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    Default My Scythia Campaign

    After my Dacian campaign I was challanged to give Scythia a go. I was told it would be even harder, and ultimately it was. Initially I fought it would be easier since Scythia has a temple that gives 15% Happiness and 15% Law. This is double the best Dacia could offer so this would make public order MUCH easier to handle. The problem was the auto-resolve. Again, all battles were auto-resolved and this did not work well for Scythia.

    In the beginning things were going well. Despite my best units being crap I was able to overpower the equally weak Parthians (without their cataphracts they were easy pickings). I used my best troops and generals to take on Thrace and Dacia. Here I had the upper hand.

    265 BC

    Due to my expansion, the Macedonians and Germans were coming into play. I had to be careful not to overstretch this front. On my other front, I was advancing into Armenia. I built a series of forts to block their army while I retrained mine.

    260 BC

    I eventually crushed the Armenian army (it was pretty poor - mainly eastern infantry) and took their capital. Everything was looking rosey on this front. I had quite a nice army.

    On the other front, I was now at war with the Germans, I lost several battles trying to take their city north of my lands. Auto-resolve is so unkind to Scythia it hurts. My horse archers, despite a decent advantage in my favour (usually 2:1 or 3:1), would get mullered by the German warband. This was frustrating, but my frustration would be a lot greater later on against other enemies.

    255 BC

    Now I was well into Dacia and their existance was coming to an end. Macedon wasn't in a great situation either. Armenia had easier been defeated and Parthia was on the way out too. I had two stacks on this front. One I will unwisely use to attack pontus.

    250 BC

    I am now close to my early peak. Parthia was crushed, both the seleucid empire macedon were in big trouble due to my expansion, Dacia was gone and I had even taken a settlement from the Julii. I sent an army along the coast to attack the capital of pontus but it was repelled and now their troops were coming to attack me via the coast. This meant I was at war with (and bordering): Julii, Macedon, Brutii, Germania, Pontus, the Seleucid empire and Egypt.

    245 BC

    Messing with Egypt was the biggest mistake. I was not ready and so after a string of very annoying defeats (despite myself having good advantages) I had nothing left to stop their advance. My new settlements were quickly being conquered. Pontus was tough to hold back as well. It was the chariots that are godly in the eyes of auto-resolve.

    240 BC

    By this time I am VERY frustrated. I had just lost a battle that was 4:1 in my favour against Egypt. This was a vital battle and would eventually see this army wiped out. I sent an entire stack plus a couple of other units to attack the Egyptian faction leader, a unit of spearmen one other unit as reinforcements. They destroyed me and I nearly gave up on this game as I would need odds of 10:1 to guarentee a victory and my units were hardly great.

    On the other front, the Julii were advancing with a lot of troops. Germania was tough too. The rebel settlement at the top was guarded by my nemesis, the chariot. But this was not one unit, but 6. And they were amazon chariots (or invincible chariots as they should be called).

    235 BC

    Now I finally have the upper hand against Germania. I skipped past their army and took one eastern settlement. I had another army sieging another. The Julii continued their advance and I was desperately recruiting were I had a population over 450. I also recruited every last mercenery that appeared. I was actually getting the upper hand against the Brutii. I had managed to assemble an army of my best troops (which doesnt say much) and get them experienced (this was from conquering Greece). I would soon ship them off to Italy. Unfortunately other areas were not going so good. As other factions armies improved mine did not. It was lousy horse archers all the way...

    In my attempt to exterminate a small army from pontus, I lost. A 6:1 advantage lost!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! Just because they had one chariot unit! The rest was eastern infantry and a few hillsmen. Fortunately, Egypt did not push their advantage and stayed where they were. I was able to hold pontus back and when I tried to take back my city I would recieve a crushing defeat every time because of a few chariots.

    On my other front I had got things under control. The Germans were gone, Briton did not attack and remained at peace for some time (which really helped). My newly assembled armies pushed the Julii back and south Italy was mine. I now had a third front against pontus in asia minor. I finished off the greeks my taking rhodes and moved on to halicarnus. I had now learned that axemen were much better against the eastern factions than my noble cavalry. Howvever, this didn't stop a series of rediculous defeats either.

    225 BC

    I was now pairing up stacks. Scythian forces are so poor in comparison it was the only way. The only single stack was my elite one that killed sooo many romans. The scipii sent stack after stack to dfend capua and I had to retain a lot. Eventually my one army overpowered them and moved on to rome.

    Heres an example of what Pontus had forced me into, I couldn't let a single chariot survive. They must all die!!!

    220 BC

    Now I started picking up the pace. Only the Scipii remained of the Romans and they would be destroyed by my faction leader and his elite army. Pontus were being hit from behind and I was close to taking back my city that I had nearly recaptured soo many times.

    Personally, I think I had a decent chance of getting into that city through the gates. I later saw 112% a lot. And yes, they did open the gates.

    215 BC

    Now Pontus was almost gone and my eastern armies could focus on Egypt. My war against Briton was going OK but their generals have chariot bodygaurds

    210 BC

    Now it was just a chore. I had a tonne of armies and nobody to stand up to them.

    205 BC

    I had so many generals in the east that I thought I would get them together to form the ultimate army.

    And finally victory. I had an early peak, but was quickly pushed back on both fronts as I overstretched. If Egypt had pushed on a bit more they could have given me some real problems. But in the end, despite those bloody chariots, victory for Scythia!
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    Default Re: My Scythia Campaign

    Very nice AAR you have here, lots of good screens, and lots of orange!!!! Nice campaign, done by 204BC. I think i finished one by about 190 BC....Illl have to beat my record someday.

    Once again nice campaign!

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    Default Re: My Scythia Campaign

    waw... good game =)) you really told us details about your campain... really nice =)
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    Default Re: My Scythia Campaign

    You really should do one of these for every faction like this. I love to read them. Fantastic!

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    Default Re: My Scythia Campaign

    Thanks Hannibal Barca, I love reading your campaigns. You put so much detail into them, now i think i'll have to go play a Dacian or Sythian campaign! Do you think you can do one on Numidia or Thrace?


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    Default Re: My Scythia Campaign

    Very nice, these are a lot of fun to read. About how many hours did it take you to play out this game?

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    Default Re: My Scythia Campaign

    I don't know if I hate chariots or their auto-resolve-ability. If I ever made a mod, that would be Ghoulem's No Chariot Generals-mod.
    I really enjoy your campaign-recaps Hannibal, keep up!

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    Default Re: My Scythia Campaign

    Cheers for the feedback guys. I very much doubt I will be able to do another one as I am off to Uni very soon. I have played as Numidia before (auto-resolve) and stopped when i had africa, greece, italy and bits of spain.

    As the the time period, it took quite a while but i was playing it for long periods so it wasn't that many days. As i auto-resolved it was a lot shorter than a normal campaign, but it was still probably around 24 hours worth.

    For anyone that missed my previous campaign (as Dacia) here is the link:

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    Default Re: My Scythia Campaign

    Oh, well good luck at College.

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