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Thread: Master Of Strategy Sengoku (MoSS) (2018/12/12)

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    Default Re: Master Of Strategy Sengoku (MoSS) (2018/12/12)

    I made an account to ask some questions. Really enjoying this mod, the bai seems really fun so I actually have to roughly match enemy strength now. I also like how strong archers feel (at least in early game) while not being so exploitable due to the bai being good.

    Anyways, my questions are thus; 1. You mention that taxes contribute to unrest if I'm not mistaken. Where is this shown? How much does each tax level contribute?
    2. You mention (if I'm not mistaken) religion is supposed to counteract unrest. Is this working as intended? Are zeal and unrest not 1:1 in strength? How much unrest can 1 zeal counteract? The last one I would really like to know.
    3. Is there any sort of building tree to help plan out research so you can, for example, find out what has the best unrest reduction or the best economic output etc?
    4. How do clan bonuses work? For example as the Chosokabe do I get bonuses to all yumi units even when they don't have "Chosokabe" in the name?
    Thanks for your help, and thanks for making such an interesting mod!

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    Default Re: Master Of Strategy Sengoku (MoSS) (2018/12/12)

    Updated to the latest version (V48). The link is in the first post. It is autoload so you just drop the files and play. Also added a paypal link where you can support me (LINK).

    Changes v48
    -Added 3 new units. Portuguese Blunderbuss, Portuguese Lance Cavalry and Blunderbuss Wako
    -Wako have more moralle now
    -Wako are really cheap but cost lot to mantain
    -Wako have higher melee stats
    -Wako katana carries 2 grenades
    -Changes to Portuguese recruitment. Otomo no longer require naban for all submod

    Changes V47
    -Info card for units added (this is only visible when you recruit just one unit).
    -Fixed some paths that could no be crossed
    -Ashikaga no longer display massive province values
    -Revamped ship recruitment
    -Nanbu agent icon fixed (showed Oda)
    -Unstuck starting army for an Ai clan

    Changes V46
    -Small changes around balance and fixes
    -Added historical castles Azuchi, Iwamura, Kumamoto, Odarawa
    -SoTS castles available (Thanks to Sorinel1991)

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    Default Re: Master Of Strategy Sengoku (MoSS) (2018/12/12)

    Hey Weierstrass! Excellent mod you have created there! Its been 2 years I didnt play shogun 2 and it was only Vanilla, so now I came back to try your mod. I love the depth of your mode and the more varieties of buildings etc.

    However do you have some sort of manual or guidelines? I dont know all the relations and dependences between the buildings, it seem you can build some buildings in some specific places (for example I couldnt build camps everywhere). Also is there anywhere a screen where I can see what is actually my unit limit? I play on hard and get wiped pretty fast because I dont know how to recruite and the enemy comes with 2 full stacks

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