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    While in a larger scale battle I will have decent fps around 35+ but all of the troop animations seem like they are incredibly choppy and moving at about half the speed of normal. I am on medium setting and ultra sized units, is there any way to improve this or do I just have to deal

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    This is games fault. Sometimes lowering particle effects helps for me. This is CA bug since Empire, the battle runs smoth and then unit animations are lagging, even though sounds and camera movement is normal.

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    I have a very old video card and that 's what i did to be able to play with medium settings (units and terrain at extreme and unit size at ultra):
    Go to
    ...\The Creative Assembly\Rome2\scripts
    find the file
    open it with notepad and search for
    which usually has the value of 0
    replace this with the value from
    and you will be using 50% more memory

    Btw don't use the option of unlimited memory in game. Makes the game to look better but you lose in performance.

    Go in custom battles and load a huge battle with as many troops as possible.

    If during the battle loading screen you have a message saying that memory is not enough, return to graphic options in game and downgarde one option.

    Continue this process with custom battles and graphic options until no message of downgrading graphics appears on loading screen.

    After that you can have huge battles at dissent fps and most other battles run perfect. Exception are siege battles where two armies are fighting on one city gate.

    PS: the MatchedCombatBeGone mod is giving a big performance boost... but it has its downsides (see here)

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