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Thread: England Acting Mentally Handicaped...

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    Default England Acting Mentally Handicaped...

    Ok, sry for spelling errors in the titile...(Can't spell worth poo)

    Ok, I've played as romans, germans, and the greeks. Every single campaign i play, the English suck. They take like two settlements and then put their main army up North on their border and just stay there. When i was playing as Germany, I marched my whole army into england (rather weak one too) and took over most of it and killed almost all their family members. They never do anthing ln the mainland, nothing!

    Im playing on m/m if that helps any.

    I was wondering if England would be given a settlement on the mainland so they can expand and grow a bit, or would this make it so games aren't backwards compatible?


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    Historically I dont think they were a very major player in the grand scheme of things at this time. Many mods have actually taken them out altogether. If you want to strengthen them, you could probably just give them more money, give them another settlement or two, or decrease unit costs. I wouldnt count on it for Gold though

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    Default Re: England Acting Mentally Handicaped...

    play on hard/hard in my campaigns on h/h britain has always expanded of the island and kicked the Gauls and Germans butts...

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    Default Re: England Acting Mentally Handicaped...

    i always play m/h and they usually take over the british isles and all of time even took over spain so they had like half of europe

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    Default Re: England Acting Mentally Handicaped...

    Attribute it to the bad AI which is horrible in the game.
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    Default Re: England Acting Mentally Handicaped...

    Are you kidding me? I've played many games with TE where Britannia just suddenly pops out of nowhere and ends up conquering all of Europe. I think you haven't waited long enough. I remember playing carthage once and after expanding into Italia and Hispania I wondered why the Gauls werent moving on me. Lo behold the next thing I know there's Britons swooping over the alps and besieging Genua. Then I hit "toggle_fow" and find that Britannia has just wiped out gaul and germania and is expanding east into russia too!

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    Hmm...interesting, maybe i'm just not far enough into my campaign yet?

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    Well remember Tzif that TE's campaigns are always different. You rarely see the same thing, like sometimes macedon wipes out greece, greece sometimes wipes out macedon, or thrace will conquer both of them.(Yes Ive seen all of this happen) ?And I have seen England destroy gaul germania and spain.
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    Ok, well thanks guys.

    Better take down england quick them!

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    Default Re: England Acting Mentally Handicaped...

    I have played several campaigns on H/H and VH/VH. Britannia is always a power in Gaul and Germania. More often than not, I beleive the Brit diplomats are bribing settlements and aquiring territory that way. IN TE, Brits have a good ecenomy once they have control of England and can usually field large armies. On the battlefield, however, they are easy to beat like Gaul, and their generals and family members are easy targets in their chariots.

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