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Thread: Unlocking the Debug Camera- a simple lesson

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    Icon1 Unlocking the Debug Camera- a simple lesson

    Modding to enable the debug cam is simple and done just the same way as in previous TW Titles...

    • Navigate to your Preferences file- it is located in the scripts folder (see pic): [Your PC Name] / AppData / Roaming / TheCreativeAssembly / Rome2 / Scripts
    • Open the Preferences file with Notepad
    • Locate the entry that starts off like this (see pic): default_camera_type 1; ...
    • Change the 1 to a 2 (see pic)
    • The entry should now read: default_camera_type 2; ...
    • Save the file
    • Play your game! (Go into a battle and zoom in/out to make sure it is working)

    See the attached pics unlocking and using the debug cam in game.

    Q- What is the Debug Camera?
    A- It's the battlefield camera that developers use to view their units in-game.

    Q- So why would you want to use the Debug Camera instead of the typical RTS camera or others shown on the main game settings menu?
    A- The debug cam allows you to get right up the noses of your units in battle (literally). It allows you to go lower than ground level, get right into the units and actually look over the shoulder of an individual soldier.

    Q- I followed the steps above but can't zoom down to the units on the campaign map. What did I do wrong?
    A- This tutorial only applies to battlefield camera, not campaign camera. You can download campaign camera mods to zoom out farther on that map in the mods forum.

    Q- I don't see a preferences file?
    A- You should start up Rome2 at least once and when you get to the main menu, exit the game then check the scripts folder again.

    Q- I can't find the "AppData" folder on my pc!
    A- Usually, the AppData folder is hidden by default in Win7. If you haven't done this already, then you need to enable "View Hidden Folders" in your Win7 folder settings.
    *If you still can't find it or don't know how to enable hidden folders, Google it!

    Simple and painless right?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Soldier view.jpg   Ground.jpg   Front.jpg   Debug Cam setting.jpg  

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