activision logo movie playing, then the opening. and after if I move my mouse around I can hear the clicking of the menu options being passed over.

    I installed dx 9.0c, I've tried 6 different drivers for my video card. (all the drivers where uninstalled after use, then I cleaned up the registry with Drivercleaner)

    I installed WMP10.

    I reinstalled Rome... twice.

    If anyone can think of anything else I could try, please.. let me know

    Amd Athlon 3700+
    1gb ddr400 ram
    Nvidia 6600 GT

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    Default Re: the evil Black Screen

    Does it say something about not locating 3d or something? I had this problem with my old computer but got a new one and it fixed it.
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