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Thread: Schema Editor (updated 8/9)

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    Default Schema Editor (updated 8/9)

    Now we need to update PFM schema I made this little tool to edit schema of PFM and implement easily new one(s).
    Download and extract Schema Edit.7zip the included single file wherever you like. When execute first time it will ask your Rome 2 PFM editor folder. That's one time action unless you change the PFM location, then you will be asked again. It will load in its memory the master and Rome2 schema. Then you can: 1. Select a table which will appear in editor. Make your changes or overwrite it with the already edited table you might have prepared. Press update and it will replace (if there is an existing same table) or it will add it at the end (if it is a new one). 2. Copy straight in editor one or more tables. Press update to replace existing or add the new at the end. Latest version of PFM has not a master_schema.xml so there is it is currently disabled in editor as well. I fixed problems reported so far. Please test it and post any problems because we have to finish it asap. Download link:
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    Default Re: Schema Editor

    Am I doing something wrong? It updated the Schema but then made the schema unreadable or something, because the PFM can no longer read any files.

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    Default Re: Schema Editor

    Very nice, thanks mate +rep
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    Default Re: Schema Editor

    Not really sure what this does

    I put battle_types_tables and got this

    <table table_name='battle_types_tables'
    <field name='type' type='string' pk='true' />
    <field name='sort_order' type='int' version_start='1' />

    What should I do now?

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    As far as I can see, its ruins the pfm

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    Default Re: Schema Editor

    From what I observe, the reason it is breaking the pfm is that on the lines where the previously unmodified R2TW schema says, for example,
    <table name='battle_terrain_farms_tables'>
    Once we've modified any schema through the tool it went through and replaced every starting table line with something like this.
    <table table_name='battle_terrain_farms_tables'>

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    Default Re: Schema Editor

    Sorry guys, I've seen the problem, working on that.

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    Default Re: Schema Editor (updated 8/9)

    Thanks all for reports! I've uploaded a new version fixing current problems. Please test it and report any bugs. We have to finish it asap.

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    Default Re: Schema Editor (updated 8/9)

    FYI: I just uploaded a new schema file, it has a huge amounts of tables now (a-c and t-w fully).
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    Default Re: Schema Editor (updated 8/9)

    What does this tool do? I'm getting back into modding TW after a 10 year hiatus.

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    Default Re: Schema Editor (updated 8/9)

    lol.. same here.. Please could you just briefly outline what this does, for those of us new to modding the Warscape engine..

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