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Thread: Usurpers and Rebels

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    Default Usurpers and Rebels

    With this mod I change the Rebel factions and rearange their starting position aswell as other factors.

    For now I have basicaly removed all Eastern Roman Rebal factions, placed them into Western Rome, renamed them and changed their units, culture and apperance.

    I added:









    I changed the names of the Western Roman Seperatists and Eastern Roman Seperatists to WR Usurpers and ER Usurpers.

    I would also like to thank Noif for allowing me to use his alternative Saxon faction emblem for Soissons.

    Download Link:

    Future Plans:

    The faction unit rosters of the Demmetea and Dummoni will be fully changed to Celtic once the Celtic factions DLC has been released.

    The religions of the the various factions will of course be changed to make them more realistic.

    I will add new army cores to diversify the unit rosters of the various emergent factions.

    I will add diplomatic penalties to Usurper factions so they constantly are at war with other Roman factions.

    But I wont add those penalties to Seperatist factions like Soissons.

    Once new factions can be added I will add several new emergent factions and religiously motivated civil war emergent factions.

    Currently planned as new emergent factions in the Western Empire are are:




    Romano Galic Usurpers.

    Roman Germanic Usurpers.

    Roman Pagan Usurpers.

    Roman Iberian Usurpers.

    Roman Greek Christian Usurpers.

    Planned as emergent Factions for the Easter Roman Empire are:

    Roman Pagan Usurpers.

    Roman Zoroastrian Usurpers.

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    Default Re: Usurpers and Rebels

    Sounds good. I'll give it a try, do you think it could be save game compatible?

    A side question... is there any chance that some of this emergent factions would be playable?


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    Default Re: Usurpers and Rebels

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    Default Re: Usurpers and Rebels

    dude rebelas can be playable ? for exampe Roman Greek Christian Usurpers

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    Default Re: Usurpers and Rebels

    Does this work for patch 2?
    Ich bin Kaiser von mauryan reiches

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    Default Re: Usurpers and Rebels

    Looks great but this mod doesn't work with the Celtic DLC The new celtic factions are just gone.

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    Default Re: Usurpers and Rebels

    How did this mode and noble nations How did you open?

    What programs did you use?

    How about you do you give?

    please info

    Thank you

    You also can change the appearance of the leader of the rebellious nation?

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    Default Re: Usurpers and Rebels

    How do I make playable nations including the British premiere Dacia Spain Italy Illyrian? I want to choose this nation ...
    please help ... thank you

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    Default Re: Usurpers and Rebels

    I think that you must change the region's ownership ( but this link is for TW Empire).
    And render the faction to playable (but how? i dont know).

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    Default Re: Usurpers and Rebels

    In this mode you are going and when you'll be done?

    Thank you in advance ...

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    Default Re: Usurpers and Rebels

    This is not a mod, this is a tutorial.

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    Default Re: Usurpers and Rebels

    Is it possible to make this mod work again?

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