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Thread: Building Epic Stone Walls?

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    Default Building Epic Stone Walls?

    there was mention of this in another thread, but the solution did not work for me (delete descr_walls.txt and remove the nobuild requirement form export_descr_buildings)... at this point im not even sure what to try to modify, as export_descr_buildings is the only reference to building requirements and availability that i can find anywhere. any help would be appreciated. the xgm version btw is 5.29.9.

    and yes, im sure the

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    export_descr_buildings is in order

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    To enable large and epic stone walls, you need to replace the large and epic stone walls section in TEXT/export_buildings.txt with the vanilla section in the same txt file in the vanilla folder. You also need to remove the nobuild requirement in export_descr_buildings. I also copied the vanilla descr_walls.
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