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Thread: ETW How to Add Slaves a Commodity plus Icon Attachment

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    Default ETW How to Add Slaves a Commodity plus Icon Attachment

    Yes, here we go!

    After several cups of coffee and about a pack and a half of cigarettesÖ.more or less (Marlboro Gold, my favorite). Iíve managed to add slaves as a commodity to ETW.
    Now before I begin I just want to address something.
    I may have an understanding as to why CA it left it out. Being an American and growing up in the South (Florida) racial tensions are still pretty high. I understood this was probably done in part to avoid any type of negative press however also being a history/classics major it was really hard for me to play a game in this period knowing how important the slave trade was for the colonization of America.
    In fact North America and the Caribbean were quite hard to populate due to malaria and many other diseases the Europeans were not use to. With the destruction of the Native American population due to European diseases, the early colonists were hard pressed to find a viable source of labor in the new world.
    North America and the Caribbean unlike South America didnít have much gold, silver or other valuable commodities to justify the cost of starting and maintain a colony. The cash crop plantation system made the settlement of the early colonies economically viable. African slaves in the 15th and 16th centuries were already being enslaved and traded to Eastern nations (the Islamic slave trade) and amongst African nations. It is true that although they were already enslaved the Muslims and fellow African nations had an indentured servitude style term of service versus the Western nations who used them as a mass scale industrial labor tool.
    The western nations took advantage of this system of African commodity trading to supply their Caribbean and North America colonies with a profitable labor force. Of course, the slavery which took place in the Americaís was far more brutal and detached then that of the African nations and Islamic East. African slaves had natural resistance to malaria and other tropical parasites that were wiping out the white European indentured labor force in the Caribbean and American South. They also were not affected by the European disease like the enslaved Indians were and African slaves had already come from agricultural farming environments and were skilled domestic planters unlike most of the Caribbean and South American Indians who by and large lived in tribal hunter-gatherer communities.

    With this sustained labor force, the colonies were able to sustain economic activities which in turned made there settlement economically viable.

    How to change commodities
    What you will need:
    Files you will be editing
    1. Ok, I donít know how to make a separate mod so you will have to alter the packs that you are currently using. First make sure to BACKUP the patch_en.pack, local_en.pack and ui.pack located in /empire/data
    Simply select them ctrl + left click and right click and copy.
    Make sure to dump them in a new folder on your desktop and rename it etw modding backup, so if for whatever reason you screw up the game and cause a crashing state you can just delete, drag, drop the files back to etw to fix the game instead of having to reinstall.
    2. Download my ivory.tga file and put it somewhere anywhere, desktop, new folder, etc. just remember where you put it for later.
    3. Now run your pack file manager and open up the patch_en.pack.
    4. Double click patch_en then text then localization.loc
    5. To the right you will see every piece of onscreen text in the game. Click on the localized string header on the top to alphabetize the list.
    6. Scroll down and look for ivory.
    7. When you have found ivory to the left box it should say resource_onscreen_text_res_ivory and the right box should simply say ivory. Donít touch the left box EVER! Just donít touch it.
    8. Simply switch the right text box to slaves.
    9. Now scroll down to t and look for tusks.
    10. To the left it should say commoditiy_unit_names_singular(plural)_tusks. Once again, donít touch! Switch the right box from tusk(s) to Group(s) of 10 slaves or shipment(s) of slaves or just slave(s). Choice is yours, name it anything you want. Bundle of slaveís, herd of slaves, etc.
    11. Now save it and if successful the directory on the left should haved turned red indicating a change.
    12. Click on text again and this time click ui.loc
    13. On the ui.loc click localized string to alphabetize and look for ivory.
    14. To the left of ivory it should say in the tag box ivory_NewState_Tooltip_45005f, once again avoid changing this and just change the right box from ivory to slaves.
    15. Ok, save this and close the packfile manager.
    16. Now you will open the packfile manager and open up the ui.pack
    17. In the ui.pack navigate to campaign ui. Then go to skins and look for ivory.tga.
    18. Right click ivory.tga and replace with the tga file I gave you also named ivory.tga.
    19. Now close the skins directory and click pips which should still be under campaign ui.
    20. Once again, look for the ivory.tga and replace with the one I made.
    21. Save this and open up ETW.

    The name and icon of ivory should be changed to slaves and a picture of some shackles.
    If you are using any mods like dme you will have to do a bit of searching amongst the pack files since these mods alter the pack files and find the ones that changes the game.

    For instance, I use darthmod and how to edit the dme_upc_v6 pack to change the names and the DME_custom pack to change the icons. I canít tell you for any other mod, Imperial Splendor or Imperial Destroyer, you will have to contact them or find out which files have the latest changes to the localization and ui text.

    Feel free to mod this and include it in mods or do whatever you want, no credit needed but it is still enjoyed =D.


    Dylan Smith (argonian68)
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    Default Re: ETW How to Add Slaves a Commodity plus Icon Attachment

    By the way,

    whoever wants to and knows how to turn it into a basemod which can be used with vanilla and other mods go on ahead. I would like to use that instead of having to change the files directly.

    And if anyone could teach me how to make separate mod packs I would greatly appreciate it. Already changed up minor factions and made them playable with historical descriptions and historical/reasonable victory conditions. Would like to upload this too.

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    Default Re: ETW How to Add Slaves a Commodity plus Icon Attachment

    In case you thought cigarettes were any good:
    try out Backwoods honey cigar and never look back
    My 6 2nd rates routed in horror from 1 brig + 1 5th rate on auto-resolve....

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    Default Re: ETW How to Add Slaves a Commodity plus Icon Attachment

    You asked how to make separate mod packs. I found erasmus777's tutorial on how to make a mod pack helpful. It's for Napoleon: Total War, but I found that it works for Empire: Total War as well.

    You mentioned that you would like to upload a startpos with minor factions unlocked, victory conditions and historical descriptions. That sounds great. As you may have noticed, this site has a maximum file size for uploading and a zipped startpos is exceeds the maximum size (unless it's a zipped hybrid startpos - but there's no need to make a startpos hybrid simply to upload it). As you've probably seen, people tend to get around this problem by uploading the startpos (or mod) to a site such as mediafire and providing a link. Apologies for telling you things that you probably know already.

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    Default Re: ETW How to Add Slaves a Commodity plus Icon Attachment

    ...or split it into 2 rar files, then it fit here too
    1] add to rar
    2] in low left corner of the rar window [Split to volumes, bytes] type here 7000000
    3] OK
    - it will now become 2 rar files that can be uploaded, see examples of startpos 1 & 2 here!/page27
    My 6 2nd rates routed in horror from 1 brig + 1 5th rate on auto-resolve....

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    Default Re: ETW How to Add Slaves a Commodity plus Icon Attachment

    Nice idea, I like it. Don't suppose anyone has had any luck with adding (not replacing) additional trade commodities? (wine,wool, timber etc) it looks like it should be possible based on the db files. I've been beating my head against a wall with that one.

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