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Thread: Hader's Thoughts...On Rome II. What are yours?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IlluminatiRex View Post
    If the achievement is bugged for me, than surely it's bugged for others. You can not just say that it's a little blip, as generally achievement bugs show up for a good amount of people. And in addition to that, some people buy games and never play them. You can't use the achievements as some sort of metric for a reason, because they are not reliable. On top of that you have the people who only play in Offline mode, and thus they don't get the achievements.

    And, if you haven't noticed, vanilla Total War campaigns all hit that breaking point where it just becomes a matter of a steamroll. I've had to push myself in all my completed Total War campaigns to well, complete them. Shogun 2 and FoTS it just got to a point where I was rolling over everyone in my path, and in S2 I even converted to Chrsitanity before I took Kyoto, just to see how much more challenging it could be (hint it wasn't). FoTS I dominated everyone in my path, had Railroads everywhere, and neverending coffers.

    My almost completed Darthmod Empire campaign is similar. I picked Sweden, and slowly but surely it got boring. I had nearly all of Europe in a vice grip. No one was able to stand up to me and not get completely wrecked. I actually gave up before I even finished it, because it was no fun any more. The challenge of planning an invasion, gone. It was a boring Steamroll.

    I always find the fun in Total War not completing campaigns, but in the planning of your wars, the buildup, and the execution of a successful plan. Once that more challenging phase of a campaign is gone, it loses its magic and I start again. That's what is fun about Total War, not steamrolling.

    So if completing campaigns is your metric for how fun and good a Total War game is, then I feel you're greatly mistaken.

    And no, Hader's last two sentences were not that. He said there is a fine line between constructive criticism regarding the game (A family tree would be beneficial to Rome II due to the nature of politics at the time, and would allow for some more detailed political and diplomatic solutions. As well, it allows you to see how a family evolves and devolves over the course of a campaign) and outright whining that the game sucks and no one should play it (ie This game sucks because there is no family tree so you should avoid it all costs).

    I'll end up jumping back into my Pontus campaign sometime though(It's been my favorite), I've been busy with other games and have had a lot of real life stuff going on.
    Well, yes, your personal experience is your personal experience of a bugged achievement and doesn't invalidate the tens of thousands of other users whose achievements are logged. Sorry, that's just how it works when tens of thousands of people do have their achievements tracked correctly. I'm sure your personal experience if very important to you.

    Yes, Hader's last two sentences are extremely funny for someone who doesn't finish a campaign because he got bored with it. And, yes, campaigns do hit a point where it gets boring for me too - although usually I do complete at least one, not so with Rome 2. You'd think there'd be an epiphany over a fundamental problem with game mechanics to be had here, but clearly not. If you get your kicks from planning an invasion (different strokes for different folks but I personally cannot understand how planning can give much pleasure in a game devoid of even a basic logistic mechanism around which to plan...), cool stuff. Some people get their kicks from constantly moving a pawn two squares on a chessboard and then resetting back to the beginning to do it again. Not sure how much importance I'd attach to their views on chess as a game overall, but that's life.

    I thought I'd clarified what I was using Steam stats to state so I don't see much point engaging on the idea that 'hurdur you said steam stats - they don't track my fun playing this game'.

    Have fun with your Pontus campaign and planning whether to use fast move or slow move on the rare occasions when you can't reach the next province's city within a turn.

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    Default Re: Hader's Thoughts...On Rome II. What are yours?

    rome 2,despite of many lackness its still contain many powerfull potential, in term of technology is more better then shogun 2 for example the ability to pin point which enemy be via map,graphic its can be done with mods, ai from time to time the mod will help it into better one, maybe the only thing that still hinder is siege ai, hope it will be fix soon, and dont forget how massive the seige battle "IF" ONCE again "IF" the ai be fix soon enough, about tower and other we can fix or modify via mod for example how deadly the tower arrow ?
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