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Thread: Ultimate General: Gettysburg is fully released (Updated 24/10/2014)

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    Default Ultimate General: Gettysburg is fully released (Updated 24/10/2014)


    The game is now available on Steam and soon on other platforms.
    Thank you for your support all these years.

    Visit the game's site

    Read about game features

    Find at TWCenter forum

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    My game has finally made it to Steam Early Access phase and has also a brand new TW Center dedicated forum.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    It has been about 1,5 year before, when I announced my retirement from Total War modding.
    For more than 1 year I am part of the Game-Labs team as Lead Game Designer.

    Together we try to offer many innovative new things to the strategy genre with our first game... Ultimate General: Gettysburg.
    Today 12/2/2014 we begun our Steam Greenlight Campaign!

    Hoping that you still enjoy my mods and remember my work, I will need your help to get the game to Steam and open the door for its finalization.
    Please show your support with your much appreciated vote.
    I wish we will soon be able to offer you a game that you will love to play!

    >>Vote for Ultimate General: Gettysburg<<

    Old info about retirement and my new game
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    DarthMod fans and friends, moderators and owners of TWCenter, my fellow co-modders and collaborators.
    I want with this message to say my huge thanks for the amazing interaction and cooperation we had all these 9 years.
    Without you I would have never achieved this mod, I would have never be able to offer you my gameplay tweaks, I would have never had this wonderful and creative hobby.
    It is now a fact that I will no longer be able to mod Total War games because I have started to make my own strategy game.
    On 1/7/2013 I announced Ultimate General: Gettysburg in DarthMod fan page.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    You can read the first info about it in Kotaku, PCGamer, Rockpapershotgun and several other game news sites (Google to find more).
    In future it will be very hard to to reply to your requests about DarthMods because it is literally impossible to handle all this.
    All my mods will be available for you to enjoy for ever and I promise that I will try to support them from time to time, if it is needed.
    You can find download links and help in the below subforums of TWCenter:

    I have written a synopsis of my modding work here:= in case you want to know more about it.
    It has been a fantastic experience not only because of all the interaction we had...
    ...but because of Creative Assembly that has allowed me and all other modders to "tweak" their Total War games.
    So a big thanks to Creative Assembly too.
    From now on I must allocate my full energy to the game I design.
    I hope you follow my new project.
    See you there!

    EDIT 16/12/2013: See below first images of Ultimate General: Gettysburg actual gameplay
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    EDIT 7/1/2013: First glimpse of the AI of Ultimate General: Gettysburg
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    AI responding to player's flank attacks by hiding reserves and counterattacking

    AI using the correct moment to attempt charge

    AI making solid lines of fire

    AI hiding reserves behind hills

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    Default Re: My final retirement message

    Goodluck and thanks for everything you've contributed to the modding community!

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    Default Re: My final retirement message

    Farewell great Craftsman! Your retirement would be a huge loss for the whole community...... You will always be remembered......

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    Default Re: My final retirement message

    Thanks Lord Vader, you will be missed a lot my friend !

    Your mod are amazing and i am happy you have updated them until their final version with so many welcome features.
    I hope you will have some time to fix them in case a Steam update break them (which could always happen).

    Good luck with your new project !!


    More than 1,500 pictures: visit my Shogun epic battle screenshot thread !

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    Default Re: My final retirement message

    Darth you have achieved a "legendary victory" in your campaign to enrich our total war experience through your various game improving mods. I wish you every success with your new game.


    Author of:

    Ninja Hero Mod V3.0 (For Hattori, Tokugawa and FOTS Factions) *Released 08/06/2013* - Addition of new FOTS campaign Shinobi Hero unit, rebalancing and new unit randomisation.

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    Default Re: My final retirement message

    There is always a start some where, but it´s only the first steps of the starting point, the first steps to the stars is far from here, but as you never standing still always walking forward, i have no doubt you will reach that special star of yours, one day in your magical life it will fall before your eyes my friend ;-)

    Thank you Darthy for all your years and free dedicated hours of your dreams and philosofi, Something personly it wont be forgotten.

    Best wishes and good luck mate, will sitt close by into your next glories goal, TO Gettysburg we all go =^.^=

    BR AN.
    By The Holy Pilgrim.

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    Cautioning members with words of care.

    "Cease this pointless toil and clammer,
    Lest you face the mighty Banhammer!"

    And with that the breeze is gone,
    And all members let bygones be bygones."

    My new FAN! =^.^=

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    Default Re: My final retirement message

    Good Luck!
    And thanks for all the joy you brought us!

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    Default Re: My final retirement message

    Goodbye to a legend!

    Take care and good luck!

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    Default Re: My final retirement message

    JESUS Darth! you make your own game now!?! wow haha

    Sad to see you says bye bye : ( I will miss you.. a lot!

    Goodbye Darth! you are good man!
    Its easy to make war with others, its never been easy when we need a peace.

    My holy damn simple tactic; Strike First, Strike HARD and SHOW NO MERCY.

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    Default Re: My final retirement message

    hurry up and make a 'take my money' button on the site m8!
    and make the website induce pc breaking viruses to everyone who doesnt press it!

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    Default Re: My final retirement message

    Thank you for the awesomeness that is DarthMod, Vader. I put in a saddening number of hours playing your mods for ETW en S2TW and loved every minute of it!

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    Default Re: My final retirement message

    Thanks for all the work Darth.

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    Default Re: My final retirement message

    Now who will take care of this mod?

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    Default Re: My final retirement message

    I am working on it.

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    Default Re: My final retirement message

    gl Darth on your new project..highly looking forward to it; that's stuff I usually am highly interested in anyway and the market doesn't provide much of these tactical games anymore.

    Else thanks for all your hard work, even if I only played DMS/E :> and got stuck to other mods for N/M:TW ^^ (the sick melee stuff in Shogun2 can't be compared to Stainless Steel, but I guess that's thanks to the old engine limitation!)
    I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favourite store on the Citadel!
    I'm Garrus Vakarian and this is now my favourite spot on the Citadel!

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    Default Re: My final retirement message

    I'm sorry to hear that you'll be leaving, Darth. With your departure, I think that Rome 2 will be infinitely worse off and I was very much looking forward to playing Darth Rome 2. Your work has been excellent, especially with the later games (Empire, Shogun) where moddability wasn't as high and major conversion mods are few and far between.

    I owe it to you to keep an eye on your game, and I'll definitely consider buying it when it's released. Until then, good luck in all of your endeavors sir.

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    Default Re: My final retirement message

    Thank a lot Nick. You gave me "years" of great fun (and have me save some money spent on Tw vanillas ) You will be missed very much here.
    I'm following your new own project with great interest... but please don't forget android users

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    Default Re: My final retirement message

    you made me want to play the tw games over and over and over because of your amazing mods. sad to see you go, but good luck in your future endevors.
    Dont take life too seriously. No one gets out alive anyway

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    Default Re: My final retirement message

    good luck man thanks for everything

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    Default Re: My final retirement message

    You've done great work, Vader. I wish you all the best with your game which I hope will be a great success. Hail!
    Interested in how Attila and the new LONGBEARDS DLC plays?

    Check out my Total War Attila: Jutes Let's Play:
    Check out my Total War Attila: The Langobards Let's Play:
    Total War: Attila with ERE vs Sassanids GEM at max settings:
    Total War: Rome II Medieval Kingdoms Mod Gameplay:

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