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Thread: Empire Realism V - Download 5.0 version )

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    Default Empire Realism V - Download 5.0 version )

    DOWNLOAD version 5.0

    Installation Instructions:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Preparation:- In case you have installed a former Empire Realism version (ie. ER 3.5-3.7), remove all those previous ER files (they have a "ER_" prefix). - Make sure you have a clean ETW vanilla installation, means an unmodified Empire total War installation with latest ETW patches by CA (via Steam), ie. launch ETW vanilla one time to verify it works as expected.- Backup your Data/Campaigns folder (optional - as you can still restore original files via STEAM)Install ER 5 files:- Copy/paste all ER5 files into the ETW Data folder, overwrite old files.- Ready. Start the ETW game as usually.

    Path: Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/empire total war/data

    ER4 no longer requires to modify campaign unit multiplier!
    Path: users/(your computer name)/AppData/Roaming/The Creative Assembly/Empire/Scripts

    - ER-default unit multiplier is x1. Game is balanced to ultra settings which should give you 200 men per Line Infantry unit.
    Mod doesn't need to be activated via Mod Manager.


    - Extract into data folder, overwrite anything it asks to overwrite.
    - Enjoy playing Empire Realism 5

    Essential Included sub-mods:
    Replenishment mod
    by T.C
    Proper militia mod
    by Spanky
    Firing animations and diplomacy scripts
    by Lordsith
    Battle Formation mod
    by The Hedge Knight
    Large Flags
    by Primergy
    Battlefield Smoke mod
    by Mech_Donald
    Correct Colonies
    by uanime5
    Death Animations
    by Hofan
    Better muzzle flashes
    by HappysLegi0ns


    Development - JaM

    Former Team Members - DaVinci, Dandelion, Gorhaax, Filmor
    Historical Research - Didz, Wangrin, Minas Moth

    Special Thanks to Kaunitz for his work on historically realistic combat mod, Didz for his great historical informations, mAIOR+ for his advices and testing,also big thanks to all who allowed me to use their sub-mods (mentioned above), all who participated on ER4development and of course to DaVinci for all those years of cooperation, and to TWC for providing so much fun editing anything here...

    Also would like to thank NTW3 team for inspiration and advice how to remove crouching animations which is also implemented in current version.
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    Default Re: Empire Realism IV - Download (4.8 version )

    4.8 version up, see above

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    Default Re: Empire Realism V - Download 5.0 version )

    5.0 version is up

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    Default Re: Empire Realism V - Download 5.0 version )

    Well done, JaM! I'm glad somebody keeps up what we once started.
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