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Thread: Intro/Ad video Skipper

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    Smallest of mods that makes sure intro videos and ads are not played at the start of the game.
    There were mods like that before, but they remove video files from game packs, so you need to make backups etc.
    This changes few things in database to tell the game those videos are not there. Jedi Trick of sorts

    Under the Patronage of: Ishan

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    May the force be with you...

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    What an unexpectedly splendid creation. Thank you!
    I Appreciate the Otter

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    Great and most useful, many thanks

    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to BullGod again.

    ...ah well, even though I have thanked several others I guess that I must have overloaded you BullGod.!!!
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    Great mod forgot about this until today nice.

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