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    Very late to the party since I encountered shogun 2 last year, RTW some months later and XGM in the beginning of 2015. Then, I think I saw somewhere here that DimeBagHo, one of the lead creators, seems to have retired from the scene in Dec 31 2014 orz. I hope there's still someone active who can answer T_T
    At any rate, I've question about public order law. Law doesn't seem to have any effect to the city unless you put in a general into the settlement. Is this designed like that or a bug? This is XGM 5929 with BI.exe

    Without general

    With general

    I'm lucky the general is so influential and extremely lawful, I might lose this Axum city 20 years later though.
    Thx in advance.

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    Does the city have any buildings in it that give bonuses to law?

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    Whohoo! A response! Ahem, yes, the city has scriptorium(now ludus magna) and temple that has law bonuses.

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    Does the public order do down if you destroy buildings that provide (only) a law bonus?

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    Sorry for the very late response, the public order didn't go down after I destroyed an academy. It was supposed to go down by 5% but the public order stayed the same.

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