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    Introduction Anatolian Principalities team presents you a Medieal II Total War: Anatolian Principalities Mod (1.0) It finally arives so Enjoy!

    Main features
    • Anatolian Principalities is a Kingdoms expansion mod
    • 20 Playable Factions
    • Well covered Anatolian Map and Balkans
    • Improved A.I.
    • Total Overhaul for Visiuals with small exceptions
    • Various new scripts
    • New musics and sounds
    • Total Overhaul for the game with various aspects

    Download links Direct links:

    V 1.0.1

    Google Drive:



    I made a new zip file. Many reported that there is an error with extraction of these files. So i made a new one. All previous downloads are invalid, unfortunately.

    Abdur_Rahman name, added to the files.
    Cog, dhow, war galley added to edu
    A textile resource, moved in desert area
    Choclate, is changed with Valueable Stones in "Peri Bacaları"
    Missing ui is added for Tekke in Eastern_European culture
    Some missing mercenary ui files added.
    City to Castle, Castle to city buildings are in the end of the building line now.


    1. Medieval 2 Total War + Kingdoms + Patch 1.5 (For steam user look this guide )
    2. ~1.75 of free HD space for Anatolian_principalites.rar files + ~4 GB space for Anatolian_principalites mod
    3. Installation path of Anatolian Principalites should be "M2TW/mods/" You can unzip there and there will be a folder named "Anatolian_principalites"
    4. You can play with Anatolian_principalites.bat

    The credits

    Anatolian Principalities Mod Team:

    Cebecibaşı - Chief Leader, Modeller, Scripter
    Elvasat - Leader, Scripter, Mapper
    bilgekaan - Former leader, Modeller, Mapper
    Famiglia_Ducale- Former leader, Music researcher

    Karaman Beyi - All kind of Visuals
    Delipaşa - Modeller (from scratch)
    C_arsenal - Researcher
    Mithridates -
    Music Researcher, Trait Scripter

    Former Members:

    Cresto - Alpha Tester
    Ozankral - Alpha Tester

    Hae Shin

    Other Researchers:

    Double-Head of North

    If you helped us but don't see yourself on the list - Please send a message to Elvasat

    Credit List:

    CBUR Komnenean Roster
    Rusichi Total War Team
    Broken Crescent Mod Team
    12. century Mod Team
    Lord Hamilton SS unit Pack
    Ferrum Aeterneum: ataegina
    Charge - MapMod Trees Textures and Sea
    Riczu74 – Merchant ship, Wagon, siege minimod
    Vas - New_Strat_Captain_Models
    Highways Minimod
    Burrek - Blood and Dirt mod
    Agart - Cities&Castles strat models - Roman Watchtower, BETTER_WATER_2.0
    Hereje - High Quality Sky Textures Project 1.0
    Argent Usher - Real Horses v1.0
    Banzai - Animation (Antonyus, Cebecibasi41 and karaislam)
    Caudillo - Eastern Roman Empire Units
    Eldorien - Trebizond Empire Units
    Empire Total War for some Ottoman models and skins

    M&B Osp Sources

    Gazda -- ArabEquipmentOSP - Beylikscale (Beylik Archers)
    kazakh armour - Beylik Captain
    Njunja_eastern - Aydin Lancers
    Osp item variants- Mentese Elite Arcers
    Rus Armour pack - Beylik Guardsmen / Sipahi Lancers
    Sonyer osp - Beylik Spearmen / Beylik Swordsmen

    If you think there is a missing credit but don't see it on the list - Please send a message to Elvasat

    Bug Reports and Discussions:

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