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Thread: Bactrian camels for Parthian camelphracts?

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    Default Bactrian camels for Parthian camelphracts?

    Do you guys think this would be a bit more suitable for Parthian camel cataphracts? The name bactrian camels really does give away the region where they are found. I think it would help make Parthia more distinct from the Arabian recruited camel archers/cav that the Selucids and Ptolemys get. A possible late update along the same root as the African / Indian elephant seperation? Mind you I can see people not caring as much as the elephants.

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    Default Re: Bactrian camels for Parthian camelphracts?

    In Rome 1 they correctly had Bactrian Camels so we should at the very least expect them to have the same level of detail in Rome 2.
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    Default Re: Bactrian camels for Parthian camelphracts?

    companion cavalry beware
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