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Thread: 2 or 4 TPY?

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    Default 2 or 4 TPY?

    was curious on TPY is this mod , while EB2 still a beta would be really nice to have a 4 TPY Medieval period to play.

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    I just finished downloading it its 2 TPY , gonna be hard to get into

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    Default Re: 2 or 4 TPY?

    2 turn 4 turn should not matter much at the moment, its in prealpha state.

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    Default Re: 2 or 4 TPY?

    If it is up for debate, I would go with 4 tpy.

    Someone will probably run a poll.


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    Default Re: 2 or 4 TPY?

    One of the problems with that is the realism aspect. A cathedral could take decades to build, M2TW only allows one building built at one time per settlement. So even with some maths and being nice to playability, 4 TPY would mean that a cathedral would take dozens of turns and that would really piss you off. It isn't just the buildings but movement to think of as well. We discussed it for a long time and because of the way we designed the map we have decided on 2TPY, it might change in future (I'm not sure what the situation is with the mod right now) but it is important that you know that a lot of time and thought went into 2TPY decision.

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