Essential submod to enhance your game experience.

40 Unit download
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Step 1
Download and Installation
Download: uied.rar

\Steam\SteamApps\common\empire total war\data\ui\templates\uied.templates
NOTE: Replace uied.templates file with the modfile and put the original file in a safe place.

Deployment zones Mod for more than 20 Units:
Download: deploymod.rar

\Steam\SteamApps\common\empire total war\data\deploymod.pack
User script:
mod "deploymod.pack";
Step 2
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Download: ESF Editor [EsfEditor 1.4.6.rar] (with Empire many later esf versions crash so use this older version 1.4.6 instead) [original post]
Download: User_script editor [] [original post]

1- Start Campaign.
2- Do the first turn. Before ending your turn, save game and exit.
3- Open userscript editor.
4-click Save Files; copy and paste game to desktop or where ever yo prefer. then close userscript editor
5-Open ESF editor. Click file, navigate to Save games. Navigate to the save file where you saved it. (warning it will automatically open up to the save game files)
6-Navigation Path (see below)

7- Where you see the number "20" change to "40" and then save file.
8- Open userscript editor and click on save files.
9- Copy and paste the file from desktop (or where ever you saved it)
10- Restart campaign


Credit to
Creator of the 40 unit mod: Albtraum23
Installation Instructions: Andre J. Jassoch
ESF and userscript Editor Creator: husserlTW