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Thread: TWC Twitter Network/#TweetCohort/TWC Twitterati

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    Default TWC Twitter Network/#TweetCohort/TWC Twitterati

    Twitter is an amazing tool to share information, voice your opinion, discuss and to promote your content on TWC (mods, articles, art etc.).

    It should be standard procedure to send a Tweet with the link to your TWC forum post if you have written something clever, interesting or funny - it attracts visitors to your post and it's good for TWC. It's also a good way for your TWC friends to be notified of your new contents without having to log in to TWC and view what friends have submitted since your last visit (My Profile).

    Please use this thread to share your Twitter account with the rest of the TWC community.

    If you're not interested in creating a specific TWC/Gaming Twitter account and do not wish for your personal or professional Twitter account to be connected to your TWC username, then just follow people posting here ... I'll follow back.

    Hashtag: #TweetCohort ... please include in all relevant tweets - especially on Fridays

    I'll start:
    TWC username: King Philip II aka "KPII"
    Twitter username: @KPhilipII
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    Default Mods on Twitter

    Mods on Twitter

    Europa Barbaroum: @EBteam

    EastOfRome: @eastofrome

    Rome II Total Realism: @rome2tr

    The First Triumvirate II: @KPhilipII

    DarthMod: @DarthMod (note: Darth is no longer working on DarthMods for Total War as he is creating his own strategy game)

    Please post below if your mod is on Twitter, then I'll add to the list, follow and #FF your mod.
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    Default #TweetCohort

    #TweetCohort was originally intended as (1) a hashtag to use by TWC members for networking purposes, (2) an alternative to #totalwar as there is so much junk, ass-kissing and lame tweets in that hashtag and (3) a place to announce hot topic threads on TWC i.e. it's more convenient to follow a hashtag on Twitter than it is to use the vBulletin (Forum SW) features.

    Currently I'm just using it to "tag" tweets related to TWC and other good TW contents. Please feel free to do the same.

    If you didn't know: hashtags are a good way of following a subject instead of following ppl on Twitter.

    Link: (select "All" to see all Tweets to this hashtag. Note: it will take a few days before the hashtag "settles in" so some Tweets might be omitted by Twitter.)

    also: updated "Mods on Twitter" post.

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