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    I was wondering how important it is to have a love interest for your main character. Im writing a steampunk-ish fantasy novel. My origional lead charicters main motivation is to find his kidnapped wife, but im finding it hard to make him more 3d. His origional flaw was that hes older, so he doesnt have the physical ability to do what he wants, protect his family, and that causes his internal conflict. The problem is now hes a too good family guy. Giving him some sort of love interest might make him more beleivable, more human, but I also dont want him to be having an affair so I have to replace wifey with someone else. Any thoughts?

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    If he's a the proper gentleman then give him a dark friend that he's also trying to show light to. Maybe it involves the second charcter's love interest? Having a secondary objectives (not the best words I know) can give characters more depths than if they're solely focused on one thing. Unless he's a monk. If he's a monk he's dedicated. And wife-less.

    If he's a shadier character then it's all good but he'll need a second reason for his wife.
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    OK... this: It is not important to have a love interest for your main character. It all depends on what kind of story you want to write. However, love is something everyone can relate to, so writing about love is likely to catch on with a greater group of readers. It is irrelevant whether the setting of the story is steampunk, scifi, fantasy, World War II or the Stone Age - the important part is the STORY, and a love story (or a story involving love as one theme among several) can be told in any setting.Also, be sure to have certain way points in your story where the main character is in inner conflict and has to make difficult decisions. This is what storytelling is about: To let your reader experience a difficult decision and its consequences. Also this: If you can sum up your story in a few, simple sentences, it is likely to be a good story.Example: Your main character's wife is kidnapped. He tries to get her back. On the way, he meets a younger woman who unexpectedly helps him. He falls in love with her, but restrains himself (decision), because he wants to stay true to his wife. A dangerous situation occurs where he must decide whether to save his wife or the younger woman (another decision). He opts for his wife. This leads to the younger woman losing her life. The man gets his wife back, but remains resentful and bitter against himself.This could be the skeleton of a story which is basically a love story. The inner conflict is between duty and love. The story tells us that if you opt for duty, you will often be disappointed. Now the story can be fleshed out: Obviously, the reader will be intrigued by several issues: Why does he fall in love with the younger woman? Which cord does she strike within him? Does she resemble a woman he loved when he was young? Does she stand for something he always desired but failed to obtain in his life? Has he maybe made a past decision which brought all this about? Has he opted for duty instead of love before and has this left him filled with a certain longing for all his life? If so, that would be another message of the story: A man often commits the same errors again and again. Things like this could be uncovered in flashbacks.OK, I don't want to intrude too much into your story. Just some thoughts...

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    Your right, I built this entirely the wrong way. I had an idea for a world first, a really good world, and im trying to fit charicters into that. Thats not how it works. Like you said, at its heart the book needs to be a story we can all relate to about good charicters. So now im stuck.

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