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    Just to say that S2TW editor opens Rome II startpos.esf. It seems that some known modifications work here as well like adding money and such. For PFM see here: http:

    What I've changed so far:

    * Added starting money
    * Unshroud the map
    * Replenish armies/fleets instantly (disasters that decrease armies last for many turns without the ability to react).
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    Good to know, we dont have to go back to the hex editing those were the days, ugh. Unfortunately I cant touch Rome2 until 10 hrs from now(Work). Abit surprised they havent created all the subfolders for mods yet.
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    I can confirm the esf editor brings up some very interesting parameters for Rome 2, check out this picture
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    The problem is that the menu for copy, paste, delete is not there. Unless if S2TW editor works... differently (never modded S2TW seriously). Anyway I added some cash in my campaign and I revealed the map (through startpos). However unshrouded map last only for one turn and has to be added again (scripting files probably in packs are not accessed at the moment).
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    Miss the days of just changing a text file and off you go.... Most moddable TW game ever.... heard that claim before.

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    Plague that decrease armies last for many turns without having anything to do about that except waiting (related technologies that will improve buildings take even longer). So I replenished armies by editing a save (startpos).

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    what am i looking for when trying to add money totally confused with the file

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    This is what you are looking for:

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    Is there a way to change the techs researched on the tech tree either with the startpos
    or a save game file? For example, making the tech tree fully researched at turn 1 for the civ you are playing as? This would be a nice way to play with the later techs/units now without having to hit next turn 100 times.

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    Why don't my tables look like that? mine is only a few boxes?

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    taw where are you? we need a new esf2xml for Rome II

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    If you managed to reveal campaign map by editing "startpos.esf" file? Can you please tell me where exactly did you find it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by husserlTW View Post
    This is what you are looking for:

    How did you get the changes to save? Nevermind, I figured it out. Wow what a useful tool.
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    Hello, is there a way to edit the Kings Purse in Rome 2? I found this thread super helpful and was wondering if this was possible. Thanks!

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    is there a way to un-encrypt the files startup.esf?

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