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    Icon3 [CK2] List of Mods

    Total Conversion Mods

    -A Game of Thrones: Based on the famous novels by George R.R. Martin, this mod features a complete conversion to the Game of Thrones universe, allowing you to play as one of many houses featured in the series.
    -Diadochi Kings: A total conversion that seeks to represent the struggles of Alexander's successors.
    -Elder Kings: A total conversion mod based on the Elder Scrolls series.
    -Lux Invicta: An alternate history mod in which you try to restore the glory of antiquity.
    -Middle Earth Project: A fan-based Lord of the Rings mod featuring a complete Middle Earth map with over 650 provinces.
    -Sengoku: A mod based on the Warring States period in Japan.
    -Witcher Kings: A mod throwing you into the world of the Witcher videogame series.

    Fantasy Mods

    -Another New Dawn: An alternate history mod that allows you to start from scratch, meaning that kingdoms, religions, cultures, etc., are founded dynamically as you play.
    -Crusader Kings Z: A fantasy mod featuring a zombie invasion.
    -Dynamic Duchies: Start the game with no realms, except for counties, existing, and then dynamically form custom duchies, kingdoms, and empires as you play along.
    -Ragnarök: A mod based on the Norse apocalypse.

    Realism and Balance Mods

    -Better Gender Laws: This mod aims to give you more gender law options while at the same time allowing you to enforce these laws throughout your realm. If you want to play as an absolute cognatic or enatic realm, this mod is for you.
    -Cheaper Ships: Reduces the maintenance costs of ships.
    -CK2 Plus: The most comprehensive realism mod currently available. Includes a variety of other mods.
    -De Jure Tweaks: Makes various adjustments to de jure empires, kingdoms, and duchies, for example making Greece's de jure area smaller.
    -Deus Meus et Omnia (College of Cardinals Mod): This mod increases the size of the college of cardinals and generally tries to make it more balanced and realistic.
    -Heretics Convert To Another Religion: This mod allows heretic rulers to convert to another core religion.
    -In Novo Iure: Aims to create a more historical recreation of de jure mechanics.
    -Lollard Feudal Lords Can Hold Temple Holdings: As the title says, this mod allows Lollard feudal lords to hold temples
    -Manichaean Pechenegs: Brings more realism to the Pechenegs.
    -Memento Mori: A mod that tries to make the game more realistic by featuring more ways characters can die, making for a more uncertain and exciting experience.
    -Minor Titles Required for Feasts and Grand Hunts: Requires the player to give out certain titles to enable feasts and hunts.
    -No More Random Heresies: This mod makes heresies dependent on specific regions and cultures.
    -Old Age: Makes old age more realistic rather than the vanilla supermen.
    -Succession Law Factions for Ultimogeniture and Tanistry: Allows for factions demanding ultimogeniture or tanistry succession.

    Immersion/RPG/Flavor Mods

    -Age Customizer: Adds several traits that allow you to lower the age of your character in the character creation screen when you start a new game.
    -Blinding Your Siblings: Allows Byzantine rulers to blind their siblings.
    -Duel Engine: Allows your characters to duel.
    -Female Titles for Council Jobs: Allows you to grant minor titles to adult women, which in turn allows them to be appointed to council positions or armies.
    -Founder of the Republic: Allows a feudal lord to turn his realm into a republic.
    -Historical Immersion Project: One of the most comprehensive immersion mods available. Like VIET, it is modular, meaning you can choose what parts of the mod you want to activate. Note that this mod actually includes VIET.
    -Kingdoms (and Empires) Abound (Titular Title Generator): Allows you to create your own custom kingdoms and empires during the game. This is the best title generator available.
    -Low German Mod: Adds Low German culture to the game.
    -Norse Mod: Features a plethora of new events and options for Norse players, including Norse heresies following reformation.
    -The Ban's Charter: A mod that brings more flavor to the Slavs in the Western Balkan region, featuring new cultures and titles.
    -The Bold and the Beauclercs: Adds 85 new nicknames to the game.
    -Vanilla Immersion, Events, and Traits (VIET): One of most comprehensive immersion mods available. This mod tries to stick to vanilla while concurrently giving the player a variety of new customization and RPG options, thus resulting in a fascinating immersion. Unlike most other comprehensive mods, this mod is modular, meaning that you can choose which features you want.
    -Your Personal Castle: Allows you to build improvements to your capital castle, which in turn will upgrade your character and realm.

    Graphics Mods

    -Alternate Portraits for Mongol Children: Better-looking than the vanilla portraits.
    -Blindfold Instead of Blinded Eyes: If the blinding gfx scares you, this mod is perfect for you, since it replaces the gouged out eyes with a blindfold.
    -CKII UI Font Mod: Changes the font of the user interface.
    -Decorus Visum Collection: Provides a variety of map fonts from which you can choose.
    -Female Religious Clothing: Provides unique clothes for female priests.
    -Minimap Makeover: Changes the look of the minimap. Different versions are available.
    -Missing CoAs: Creates nicer coat of arms for Muslim counties when held by Christians.
    -Portrait Realignment Pack: The biggest portrait overhaul currently available.
    -Recycled Unit Packs: Creates more unit graphical variety.
    -Scottish Clan Tartans: Adds 63 clan tartans as dynastic coat of arms.
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