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Thread: How to create a personal edict

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    Icon1 How to create a personal edict

    Hi guys!
    I'm Melvasul from Italy

    Today we will see how to create a new personal edicts.
    All that we need is PFM(Pack File Manager) at the latest version(why, well it's better) so my first thanks go to the creators of this extraordinary program!
    The second thank goes to Joedreck and his beautiful Edict Mod that gave me the idea to make my personal edicts and for making this.

    So let's start, no?
    Well first you need to open the PFM and load the following tables:
    1. Effect_bundles_tables, Effect_bundles_to_effects_junctions, Provincial_initiative_records, Provincial_initiatives_to_subculture_junctions from the data_rome2.pack (they are in the db section)
    2. Provincial_initiative_records.loc from the local_en_rome2.pack (they are in the db_text)
    3. Icon_initiative_mass_conscription.png from data_rome2.pack (in ui_skins, we will use only this in this tutorial)

    so it would like this:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    We will create an edict for the Hellenic's factions that will give them a better recruitment for the spear_infantry unit, ok? let's start!
    first of all we need to have only the sub-tables related to the initiative so delete al the rest!
    The first table is the main table, it's where you will really create your edict: here you will give it its key, localised_description, is title, its icon(the icon showed not in the game but in the part of the screen related to the region) and bundle target
    so create a new row, click on add row and create our new edicts that would looks like this:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    one thing remember to edit the name of the effect_bundles_tables, Effect_bundles_to_effects_junctions, Provincial_initiative_records, Provincial_initiative_records.loc tables somehow(like I did in the screen because if you don't do this it will cause CTD because it will have function of vanilla file, so you vanilla will be not load and the game would crash, because it search for files you have overwrite/load with your mod.

    now we will go on the second tables that will create the real effect of the edict
    we will add a row with the same name used in the key(so it will refer to our new edicts) and we will give him some bundles like:
    rom_province_initiative_festival_base_recruitment_cost_land_mod --- this will modify your recruitment cost
    rom_province_initiative_festival_base_recruitment_points_land --- this will up your recruitment slot
    rom_building_unit_experience_spear_infantry --- this will up the experience for all the spear units

    the effect_scope is where(or to whom) it will applied so for aesthetic view(we can write for all this_province) we will write in_all_your_armies for the unit_experience_spear_infantry(and you can give them a value between 1 to 9 if the value is different it will cause CTD because there's no 10 lvl experience xD) and for the recruitment_cost and points we can write this_province..
    it would looks like this: (in this case I have wronged, near recruitment cost I wrote 10 but I should have wrote -10 because in this case it will raise their cost by 10% putting -10 it will decrease their cost by 10% sorry for this)
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The next table is when you merge it all together in fact you will give it
    • the right key (rome_initiative_hoplites_call)
    • you will link its bundles(rome_initiative_hoplites_call)
    • its order will depend by the culture in fact the most of the Hellenic factions have 5 edicts so it's order is 6(or you can give it the number 1 but after you will have to gave the number 6 to the previous 1 edicts, so for now give it only the number 6 )
    • it's icon_path(for now is the mass_conscription icon because I don't know how to create new icon, I'm not a 2d artist even if I know how to add new icon to the table )
    • and it's campaign_vfx_id that for this case would be the settlement_province_edict_military

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    We have done like the most of the mod

    To the next table
    the Provincial_initiatives_to_subculture_junctions allow the selected cultures to use or not the edicts so we will give the hoplites_call to the Hellenic factions in this way:
    add a new row within in the first column the key of the edicts(rom_initiative_hoplites_call) and in the second one the cultures you want to give it(in this case sc_rom_greek) if you would like to give it to more than one cultures you will need to create a new row and choose another culture

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    we will go now to the provincial_initiative_records.loc
    create a new row and in the tag write the common part for every edicts(provincial_initiative_records_localised_name_rom_initiative_) and then add our edicts name(hoplites_call) than in the second column you will write the exact name that would be showed when you select the edict(from the list in the game)

    and we have ended!
    You will need only to create the mod(I have assumed that you know how to do it xD) and install it and you will have your personal edicts!!!

    If you need something(related to this or to my mod) ask me

    I think I have wrote it all, but I will surely edit it if I have not.

    Good evening

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    Default Re: How to create a personal edict

    Adding the scripts

    Lets start...

    Open the Edict_Mod.pack file you have created
    a)go on Files--Add--From Pack--
    b)local_en_rome2 (naturally if you do not have the english version but e.g. the italian one, you will find it in local_it_rome2 and etc)
    c)text--db-- and add to your pack

    it should looks like in this way:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    eliminate all the records(lines) not related to
    1) "effect_bundles_localised_description_rom_initiative_" that will give the description of the edict
    2) "effect_bundles_localised_title_rom_initiative_" that will give the title of your edict

    You don't have to do the same for the provincial_initiative_records table because it has only the record for the title!!

    Clone an existent records of whatever_you_want_edict for the effect_etc_description_ and for effect_etc_title_ and create your own description and title for the edict "rome_initiative_hoplites_call" naturally:
    1) the new records need to be related to the edicts in effect_bundles and provincial_initiative_records you have already created(so they have hoplites_call)

    This is over guys.
    Thanks in advice to read this grammatically-horrible tutorial ^^

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    Default Re: How to create a personal edict

    Yes,I needed that,thanks

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