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    I have not forgotten this mod.

    The good news is I did get those g5 battle scripts fully updated and modified to work as well as they can in RTW. (which seems to be quite well enough in fact) Also the animations are pretty much done. For g5 battle scripts I think I may even just do a general release as I was discussing before... It will take some time though for that since Anarchon and myself wanted to get the patch out first. His map last I saw was looking fantastic, so that is also something to look forward too.

    For myself, I basically have to finish the EDU which is a painful drag but that can be done.

    Unfortunately my work (but not Anarchon's map though last I heard) will have to probably stop for a long time due to extreme course load coming up in school (on my part but not on Anarchons). One last thing, I didn't get to test much at all.. I do know that it's in working condition for the most part but there's a geography.db potential issue I think I should look into fixing which may take some time to figure out as it is one of the most complicated sides of modding RTW.

    We had planned a ton of things, but it was a lot of code and my career path changed so I became less interested in modding although it is still fun for me.

    2.0 version released here
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    Default Re: Hello

    Can you guys make an easy installation process? I have never been able to download this mod even after following the instructions

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