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    what is the best formation for an army consisting of archers, infantry and cavalry in a battle where the enemy is attacking, and defending?

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    I usually let my archers run fast forward, spraying arrows and killing as much men as i can. It depends if the AI counterattacks me, you could send in horses or infantry. And I always try to lure him out and flank the bastard. Not that hard.


    Always look for a hill. Put all your spearmen in front and let them hold position. Behind the spearmen deploy all your archers. Put all other units behind the archers and let the enemy come. Beware, he will try to flank you. When he is fighting your spearmen try a all-out rush, you will make use of the bonus storming down a hill. Kill the fleeing fags and party.

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    The bad thing in M:TW is than when u order a units to do something,and then to do something else,they take a while to make the second order. but thnk to God in rome u they dont waste time,so u can make false quits.

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    is the best formation (i.e. wedge) for archers loose? and when being attacked by archers, loose. and when attacking with cavalary or infantry, wedge? and to look pretty, double line?

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    Doube line spearmen in front archers in the middle cavalry in the back to cover a flank from an other cavarly units.

    or archers in front spearmen in the middle to shield the archers get away when the other unit charges

    it actually depends on if the enemy is using archers. if so id use my cavalry to run down the archers,then retreat to the back line and reform a spearhead in the front to push on the attack with my archers marching behind shooting at the center of the advancing army.


    i would most likely push my infantry in the front in a spread out formation to prevent archer fire from hitting all of my men then id send my cavalry to a position where they can flank the archers and also crash into the infantry from behind..and route them..

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    for one,always put archers in a double line,it makes their volleys more spaced,and makes for more casualties,the double line also works for spearmen,as if the first line retreats,the next can march forward to supress

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    i'm germanic so i believe in the force of infantry before i would archers.or just run the other units over with heavy cavarly.when i play as the vikings i do not even need archers i send berserkers route the other army.then finish the job with viking elite axe men,and then run the running army over with my raiding cavarly.then leave none left,

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    spearmen at least in 3 ranks or best at four ranks and on "hold position", everything else is crap...

    2-5 ranched infantry units in front (two lines/ loose formation when under ranched attack)
    6-8 infantry units (no, or only one spear unit / all except the spear unit in two lines)
    5-8 cavalry units (one with ranged weapons) at the sides and at least one behind your center (all in two lines)

    2-4 ranched infantry units (see above)
    6-8 infantry units (half of them may be spearmen)
    5-8 cavalry units
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    i put elite spearmen in front,normal spearmen on flanks,and my normal infantry behind elite spearmen(i enjoy units with good attack,regardless of defense),behind that archers,and on far flanks is cavalry,in defense i stay still and put this formation on a hill,and when attacking i keep that same formation but charge,it makes the enemy lines get battered quickly with arrows and the rush of spoears,then immediately hit by infantry with a good attack so they have no chance to make a good defense,and with cavalry on flanks,i once did this with an army of 400-500 against an army of 2000 and crushed them

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    Default Re: Battle Tactics


    Depending on the enemies deployment, I try and take high ground on them (to place my archers) or at least a level playing field.

    Try and advance through woods or from an elevated position to reduce casualties from bowfire. Woods also stop cavalry from charging through your infantry formations.

    I have two main tactics for attacking apart from these guidelines.

    1- Main battle line engages full length of enemies line, trying to not get any units swamped or overmatched (e.g. dont charge Urban Militia into Feudal men at arms) while Cavalry wheel round either or both flanks and slam into the rear of the enemy line OR go General hunting. Massed charges in the rear or the death of a general tend to make an army flee and thats the beginning of the end
    NOTE- Most of my tactics for defending are based on not letting this happen to me!

    2- If there is one flank of the enemies army more exposed or edges into woodland try and overwhelm the one flank with your whole force, and as the enemy are slow to react the odds fall against them. Once they are engaged, use your cavalry to speed up their breaking or go general hunting.

    Its harder to advise on attacking tactics than defending, but I usually use the clever application of force, and try NOT to do a few important things.

    DONT charge spearmen in the front, you will be stuck there and lose a lot of men.
    DONT expose your flank to charges from cavalry, if your flank breaks you WILL NOT dislodge a decent army.
    TRY NOT TO lose too many men to arrow fire.
    DONT RUN UPHILL if you can afford it, tired men do not fight well.


    Find a hill with a nice big killing field in front of you is the most important.

    Arrange your archers at the crest of the hill in a double line and order them to hold position.

    Place spearmen ranked up at least 3 deep in front of your archers to soak up cavalry charges. Other infantry like Urban Militia or men at arms can be spaced between and slightly behind your spear blocks to charge into the flank of any incoming assaults.

    Use your cavalry on the flanks once the enemy has engaged your big spiky wall of death after running through the steel tipped hail of annihiliation (provided by your archers) and if you can crash a big cavalry charge into the back, in a classic hammer/anvil position almost any army will break like a twig.

    If the attacking army has a lot of cavalry it is good to use wooded areas to limit their charging opportunities. Middle level infantry will annihilate good cavalry in woodland.

    The added height of your archers will mean the opposition have to move their archers into range before they can hit you. YOU WILL INFLICT MORE DAMAGE ON THEM THAN THEY WILL ON YOU. Try and not panic when you're shield wall takes arrow fire.

    DO NOT expose your archers to charges, they will run and be slaughtered.
    DO NOT neglect your flanks. It is better to have some of your forces not involved than allow enemy units behind your line.

    ONLY pursue the enemy one their rout is guaranteed, and then it is to up the kill count and ensure killing the general.

    In this way the enemy either breaks themselves against your shield wall or rides up, shoots at you a bit and then runs away, knowing that they cant win.
    European nations with lots of troops and knights do the former most and Mongols and Arabic armies do the latter.
    OR if the enemy is sufficiently hardy they break your line, get behind your spearmen chase off your archers and it's a horrible rout but thats pretty rare, just remember, the hill is your friend, stay there. They have to move you from it or they CANNOT win.

    The English are best for this tactic, with Longbowmen and Billmen in the High Period.

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