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    Hi there just want go give some ideas to the team or future team
    i dont want to sound rude with my suggestions but they are only that, suggestions
    There are still alot to do to make Dots live up by his name but to reach that level i think you need to atract more people,
    the first step was already made with the release of the pre-alpha
    I think the mod gained some momentum, now to exponentialy raise that momentum what about to work just on the barebones, i mean just the necessary to make the mod playable
    hunt most bugs, give a generic trait system (and really easy to implement) and put some units on the game because thats one
    of the biggest keys to continue
    With that you would have just barebones and combined with the map you would have something already special
    Now the campaign being playable would attract alot more attention, and with that there would be much more people considering to help because they already saw what barebones Dots is and what it can be
    After that you could be adding slowly the features that makes Dots the most complete mod for the medieval age

    Now about partnerships
    I cannot stress how important these can be to the team, theres a myriad of opportunities around
    there are some mods with similar goals to the dots mod
    -i talk about SSHIP, Rolling wave submod and perhaps titanium, those are just from one mod SS but they try harder to maintain historical accuracy
    -bellum crucis, (wich lost a mapper recently)
    -and one very active team on the modding scene wich made 1648 and the rise of three kingdoms,infracta, maybe they are interested in something for the medieval age

    theres a sea of opportunities just with those 5 mods my advice is to trade, better to trade stuff than trying to have eveything unique for Dots but never finished, better one bird in our hands than two flying, right ?
    you could trade the maps, units... in return you could ask for them to hunt the bugs of the current version on some material wich is appropriate to the mod

    other potential source of material could be sub mods, really, i would advise to a looser sub mod policy not everything is wanted but the "main" mod would still be exactly as you want and with that you can gain again material, bug free versions...

    one last thing keep in touch with the community even if you didn't do a thing report it to the fans, every week some words of what is being done or not is usefull to ciment the forum and atract more people

    i honestly wish the best to the mod
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    Default Re: Dots next step

    Thank you very much for this, it is helpful and very energising. You wouldn't believe how tiring and frustrating the whole process has been in this mod and a little feedback goes a very long way. Making the mod was a great labour of love but it was a great labour and very ambitious. I like to believe that our vision and approach has been fairly unique to creating a game and is not only harcore in its love for history but also in simulation and immersion, making almost RPG or escapism. I think that the spirit of the work can live on as modding possibilities progress. Certainly our research collection and how we transferred that to a game. I don't think I will ever be able to leave it behind me.

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    get the mod up to a campaign 'barebones' level like anonimo272 said and i will come and help then .....and so will many others

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    Default Re: Dots next step

    perhaps good news

    H.E.L.P.-Project ever heard of ?
    new segmet on twc wich perhaps can help dots

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