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Thread: Tools, Tutorials, and Resources (updated Oct 8th)

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    Icon6 Tools, Tutorials, and Resources (updated Oct 8th)

    I thought I would compile a list of all the tutorials and tools to make it easier for everyone to find what they need.
    ToolsESF Editing

    DB Editing and Scripting
    Pack File Manager
    Rome 2 Editor
    DB tables
    R2 Script Extender

    Schema Editor (updated 8/9)

    Mod Manager
    Tool to set the Intermediate Mod Type
    First simple modifications
    Unit testing tool through modding

    TutorialsESF Editing
    How to change a faction's starting diplomatic status
    How to change a character's name in a save game or at campaign start
    How to edit a character's starting traits
    How to change starting units in startpos.esf
    How to add completely new Armys to the Campaign Map!
    How to add additional income to faction as faction_trait
    More money
    How to edit merc in saved game file

    DB Editing and Scripting
    Want 40 units fighting under one General? Here is how!
    How to edit unit sizes in Rome II total war (number of men per unit)
    How to make a custom unit with PFM
    FEMALE GENERALS IN ROME 2 (Boudicca, Zenobia etc)
    Increasing Size of Units - without naval bug or horse bug
    How to Double Unit Sizes.
    Faction Traits: EXP on recruitment for both Land and Naval Units
    Providing Bonus Food Income to AI, and AI Only.
    How to directly stimulate trade and value of goods!
    How to change the number of turns per year in Rome II total war
    How to add additional terrain effects for units! Useful for Combat modifications!
    How do you unlock factions?
    How to Become a Modding God, Stage 1 - Messing with Time
    How to Become a Modding God, Stage 2 - The World Is Not Enough
    Unlimited Units in Army
    DbSql db interface
    Eliminating Transport ramming, ad-hoc method
    Splenyi' Tutorial On the Use of the "User.Script.txt" File
    How to convert pilum/javelin units to the older "Fire at will" system
    40, 50, "how many you want" unit stacks tutorial

    3D Animation, Modeling and Graphics
    VariantMeshDefinitions files
    How to save your DDS files in correct format
    Adding new textured items without replacing the original texture
    How to create normal maps in the Rome 2 "Orange" Format

    Sounds and Media
    Unlocking the Debug Camera- a simple lesson

    Modding Q&A's (General)
    Rome 2 Basic Mods, Mod Compilations and Save Game Editing
    How to create and use a mod pack in 4 easy steps using PFM
    Warscape Modding Primer

    ResourceESF Editing
    Victory Conditions
    List of trigger conditions

    DB Editing and Scripting
    Rome II Raw DB files and Faction Modding Info
    Comprehensive Overview of the Building System - Now with tutorial
    Changed DB-files in Patch 5 (Live) - 18.10.13
    Want to edit unit stats?
    Understanding the Day1 DB files
    Non-playable faction units

    3D Animation, Modeling and Graphics
    Rome II rigid_model_v2 editor/ exporter ms3d
    RM_Texture Mod

    IDs Registry (please all moders read)
    Full diff between patch 3 and patch 4
    Full diff between patch 4 and patch 5
    Historical characters and generals in Rome 2
    Official Mod Manager - Issues & Load order

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