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    Hello everyone,

    This is a mod that greatly expands the playability of Cimmeria, also known as the Bosporan Kingdom. As many of you know the Bosporan Kingdom was a major player in the Black Sea sphere of influence, and was an independent kingdom for roughly 800 years. Since this interesting and unique faction was basically put in the game as an afterthought by CA I've decided to do it some justice and have created 5 new unique units as well as adding another half dozen vanilla units to their roster. I've tried to keep things within the realm of historical possibility while staying true to the vanilla game's feel and balance. If you have any comments/feedback on the balance of these new units don't hesitate to let me know because anything can be changed.

    So without further ado let me give you a quick run down of the changes I've made:

    Units added:
    • Steppe Archers
    • Young Axes
    • Steppe Horse Archers
    • Steppe Lancers
    • Steppe Horse Skirmishers
    • Armoured Horse Archers
    • Noble Horse Archers
    • Armoured Lancers
    • Sarmatian Riders
    • Sarmatian Horsemen
    • Sarmatian Royal Lancers
    • Thureos Spears
    • Pontic Swordsmen
    • Thracian Peltasts
    • Thracian Cavalry

    All New Units:

    Bosporan Infantry
    These capable light spearmen are available from any barracks. They are resistant to cold, can form shield wall and use rapid advance.

    Scale Thorax Hoplites (using Ahiga's lovely scale thoraxes)
    These are the Bosporan equivalent of Thorax Hoplites. These disciplined troops can form a good phalanx, use rapid advance, and are resistant to cold (dem trousers).

    Bosporan Heavy Archers
    Probably the Bosporan Kingdom's best unit, in testing they went toe to toe with Cretan Archers and won handily (I had to nerf them somewhat after that). I've based them off of a similar troop type that was in Europa Barborum. They are the most expensive archer unit in the game but worth every penny

    Bosporan Legionaries
    Tacitus mentions that Bosporan soldiers both made use of Roman arms and armour and fought in the "roman manner". It's impossible to say for certain how alike to legionaries these troops really were but since this is a game i've taken the liberty of calling them Legionaries anyway

    Bosporan Royal Cavalry
    Hellenic style cavalry would have been phased out of the Bosporan army over time in favor of Sarmatian style horsemen. None the less at some point the Cimmerians would have had an agema regiment of cavalry much like those depicted in the game for Pontus.

    All units mentioned are recruit-able in the appropriate buildings. Higher tier Sarmatian cavalry units are recruit-able through Cimmeria's new Stable building, which functions much like the Seleucids' in that they will allow you to recruit better cavalry units but at a price (namely cultural tension).

    Gallery Link:

    Download Link:

    This mod is also available on the steam workshop.

    You will need the All Factions Playable mod to play as Cimmeria

    Credit to Ahiga for use of his textures.
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    Great mod, always love mods that add more to the minor factions in the game. Gets boring fighting the same units over and over again. thanx for this. Will check this out.

    (ps. one thing Steam workshop maybe?)

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    I was hoping someone would do Cimmeria. Great work. These units absolutely look great. I don't bother playing any of the major factions any more - now that some of these minor factions are being fleshed out, they're just so much more interesting and offer greater challenges.

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    Default Re: ToL's Bosporan Kingdom Expansion Mod

    Welcome sir and thanks

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