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Thread: Divide et Impera 1.0 Released!

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    Icon4 Divide et Impera 1.0 Released!

    Divide et Impera 1.0 Released!
    After much anticipation, we are proud to announce our full release version of DeI.

    To Download the 1.0 Standalone or Steam Version, please visit our Download Thread.
    *1.0 is not save compatible.

    1.0 Features
    - Along with being the culmination of over a year of work, 1.0 also features many new elements.


    Campaign Previews Found Here
    - All new cultures for various factions, adding depth to the campaign map.
    - New religious buildings to go with those cultures.
    - Increased difficulty both in terms of economy and rate of expansion.
    - Army unit caps have been removed for most unit types. Unit costs/upkeep will hopefully serve as a more natural cap. Also, the system was something the player could bypass.
    - New custom chapter missions for the 4 factions not normally playable in vanilla.
    - Revamped Garrison public order system that takes into account troop count and culture of the region. Now, a single general can be a governor with no PO penalty.
    - Custom scripted events for homeland defense for Carthage and Rome.
    - Custom scripted events that reflect historical actions, such as an additional diplomacy hit for Rome or Carthage if they trespass on Sicily.
    - Historical city information panels.
    - Faction leader effects. When stationed at your capital, your faction leader will impact your overall faction depending on his traits.
    - Various improvements to recruitment, rosters, etc.

    Battle Overhaul

    Battle Overhaul Preview Found Here -- Siege Overhaul
    - Unit stats have been redone from the ground up.
    - Battle mechanics have been completely reworked. This includes fatigue, morale, projectiles, etc.
    - Overall balance massively improved.
    - Unit costs and upkeep have been changed to reflect unit stats.
    - Due to new stats, higher battle difficulties won't affect balance as drastically.
    - Sieges have been completely reworked to improve the experience and have the AI properly use engines, etc.
    - Deployables such as caltrops and spike traps are now available to defending armies in siege battles.
    - Holdout times have been changed and the AI will properly build engines. Siege techs now actually matter.
    - Artillery reworked to make larger engines useful against buildings, but less effective against troops. Also, more engines per unit.

    UI Improvements

    UI Preview Found Here and Here
    - Completely custom unit cards based on the way the units look in battles. Unit card icons to denote AOR, Merc, and Auxiliary units.
    - New Agent cards representing how they look in-game.
    - Custom cultural UIs for the different factions in the game. This really adds a unique feel to each faction and immersion to the game itself.
    - Various UI improvements and tweaks.

    Faction Overhauls

    Faction Overhaul Previews Found Here: Steppe Factions -- Parthia -- Saba -- Unit Polishing
    - Completely overhauled rosters and units/textures/models for Parthia, Mamlakatin Saba, and the nomadic factions.
    - Saka Rauka (previously Massagetae) now have their own unique reform system.
    - New Parthian culture includes Parthia, Dahae, and Parthava, who can form confederations with each other.
    - Most units have had massive variation added to them to improve their look in battles. Levy units have been reworked.
    - Female models added to barbarian garrison townfolk and some Steppe units.

    Steam Version Information
    - There is now a new Steam Version Part 1 found here: DeI Steam 1.0 Part 1
    - You will no longer need 0.96 part 1 unless you are using a save game. I will keep the 0.96 part up for awhile but it will no longer be updated.
    - Due to the mod's size, parts 2-4 will also be updated but they are simply texture repositories and, so, you can retain those parts for use.
    - If you use the Steam version, please rate the new 1.0 Part 1 with a "thumps up" or whatever the silly Steam system is. This is not an attempt to get cheap upvotes. Rather, we need this version to be listed above the older versions in the workshop. Right now, the way out of date 5 part version is still listed highest and people go to that thinking its the current version.

    Special Thanks
    - First of all, thank you to all the players who have helped us improve the mod over the past year. Your passion for the mod and the wonderful community here is the reason that many of us have continued to work so hard.
    - I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the DeI mod team. If I tried to name everyone that had a part in making this mod, I would need a new thread. So many people have given so much time and effort to make this mod the best it can be and they can't be thanked enough. From our humble beginnings of a few modders coming together with a compilation to our more recent additions who have brought amazing and unexpected features, thank you all. I would like to also take this moment to say: Selea I hope you are well where ever you are. Thank you for being the original inspiration that brought many of us together to work on this project over a year ago.

    After 1.0
    - This will not be the final version of the mod by any means. Yes, Attila is releasing and I am sure many players will be eager to try that out and enjoy that game. However, we feel that Rome 2 will always be around as the option for those who want to play the ancient timeframe in which it is set.

    Features Planned for DeI 1.1
    - Persia playable and roster overhaul
    - Nabataea playable and roster overhaul
    - Baktria roster improvements
    - Possible inclusion of Indian units or faction
    - Character trait system overhaul
    - Naval Overhaul
    - DLC Mini-campaign improvements
    - More battle improvements
    - Many other ideas (WIP - some may change)

    ----> Website -- Patreon -- Steam -- Forums -- Youtube -- Facebook <----

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera 1.0 Released!

    Yes!!! Best Christmas present ever! Thanks DeI team!

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera 1.0 Released!

    yeeeeeeees, this makes me happeeeey!

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera 1.0 Released!


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    Default Re: Divide et Impera 1.0 Released!

    Oh yes OH YES

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera 1.0 Released!

    Congradulations!!!! And thank you!!!!!

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera 1.0 Released!

    TWC already crashed once
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    Quote Originally Posted by KAM 2150 View Post
    TWC already crashed once
    Yeah, I got a 505 error when I posted haha.

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera 1.0 Released!

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    dresdens google drive is exploding, beware.

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    YESSSSSSSSS! Almost makes me sad I'm traveling and away from my gaming PC. Almost =p

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera 1.0 Released!

    RIP Vanilla.
    Disclaimer: the post above is way way prealpha, the final version will be way better than this.

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    Haha, most popular today already!

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    Okay, so let's do this !!! Thank you so much guys

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera 1.0 Released!

    My improved event pictures are still up there dammit!

    on a related note, improved event pictures is compatible with 1.0
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    Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!!!

    Part 4 (steam) is not updating :S anyone else?

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    The undisputed champions of ROME 2

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    The undisputed champions of ROME 2 Moding

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera 1.0 Released!

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