Hi Guys,

This is my second tutorial regarding Rome 2 total and today i will explain you how you can reskin a unit. So lets start
I recommend you first understand variantmeshdefinitions, there is a good tutorial out there.

First, download or open PFM and select file -> my mod -> new and name it however you like.

Now pick Models_rome2.pack file and navigate variantmeshes -> variantmeshdefinitions. Search here for the unit you want. double click on the file and press ok.

now head for the file you picked in your own .pack file and right mouse click -> open -> open as text. Here you see a code (written in html it appears) that decides how the unit looks, follow the path that it says in the code in the CA Models_Rome2.pack and there you can find the things he is wearing. In that same category in the Models_Rome2.pack file you can see many other files that could be used for your unit. copy the name of the wanted file into your own .pack file, replacing the existing one from your specific unit. (NOTE: With helmet; if you enter a second file, both helmet will show up and you'll have variation) You can do this for any path for the specific unit, but make sure you don't use a helmet as armour for example.

Now save your file and enable your mod with the mod manager. Go ingame and check your modifications

(check per unit what specific helmet or armour he is wearing in Models_Rome2.pack and check in the game how it looks, so you can make it how you want to.)