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Thread: Changing naval stats back to the pre 1.4 version

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    Default Changing naval stats back to the pre 1.4 version

    I just installed Empire on my laptop. I played the game from the very beginning in 2009 and I remember patch 1.4 ruining the naval battles for me. Anything above a third rate became useless because of the horrible stats. It really took the reward out of researching high end naval technology and maintaining an economy capable of supporting the biggest ships. I miss being able to finally blow away the pirates' galleons with my second rates once I get them in my fleet. Bottom line, I hated the naval changes. Is there any way to mod it back to the way it was? Is a mod already out or is there a way to do it myself? Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Changing naval stats back to the pre 1.4 version

    Welcome, TheRationalist. The good news is that modding the statistics of ships is so easy, even I can do it !

    Here's how: you will need a Pack File Manager and erasmus777's instructions on how to make a mod. For this, I suggest using either Pack File Manager 1.5.3 which comes as a feature of husserlTW's EasyDB resource (start EasyDB, select 'PFM' from the options along the top to open Pack File Manager and follow erasmus777's instructions) or Pack File Manager 1.5.9.

    You will need to:-

    - create a new mod pack
    - extract a copy of unit_stats_naval_tables; there is a copy in patch2.pack and an earlier version of the same table in patch.pack. You will find both files in C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Empire Total War/data (that is the path on this Windows 7 PC; if your computer is different the path may vary)
    - add the unit_stats_naval_tables to the mod pack
    - edit the statistics
    - decide how to activate your mod (either by changing its type to 'movie' so that it works automatically, or changing its type to 'mod' and adding a line with the name of the mod in a user.empire_script.txt file in C:/Users/[your user name]/AppData/Roaming/The Creative Assembly/Empire/scripts)
    - put your mod in C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Empire Total War/data (that is the path on this Windows 7 PC; if your computer is different the path may vary)

    You can download a working example of a mod which edits the unit_stats_naval table by downloading the Equal Navy mini-mod from my Fourth Rate Frigate Unlock (there's a link in my signature.) Equal Navy improves the accuracy and reloading scores of large ships, so your Second Rates should have no difficulty in defeating pirates galleons. Equal Navy also does several other things which you might or might not like, e.g. (1) equivalent vessels of different countries start with the same accuracy and reloading scores (the idea is that, when a navy fired faster, this was due to experience not different ship design), (2) overpowered 42-pounder guns on galleys have been replaced with 32-pounders; overpowered 6-pounder guns have been replaced with 9-pounders; (3) bomb ketches and rocket ships have much lower accuracy and reloading scores because historically they were used for shore bombardment not sea battles; (4) Sixth Rates are faster than brigs and sloops, as I found historical information which suggested that they were; (5) smaller ships such as sloops and frigates no longer have longer range guns than ships of the line, as this seemed unrealistic; (6) ships which can trade reload more slowly, (7) ships with outdated guns (e.g. demi-culverins) tend to have lower accuracy and reload more slowly.

    [Edit] I found a unit_stats_naval table in the vanilla game's main.pack (in C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Empire Total War/data). In this unit_stats_naval table, the accuracy and reloading scores of ships were very different from the current version of Empire (most ships seem to have accuracy scores of around 80 and reloading scores of between 1 and 10). I wonder if those are the naval unit statistics which you had before patch 1.4?

    [Edit 2] I tried two experiments:-

    1. retro_navy_alpha mini-mod
    I extracted the unit_stats_naval table from main.pack and added that file to a new mod pack, producing retro_navy_alpha which is available below. This appears to give ships the statistics which they would have had in the game's original release. Unfortunately, on the unit cards, ships appear to have zero hull strength (!) and I do not know how to fix this. I tried playing a battle. I expected the ships to sink immediately (because their unit cards showed zero hull strength), but they didn't. The mod worked. With the higher accuracy scores, it seems that ships are more likely to explode or sink - however, I only tried one battle using this mod, so that is speculation.

    2. retro_navy_beta mini-mod
    I started with the current version of my Equal Navy mini-mod and edited the statistics of the ships so that they are similar to the statistics in the unit_stats_naval table in main.pack. Most ships have 80 accuracy, most warships have 10 reloading scores, small ships (brigs and sloops) and non-military ships have 5 reloading scores. (These scores are not identical to the statistics in the unit_stats_naval table in main.pack, but they seemed reasonably close to those numbers.) I tried playing the same battle and the mod worked.

    In case anyone would like to try using and/or editing my experimental mod files, I will make them available here.

    To install either mod: download it by clicking on the attachment below. Unzip it (they were zipped with the free software 7zip). Put it in your C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Empire Total War/data folder. These are both 'movie' type mods so they do not need to be activated using a user script file or a mod manager.

    To uninstall either mod: simply delete it or cut and paste it from your C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Empire Total War/data to somewhere else

    To edit either mod, to that ships have your chosen statistics: download a copy of Pack File Manager (PFM), start PFM, open the mod file, edit the numbers, save the mod file, move the saved mod file into your C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Empire Total War/data. I provide links to several versions of Pack File Manager here. Known issues: these mini-mods have only been tested in one sea battle. I do not know what effects the edited statistics would have on AI factions (for example, I do not know whether AI factions would build fleets made up of just one type of ship.) As I wrote above, if you use the retro_navy_alpha mini-mod, the unit cards of ships will show zero hull strength.

    Credits: retro_navy_alpha was made using Pack File Manager 1.9 (to extract the unit_stats_naval and create the mod pack) and Pack File Manager 1.5.3 (to edit the statistics). retro_navy_alpha was made with Pack File Manager 1.5.3. I am grateful to the makers of those tools and to erasmus777 for the tutorial on how to make a mod.

    Permission: if anyone would like to use either of these mini-mods as part of your own mod, please do.

    My other basic guides to modding ETW are listed here.
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    Default Re: Changing naval stats back to the pre 1.4 version

    the "bigger is better" mod does exactly what you want,
    ...and my signature suggest how i feel about the naval joke
    oh, yes, i will say that i nerfed bomb ketch & rocket ship, they dont belong
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    My 6 2nd rates routed in horror from 1 brig + 1 5th rate on auto-resolve....

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